The Only Good Guns Are Government Guns

In an act of amazing theatrics a Illinois State Representative has asked the Illinois Governor to send the National Gov QuinnGuard to Chicago to bring law and order to that city.  Now I know she means well and she honestly thinks that this drastic measure will bring order to the “Windy City” but she can’t be serious about this proposal.  Even others in her own party have disagreed with her idea.  So I’m glad that there are some in Illinois who think that this isn’t such a good idea.  Now that won’t solve the problem of gun violence in Chicago but this just might be the start to finding an ACTUAL solution to the madness that has engulfed that city.liberal Monique

Now I know that in Florida, sequestration has caused the Florida National Guard, to cut back the active force serving by 20% across the board.  So in the potentially busiest part of the 2013 hurricane season, the National Guard my NOT be able to respond if needed in a Natural Emergency.  So magically in the Democratic lead State of Illinois they have so much money that the 20% across the board cuts mysteriously do not happen there and the Illinois National Guard can go out and patrol the streets of Chicago making it safe for the children.

So does that infer that only Republican led States are subject to the sequestration reduction in funds and manpower?  Maybe Governor Quinn has figured out how to not have his National Guard force be effected by the 20% across the board cuts in funding and manpower.

Dead Fish Rahm

In fact if the enactment of more gun laws made a place safer…Chicago would be the safest place on the entire planet.  But as the events over the July 4 weekend show, Chicago is far from being safe.  In fact it is going further and further into chaos.  These anti-gun policies have created the very environment that they were intended to prevent.  Now the only people who have guns in Chicago are the very people that no one wants to have guns….law breaking violent criminals.


Find more on this insanity at The Dryer Report

12 thoughts on “The Only Good Guns Are Government Guns

  1. Why the hello don’t you just put the article here? I cannot comment at your site, and so I must play this silly hop-scotch game with your posts. I’d call you, but in FL we’ve banned cellphones. (Better than the Texas courthouses…..what a bloody mess!) I beg you to post your articles in their entirety! I will call the National Guard.

    Seventy-four gun-related deaths in a weekend. Wonder what Miami had….

  2. Why… purely selfish reasons… thats why. I want to get some traffic to my site too. Hey what was that kid that was killed at the BCSO Bootcamp…. Martin???? 😀

  3. Perhaps if judges in Chicangofree were to actually jail violent criminals, the rates would go down. But, the argument in Chi Town is that harsh jail terms would affect mostly black men, it’s a non-starter.

    • Ahhh…. the stick your head in the sand defense. Make perfect sense to a Liberal. Instead of actually dealing with THE problem lets be evermore PC. Brilliant.

      • Personally, Daddy, I think you’re stickin your head in the sand when it comes to the Republican party. I realize that Wyllie doesn’t have a name, but he would be far better than Scott or Crist. Perhaps if more people would start educating themselves rather than sign a petition to repeal our Bill of Rights…..How to connect with the dummies? Obama’s got it in the bag, utilizing the media peppered with propaganda. What have we got? You know damn well! L’heure est à nous, ma douce. Qu’est-ce-que dire tu?

        • It tells me some of us haven’t learned anything from the last 15 years the last 6 being the absolute worst ever and yet refuse to admit they don’t know what they don’t know. Oh and the republican Party is not some huge monolithic entity…it is people probably your neighbors. Some of them may have their heads in the sand…but more are genuinely concerned because they absolutely know the price for Confuscation… which seems to be the soup of the day more and more. Yeah you know it alls know who I’m talking about.

  4. I live in a segment of society where despair trumps hope. I might be able to survive, but I want more. I am not opposed to getting more by taking advantage of the misery of others. I am willing to use violence to defend my territory or expand it. If I die, there are plenty more to take my place.

    The military has traditionally been a way out for some, but they would likely be disqualified due to their records of arrest and/or conviction.

    Generally, I do not think governmental responses have ever been curative on a large scale, so containment has become the status quo.

    • Despair will only trump hope by thE INDIVIDUAL!! Had to pull a B. cause I, um, kinda lost my temper by your reasoning. Going off on a tangent now….

      I tell you, I am involved in an Atheist/Christian discussion group. I brought the topic up of homosexual parents. There was only one reply that got my goat. This individual did not want to “expose” her child to the real word. The reality is that kids are mean. Adults are mean. How do you grow a skin without experiencing the playground?

      Your reply reeks of, “Hello, I’m Mr. Loser Leech. May I assist you in unpacking your bags in my flat?”

      C’mon, Steve! Quit tootin their horn for cryin out loud!

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