It’s a Sad Day When America Gets ‘Schooled’ on Liberty by Egyptians


11 thoughts on “It’s a Sad Day When America Gets ‘Schooled’ on Liberty by Egyptians

  1. I foresee our government taking the same track here as they did with Honduras when they did the same thing. Those seeking liberty should not lean on America for help in the present time, although studying her history, and especially her religious history, would help. Egypt will fail. Its citizens are doomed to slavery and poverty. Such is Islam.

    • Danny, sadly I believe you are correct. Egypt will just trade one totalitarian for another. All of the “leaders” of Egypt who fled following the Mubarak regime, are now free to come back (with their money), and stay for a while, and the “leaders” of the Morsi regime will be exiled.

      Corruption. Such is Islam.

  2. Would we do any better here in the United States if we tossed out our president by violent revolution? I don’t think so. The fact is we had an opportunity to get rid of him in November, and 51% of us decided to keep him around for four years. Yes, there is an opportunity for Congress to impeach him on any one of several charges, and thus avoid violent revolution, but I doubt it will happen. In three and a half years, we’ll get an opportunity to once more select between the lesser of two evils and who knows what we’ll do, but it still won’t be the change that we need because we’ll still be choosing between two progressive candidates with just a difference in labels. It’s like the difference between Delmonte and Townhouse — which is to say “nothing but the label.”

    Yet, violent revolution almost never works out well. History shows that.

    So what to do? Is there any solution that works out well for we the people?

    • 1776 was one instance where it DID work out well……… Because of the CAUSE of the revolution and the Conviction of the people and the already established “Civil Society” that Levin talks about.

      And because that civil society was based on Judeo-Christian values and a Free mkt economic system from Calvinist roots amongst others.

      • Sadly, today we are more like France in 1787 than we are like American in 1776. That’s why I don’t advocate violent means for reformation. It’s not so much that I abhor violent. It’s necessary sometimes. I just don’t think we the people are still capable of conducting violence in an honorable way. We risk the Reign of Terror if we go that way.

      • I don’t know Joe. At face value, it seems like it would be a lose-lose situation either way. I guess I’m just underestimating the ingenuity of entrepreneurs under what I’ am assuming would be a truly free market in the newly seceded states/territories/whatever you would call them.

        • At some point we as Citizens and We as States HAVE to “get it” that we have to get off the Gov’t Tit !

          Reasonable Gov’t expenditures like Defence and reasonable social safety nets are VERY different from an Entitlement Society….Entitlements to individuals, Entitlements to Special Interest Groups and Entitlements to Businesses “Too big to Fail”…..and to States.

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