Stuck On Stupid…

Stuck On Stupid…
That is basically what the Republican Party inside the DC beltway establishment has come to be.  STUCK ON STUPID.  And that is exactly what they believe the base of the Republican Party will then allow these establishment types to turn the Party on its head and become “Stuck On Stupid” and join them. McCain and Dems Come on really, we have John McCain telling the entire Party that it had better get behind an Immigration bill that if you believed John and his friends would solve all of America’s immigration issues forever.  But really how arrogant can you be John, you and your pals Lindsey Graham, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, and newcomer to the Beltway Establishment Marco Rubio, know better and are basically threatening the entire Republican Party into going along with this catastrophe of a Senate Bill.
What these establishment Republicans are essentially telling all Republican is to forget all you ever knew about the Republican Party.  Forget about limited government. Forget about the rule of law.  Forget about states rights. Forget about individual responsibility.  Forget about individual self-worth.  Let these people, who they admit are breaking the law, into the Country and allow them to be part of the fabric of American society.  Then we’ll all sit around the camp fire singing  spiritual songs to the freedoms lost and praise the newly found voting base that was handed the keys to the Nation’s front Rubio & traitorsdoor.  Why…well to be fair of course.  Basically what they were saying is become a Democrat.  And McCain, Rubio and friends were all in to that message.  Of course they were being egged on by the likes of Schumer and Durbin.  Because Durbin and Schumer would love to recruit new Democrats so they can continue their endless march of bringing down the American experience.  Why would any Republican think that the very people who have been working towards your Party’s demise for their entire careers would now somehow become concerned for you and your party’s well-being?  These people could care less about the Republican Party and you’re going to believe the “advice” they are so freely and willingly giving about how the Republican Party needs this legislation to win future elections.  Really, why, really think about it.
find out more about being “Stuck on Stupid” and The Dryer Report.


13 thoughts on “Stuck On Stupid…

    • Let me answer you with a serious question: do you REALLY trust the vote anymore? Either that it is free from fraud, accurately counted and — even if both are in the affirmative — that the people we elect will do what we voted for them to go do?

        • The Entire System has been High-jacked …………. The Entire Government and Establishment Power Structure of the Elites from the Judicial to the Courts, to DC, to the Military Leadership, the IRS, EPA, Dept of “Education”, FDA …..all of it is…..Corrupt….All of it.

          This is What *Rubio* represents………he is the “*symbol* of this complete traitorous Corruption………. With others Paul Rysn , Kelly Ayotte, McCain, Boehner all of them.

      • “Let me answer you with a serious question: do you REALLY trust the vote anymore?”

        No. Especially when you consider the cases of Yadira Colon, Melowese Richardson, Lessadolla Sowers, Russell Glassop, and Marguerite Kloos.

        My question is; “How could anyone trust the vote anymore?”

    • Peaceful disobedience and hammer the States — HARD — to hold a s3rd convention and to insist that when we do so regions send their own reps and NO — ABSOLUTELY NO — Party representation (otherwise, what you get will be worse than ever)

    • Support only new candidates who support republican (form-not party)/ constitutional/lawful governance.

      It can be done.

      Move to a place where you will be able to join up with like minded “Creator based” “liberty respecting Americans”.

      Ala’ Texas/Midwest.

      The unlawful (operating outside the bounds of its constitutional charter) federal govt is suffocating/drowning under its own weight. It is dead. But like an elephant, once dead, it takes a while for things to collapse.

      • I agree with your Comment……And also with LiberCrite’s sentiment.

        The Question I have is what about events like RUBIO……. say one thing even on record…..” Any path to legalization is a code-word for Amnesty…and is unacceptable”………….and then He goes on to AUTHOR and Actively Push for Amnesty.

        HOW can it be done when the Establishment has LIARS masquerading within the Conservative / Constitution movement ???
        I’m really asking, not criticizing……beacuse THIS is really the Key problem at this time……. If Rubio, Ryan, Ayotte, Heller, Flake,Rick Scott and others had been as they claimed…..had been like Rand Paul, Cruz, Lee and Walker in Wisc……then we wouldn’t be where we are and the Obama Regime would be checked.

      • I’ve actually been thinking about a move to Texas lately. I’m enlisting in the Air Force, and my tech school will be there in addition to basic training. Hopefully I’ll get a good feel for Texas in the time that I’m there. The only downside is that I’m from Oklahoma and a Sooner fan, soooo I don’t know how long I’ll last amongst all the Longhorn fans 😉

        At any rate, I’ll take any place other than the idiotic hub of anti-America (Seattle).

        • Get out of Washington, Oregon and Californis…..they are hopeless and actively trying to Destroy America with their legislation and the attitude of the Illegal aliens on One hand and the Liberal Democrat politicians on the other.

          NutNFancy on youtube was Airforce….trained in Texas…

  1. Texas,

    Unless Mexicans become more conservative and refuse to be placed into servitude by free stuff they will wind up slaves to the Democrat Party just like Black Americans.

    The result, Texas will become a Blue State in 5 to 10 years and the plague will spread from the large cities into the suburbs and countryside. There may be pockets of resistance but overall we will begin to look like Michigan, New York, California, etc.

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