Right for ILLEGALS to Vote Just One More Step Away

If you think this immigration issue is NOT about giving the right to vote to ILLEGAL ALLIENS, then think again.  In California, they are already in the polling place.  There’s only one more step to let them vote:

CA Senate Passes Bill Permitting Non-Citizen Poll Workers

On Monday, the Californian State Senate passed legislation AB817 that would allow non-citizens to help voters when they cast their ballots. Assemblyman Rob Bonta, D-Alameda sponsored the bill, which would permit as many as five permanent residents who entered the U.S. legally to help voters at polling places.

But then, the Supreme Court already said you cannot demand proof of legal citizenship to vote, and people are allowed to register to vote in places where they could easily do so without having to provide proper proof of legal citizenship, so maybe we’re already there.  And, if so, George Soros is probably throwing a party.  This represents the culmination of his Open Borders Society dream.

5 thoughts on “Right for ILLEGALS to Vote Just One More Step Away

  1. “Just One More Step Away”

    In a dream I saw a large cliff with a bottomless pit over the edge. Over the edge of the cliff and I saw a masses of black Americans all headed downward. Getting close to the edge of the cliff I saw great masses of Hispanics marching towards the edge and those in front had one leg already dangling over the cliff.

    Can someone interpret this dream for me.

  2. And the only time GW Bush comes out and makes any statement …..it is to Push for Amnesty for his Croney Capitalist Friends like he tried to get in 2006 / 2007. And to Praise Obama’s Spying on Americans.

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