Something Different: The American Mandarin – Prologue Through Chapter Forty

This is it folks. The last taste of my first attempt at writing.

Find the beginning of what I hope will be many installments of the unintentional clandestine operator Michael Scott and his family here (it is also up in the masthead).

The full book will be out in about three to four weeks after editing and a little more polishing.

I hope you have enjoyed it so far, if you would like an epub file of what has transpired so far, please drop me an email and I’ll send it to you for free. Formatting is currently very rough and there is no artwork but it works OK on iBooks for iPad.

Regardless of how well or poorly this one does, there will be a second book – I have really enjoyed the creative process. What I write may suck balls but I really enjoy doing it.

3 thoughts on “Something Different: The American Mandarin – Prologue Through Chapter Forty

  1. Your writing doesn’t suck ~ I think the story is great up to this point. (It’s a good thing I’ve helped you to broaden your vocabulary.) Will you send this epub draft to our computers, or will it somehow go to our e-reader thingys?

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