Triple Dog Dare on the 4th……………….crackers!

Yesterday, I watched one of those Man-on-the-Street videos that really depressed the hello outta me. I thought to myself; how the heck is it that my 7th grader knows more than adults? If you are the least bit curious as to what drove me to my unique state of ire, I suggest you watch this:

This morning I went to my new job cooking (very cool… for the fact that they have very boring choices…) and the subject of politics came up. Two words: Oh, dear.

Thankfully, these two are conservative, but it so happens that their only means of political information is through the television……. Oy, veh! When she made the comment, “Well, I’m still on the fence about Rubio” I saw red and went to town! My Latin lover betrayed me and, well, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! Needless to say, she is now willing and able to sign the “Recall Rubio” petition. (I’ll just attribute it to my cookin.)

Today, it has been pouring all day! Everything is cancelled. Providence? Probably. I figured the best course of action was to take the Yolo board down to the little store and pick up a case of beer. I saw G. there, and asked him if he wanted to pop in to JMichael’s for a dozen. He told me that I’ve been ignoring him on the Words game. He said, “Kelly, I’m kickin your tail and you’re hiding.” This I could not deny. (As much as I deem myself the Word goddess, I suck.) I told G., “Look; I’ve got a box of sparklers and a beer for you, sonny boy, and my game is all about strategy!”  The beauty part of acting is that you can come out with the most outrageous lines, and people eat em up. Damn! I should be the president! G. asked for his beer and sparklers, and I paddled on home.

This is always a very fun and silly time for me so forgive me in advance if I am too lighthearted. On the other hand, (and by no means to any offend anyone) if one doesn’t have a sense of humour, one aught to just reside six feet below with the worms………….just my opinion…..

I really gotta kick outta one of my girlfriend’s posts. This  post was from the musical 1776. I must confess to not being particularly fond of the musical as all the males have the great songs. That said, it is a great musical and will send a thrill or a tingle up your leg (or higher):  I do hope you will read what is going on at this point in the musical as the poster describes it in detail.

Being the silly willy that I am, I much prefer this song from 1776:  (Gotta love that sage!)

I s’pose I should’ve done Martha. No challenge. The women in that show are ornaments. The men shine as you can clearly see in this clip with Mrs. Jefferson:

Just for kicks, I will triple dog dare you to say to a stranger. “Aren’t you glad we gained our independence from Mexico?” and see what they say. The couple I cook for looked at me as though I was retarded. They are over 50. 😉

3 thoughts on “Triple Dog Dare on the 4th……………….crackers!

  1. “This morning I went to my new job cooking”

    New job cooking? Funny. Though I was out on the boat all afternoon, my kitchen didn’t look any different when I got home. 🙂

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