Obama Administration Spending Tax Dollars for Lynching

That is exactly what this story represents: Obama directing (or allowing – just as bad) HIS Administration to spend YOUR money to drum up a lynching of an HISPANIC before he has had a fair trial.

Docs: Justice Department facilitated anti-Zimmerman protests

A division of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) was deployed to Sanford, Florida in 2012 to provide assistance for anti-George Zimmerman protests, including a rally headlined by activist Al Sharpton, according to newly released documents.

The Community Relations Service (CRS), a unit of DOJ, reported expenses related to its deployment in Sanford to help manage protests between March and April 2012, according to documents obtained by the watchdog group Judicial Watch.

1 – This is a blatant violation of the Constitution – on several counts.

2 – This is the turning on its head everything that a republican form of government is supposed to be: the fair and IMPARTIAL administration of justice.

3 – This is a miscarriage of justice as the case should have never been brought to trial and the evidence has made this abundantly clear.

4 – 1-3 STRONGLY suggest that what is in play here is RACISM IN THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION!  They are helping to destroy an innocent man simply because the guy who attacked him was black.  Now, if Bush had spent our money to try and convict a black man in the court of public opinion because he shot a white attacker, and he used “Justice for the white guy” as a slogan, ask yourself how many riots that would have started.  Well, if you see a difference between what Obama is actually doing and that hypothetical, then there is a good chance you are as guilty as the people in this Administration

27 thoughts on “Obama Administration Spending Tax Dollars for Lynching

  1. I posted this on another site as well, this should be the wake up call for even the heaviest sleeper. You have an administration acting illegally with no shame or even attempt at hiding what they are doing. Of course now that it is out in the open I’m sure it will be blamed on some low level employee in the Florida office, but we all know the truth. This is Chicago through and through and it is time the American people stand up and say enough.

        • See any parallels?
          “Khomeini has been by many in Western countries and elsewhere for these acts and for human rights violations of Iranians; he has been accused of pursuing a mass campaign against political opponents as well as their families, close friends, and anyone who was accused of counterrevolutionary and reactionary behavior (including Sunni Muslims and Bahai’s), resulting in the imprisonment and death of thousands (many of whom had ties to groups such as the MKO)[15] as well as in 1988, when he was said to have ordered the execution of thousands of political prisoners.[16][17][18] Nevertheless he has been lauded as a “charismatic leader of immense popularity”,[19] and a “champion of Islamic revival” by some Shia scholars.[12]”

    • The American People need to ORGANIZE….. and March and Stand up THAT way and Say enough !!

      It is far beyond the hour for such !!!

  2. Then why are Hispanics lining up 3 to 1 to join the FSA by voting in lock step with the Marxist Democrats that are out to destroy them. Here is a blatant example of an orchestrated Black vs Hispanic race war being set into motion by a Black President. Do Hispanics not see that left unchecked most of them will be wards of the state in another 10 to 15 years just like most Black Americans are today. Looks like Hispanics are willing to throw their own under the bus as long as they can join the FSA.

      • Joe,

        Have to admit he may be white. I never did see the National Council of La Raza come out in Zimmerman’s defense. Funny how most of those defending Zimmerman from a political lynching are bigoted Anglo White Cracka’s.

        Hard for the Democrats to get lynching out of their system. We’ll regardless, what they were unable to do by lynching they are now far more accomplished at it through abortion. Just like firing squads weren’t fast enough for the Nazi’s so they went to gas and ovens the Democrats went to abortion and look how much more effidciet they have become.

        Most Black Americans are just too happy with the free stuff, uneducated or too uninformed to care.

    • The Black Panthers….the TSA….and the DHS…..remember the full-sized Photo targets the DHS is using…..All White women and children.

      This would probably be a Good time to re-post the Link to those.

    • Chhelo,

      I wasn’t trying to start racial attacks from another direction. Zimmerman is Hispanic. They labeled him as white because they need him to be white. Hispanic on black does not have the same effect as white on black. There is no “injustice” in minority on minority violence. THAT is the point I was making. 🙂

  3. Joe: As much as I reject what the Justice Department has been doing in Sanford, I don’t think you have provided the right evidence to support the provocative headline.

        • Justin,

          You can joke about it all you want, but I HAVE laid the supporting groundwork for the title of my post. I’ve been on it for a long time. The whole point to the Zimmerman case was for the Obama Administration to find a case they could politicize for the purposes of whipping up racial tension and — I believe — violence. This makes what is happening to Zimmerman a political lynching. Anyone who understands the law and who has been following this case will tell you Zimmerman should be acquitted. In fact, the police chief at the time said there was not enough EVIDENCE to even charge him. The WORLD’S leading forensics expert on gunshots and similar cases said the EVIDENCE supports Zimmerman’s story. The witness supports Zimmerman. Trayvon’s own father supports Zimmerman. Other legal experts have said this case is an example of prosecutorial abuse and action should be taken against the prosecutors. And now: now the prosecutors tried to get the charges amended AFTER the defense had rested. That is a breach of the law. This whole case has been about NOTHING but race, and for the purpose of causing unrest and violence. There can be no other reason given the EVIDENCE in this case.

          Now, others may think I should write every post as though it is the very first time I have ever written anything about the subject, but if I do that, my posts will be so long no one will ever read them. So I write for those who have been following the RNL for a while and, even if those people disagree with me and side with you on this, the honest ones among them will probably tell you that I have at least made a solid case — because I have.

          • Joe,

            RE : Justin’s comment…(rofl.)…… Of course they Joke about it all…..Remember *ridicule* is part of their Game Plan. As you know, there very rarely is any Dialogue to issues.

              • I think this may be the “Justin” who was supporting the mohameddans girls who posted that they absolutely would NOT condem those committing violence in the name of islam ……. instead wanting people to go to a website that portrayed their “religion” through an anticeptic lense.

                Then again, I could be wrong…

  4. Maybe I fail to see the forest through the trees. I am still not convinced, but this is a minor point not worth arguing.

    Anyone ever suggest you lighten up a little, Don Ameche?

    • Justin,

      I understand — really. It’s not just trying to see the forest fro the trees: with Progressives (control freaks), you have to add darkness and fog to those trees obscuring the forest. HOWEVER, once you learn how they work and to understand their language, it’s like getting a really good short-wave radar set: you can see through the darkness and fog and even get a bit of a picture of what the trees look like outside your line of sight — otherwise known as the forest 😉

    • Are you that Justin or not?………And, In answer to your question….not when I’m telling the Truth …no. Unless they’re trying to Obfuscate, which I’m sure for you is a minor point.

      You Snark, You ridicule and you criticize without substantive comment…….. there were four points given above, well articulated. If the points aren’t good….then why ? Your comments consistantly attack the messangers rather than the message. When you give quips as comments…..you get the same in response.

      • Don Ameche,

        I think Joe and I cleared up the misunderstanding between us. As Joe just showed, obfuscation is not a minor point. My rofl was in bad taste, but it was still directed at the message, because I just don’t have that much time to spend researching — hence my quips, which you seem to appreciate when they are directed at rinos.

        And ya, that’s me. Pardon me for sticking up for youth who frankly were treated unkindly. I’m in no mood to defend muslims today, but I would like to know what part of the bible says to treat people as those girls were treated.


        • Anybody who will NOT condem murder on its face, but especially continued and targeted mass murder directed specifically at those who don’t worship the feet of the pedophile mohamedd……any body like that doesn’t deserve support.

          It really isn’t Rocket Science Justin. It is a moral choice . I don’t know of any Biblical admonitions that Evil or the enablers of evil should be entertained.

          I appreciate you being honest,


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