Something Different: New Edit and New Chapters Through Thirty-Six…

…are here. It is getting too long to keep posting individual chapters plus I am in the editing process, so there are changes throughout. Many things are explained and things are about to get busy. Many confusing things will become clear.

Below are the bios of the major characters for what is posted so far. I thought that would help a bit.

Major Characters

Michael Scott: husband of Catherine, University of Virginia undergraduate degree, MBA, former GE executive trainee, CIA agent

Catherine (Southern) Scott: wife of Michael, University of Mississippi Law School, Assistant United States Attorney at the DOJ in Washington, D.C.

Elizabeth (Liz) Scott: daughter of Michael and Catherine Scott, prosecutor with the Department of Justice in the Southern District of New York, going after organized crime figures.

Joshua (Josh) Scott: oldest son of Michael and Catherine Scott, graduate of MIT with a degree in computer science, had a successful career with Intel and started his own cyber security firm.

Robert (Rob) Scott: youngest son of Michel and Catherine Scott, joined the Marines at eighteen, degree in military strategy and tactics from the Navy College Program for Afloat College Education, is an operator with the CIA’s SOG, the Special Operations Group.

Jake Gibbs: Friend of Michael Scott, Masters of Mechanical Engineering degree, GE management trainee assigned to GE’s locomotive division in Hong Kong.

Frank Dunlap: friend of Michael Scott, first agent/analyst in the CIA cybercrimes division, CIA agent, cover is a GE management trainee.

Capt. Malcolm Scott, USMC: Marine aviator, shot down in Vietnam, spent time at the Hanoi Hilton. Worked with CIA in Langley, Virginia after repatriation from Vietnam in 1971 until dying of a heart attack in 1979.

Xi “Charlie” Zhang/Ji Wen: Sun Ye On operative, political bag man, crook.

Sun Yee On Triad: The SYO aka the New Righteousness and Peace Commercial and Industrial Guild, was the largest of the Chinese Triads – organized crime gangs – with over 55,000 members and deep ties to the Chinese government.

William (Bill) Barkley: Attorney General of the United States, 1984-1988.

Charles W. Wolff: Dean of the University of Mississippi School of Law

Jack Welch: CEO of General Electric

Wei Shu Zhao: Granddaughter of Friedrich Wei, first female Grand Dragon of the Sun Ye On.

Lt. General Cheung-Yan Tsang: Red Army commander of the Guangzhou Military Region

Cheung-Yan Ting: Special Assistant to the Secretary General of China

Jiang Zemin: Secretary General of China, future President of China

Nigel Roberts: Englishman, agent of MI-6

Alan Stevenson: Scotsman, agent of MI-6

Murray MacLehose, Baron MacLehose of Beoch: British Governor of Hong Kong from 1971 to 1982.

Mohammed ibn Abdul-Alim: Vice-President of the Saudi Bin Laden Group (SBG)

Gholamreza Rezvani: Iranian cleric, member of the ruling Guardian Council, heads the science directorate for Ayatollah Khomeini and is suspected to be negotiating with the Communists for the transfer of nuclear technology in exchange for access to Iranian oil and the substantial uranium and rare earth deposits around the city of Esfahan.

Patricia Southern: Southern family matriarch, mother of sisters Catherine, Susan and Amy

Susan (Southern) Griffin: Catherine Scott’s oldest sister

Don Griffin: cosmetic surgeon, husband of Susan Southern Griffin,  brother-in-law of Catherine Scott

Amy (Southern) Carroll: Catherine Scott’s youngest sister

Ray Carroll: Federal Express entry level engineer, husband of Amy Southern Griffin,  brother-in-law of Catherine Scott.

John Rhodes: Republican President of the United States, 1984-1988.

Peter Yan: born in Guangzhou, China,  immigrated to Hong Kong with his parents when he was three, went to school in Australia and matriculated from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Recruited into Her Majesty’s Secret Service at University, dual citizen of China and the UK.

James “Jimmy Boy” Davis: Presidential Chief of Staff  for President Warren Jefferson, campaign manager of the Jefferson/Cooper ticket 1986-1988, Arkansas political “fixer”, lawyer, owns the largest personal injury law firm in three states.

Warren Jefferson: Democrat, President of the United States 1988 – ?, former governor of Arkansas, Harvard Law School, partner at the Little Rock law firm of Baxter, Bruce and Simpson

Monica Bruce-Jefferson: wife of Warren Jefferson, Vassar and Harvard Law, partner at the Little Rock law firm of Baxter, Bruce and Simpson.

Floyd Cooper: Democrat, Vice President of the United States, 1988 – ?, University of Alabama Law School, junior partner at the Tuscaloosa, Alabama law firm of Cooper Markay

Mary Heather Cooper: Southern socialite, wife of Vice President Floyd Cooper

Robert “Big Bob” Cooper: the only four term governor in the history of Alabama, Democratic Party boss, managing partner of the Tuscaloosa law firm of Cooper Markay.

Jack Lee: GE’s country Vice-President for China, SYO operative.

Jeffrey (Jeff) Markay: Supervising Special Agent, CIA, son of Thomas Markay

John Harris: British Ambassador to China.

Amy Archer: Senior Administrative Assistant to the President of the United States, divorced, girlfriend of Charlie Zhang

Thomas Markay: United States Attorney General 1989 -?, senior partner in the Tuscaloosa, Alabama law firm of Cooper Markay.

Robert Gates, MD: senior trauma physician at the American Consulate General, Shanghai.

Friedrich Wei: illegitimate German/Chinese child of Gustav Krupp, scientist and medical doctor, studied/worked under Josef Mengele from 1939 to 1944, appointed head of the Red Army genetic weapons research department by Mao in 1951, grandfather of Wei Shu Zhao.

Leslie “Anne” Sullivan: American citizen in Shanghai, prostitute/white slavery victim from Atlanta, Georgia, owned by the SYO.

Colonel Bart Masters, M.D: doctor/researcher/chief geneticist for the US Army, stationed with United States Forces Korea in Seoul. Led the team researching the condition of Malcolm Scott in the early 1970’s until Scott’s death in 1979.

2 thoughts on “Something Different: New Edit and New Chapters Through Thirty-Six…

  1. Maybe I’m remembering wrong, but I could swear that when they had some moles go over the books in the prison, they said that there was only one CIA operative inside Gosh, now I need to scroll to find that. Maybe I should just wait..

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