Time for Zimmerman to Start Suing

Now that the verdict is over, I am watching the prosecutors’ press conference and am becoming more and more convinced that it is time for Zimmerman to start suing.  And I don’t think he should sue the governments involved.  He should name the individuals involved – and for everything they own.

The verdict was NOT GUILTY!  But the prosecutors are on TV now insisting that Zimmerman is still guilty and that “These are the facts!”  Yes, that is a quote from Mr. Dela (sp???).  At this point, as far as the law is concerned, Zimmerman is not guilty.  So, to tell the entire country that he is guilty and that this is a fact is slander.  What’s more, the prosecutors are STILL referring to Martin as a “victim.”  As much as some may not like this, but now that we have a verdict, the prosecutors need to stop calling Martin a victim.  the jury just determined he was the perpetrator.  Were he not the attacker, they wouldn’t have acquitted Zimmerman, they would have found him guilty.  So it is time to star calling Martin what the jury says he was: THE ATTACKER!

Zimmerman should also pursue other suits for deprivation of his civil rights for the personal and political gain of the prosecutors in this case.  He already has everything he needs to pursue such suits as, in a civil court, the burden of proof is much less strenuous and the evidence suggesting prosecutorial misconduct is already in abundance – and evidence against a lot more than just the prosecutors in this case:

Ex-Police Chief Claims He Was Pressured and Then Fired for Not Arresting George Zimmerman: ‘They Just Wanted an Arrest’

Former Sanford, Fla., police chief Bill Lee on CNN Wednesday claimed he was fired last year because he refused to arrest George Zimmerman just to appease an outraged public. Hey says there wasn’t enough evidence to warrant an arrest in the killing of Trayvon Martin, a fact that didn’t matter to some city officials.

State Attorney Employee Fired After Raising Questions About Whether Prosecutors Withheld Evidence From Zimmerman Defense

An employee with the Florida state attorney’s office who testified that he was concerned prosecutors withheld certain evidence from George Zimmerman’s defense team has been fired.

Ben Kruidbos was the information technology director when he testified last month that he was worried prosecutors didn’t turn over information about deleted images and text messages Kruidbos recovered from Trayvon Martin’s cell phone, including photos of a hand holding a gun and a plant that looked like marijuana.

Mark Levin livid over evidence not submitted with Zimmerman affidavit, says Fla. prosecutor is a disgrace

Dershowitz: Zimmerman Prosecutors ‘Should Be Disbarred’

Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz says the prosecutors in the George Zimmerman murder trial should be charged with “prosecutorial misconduct” for suggesting the defendant planned the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin.

“That is something no prosecutor should be allowed to get away with … to make up a story from whole cloth,” Dershowitz told “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV.

“These prosecutors should be disbarred. They have acted absolutely irresponsibly in an utterly un-American fashion.”

Racialized prosecutorial indiscretion in the Zimmerman case

George Zimmerman Trial Hampered by Media Bias and Prosecution Misconduct

Zimmerman Trial: Prosecutorial misconduct

Obama Official Caught On Tape Pushing For Legal Action Against Zimmerman

BREAKING: Audio was released today, in which an official from Obama’s Department of Justice (DOJ) tried to convince Sanford, FL city officials to pursue legal action against George Zimmerman.

The audio was released by Judicial Watch. The DOJ official urges Sanford city officials and Dream Defenders (a minority advocacy group) to aggressively pursue legal action against Zimmerman because “if a community perceives that there’s something wrong in the black community, there’s something wrong.”

Docs: DOJ Provided Support for Trayvon Rallies

On Wednesday, Judicial Watch announced that the Department of Justice had turned over documents in response to a Freedom of Information Act request showing that the Community Relations Service (CRS), a small division of the DOJ, was sent to Sanford, Florida after the Trayvon Martin shooting to help manage rallies and protests.

And I haven’t even bothered to start posting the Sharpton/Jackson/Black Panther stories.

Maybe, if we insist that our public servants be held to the same standard as the rest of us and NOT allow them to have “immunity” when they abuse the power of their offices and allow those wrongly charged to sue them directly, then just maybe we can help correct some of that abuse.  I would argue that, given the growth in such cases of governmental abuse, this would be a natural check against that abuse of power.  Think about it: how many of you would risk prosecuting a case like this one if you knew that, if you lost, Zimmerman could sue you for everything you own or might ever own?

60 thoughts on “Time for Zimmerman to Start Suing

  1. The self defense law in Florida is very specific, and clear. The merits of the case has nothing to do with Zimmerman following Martin as so many tried to rationalize. What it boils down to was what was happening in the moment that Zimmerman felt the need to use deadly force … and nothing else. The Jury heard two weeks of testimony and spent greater than 16 hours deliberating over it. They took notes, and asked questions … even under deliberation.

    Now as much as the whole mess sucks for the Martin supporters, rest assured that it sucked for the defendant and his supporters. But remember, there is always 2 entities on trial … the Defendant, and the law itself. In this case, the jury supported both.

    In this case, the left should have to answer for turning the whole affair in to a racially charged mess (both were minorities), but I do not think it wise for Zimmerman to make a public mess of it. However, I know of a few Senators out there (both state and federal) who should stand up and be heard.

    • Zimmerman was a victim — a TRUE victim — of over-zealous prosecutors acting on their political agendas. He has every right to sue for compensation for what is a real, tangible loss. ^this is what the law is supposed to provide — not a means to try someone because the supposed “victim” was a favored color and the shooter wasn’t.

      • Where did I ever say that Zimmerman wasn’t a victim, or that he did not have the right to sue anyone?

        • Since suing for compensation would entail a mess, I just figured this was included in your comment about how Zimmerman shouldn’t make a mess of this verdict.

          If I misread you, I apologize, but this is how I took that comment. 😦

          • I was actually asserting that the left should have to answer (meaning criminally) for turning the whole case into a “racial mess”. Even Obama himself played a race card … after the parents of Martin begged otherwise.

            Zimmerman can do as he pleases. I’m just calling out politicians to look at race baiting and incitement by the left.

        • I read your two comments as complimentary and agreeing.

          But then according to some here , on the left at least, I suffer from Reading Comprehension … ;- 00.

          This is such good news for Zimmerman and America that I’m going to have a Rye with ice !!!

    • “…the case has nothing to do with Zimmerman following Martin…”

      It had everything to do with Zimmerman following Martin. He bit off more than he could chew, so he was “forced” to shoot Trayvon. Perhaps, 2nd Degree Murder was over the top, but he should have been arrested much sooner, at least on a lesser charge. This thing only got political, after the Sanford police dropped the ball.

      • Steve,

        This is why I have so much trouble taking self-professed libertarians at their word. When push comes to shove, you usually reveal your true intentions/beliefs, and they are seldom those that come out of your mouth until the rubber meets the road.

        In this case, YOU are blaming the true victim here. Zimmerman had a RIGHT to follow Martin. Zimmerman has a RIGHT to watch over his community. Zimmerman has a RIGHT to carry a weapon. Zimmerman has a RIGHT to self-defense. SO ZIMMERMAN DID NOTHING WRONG! Heck, he even called the cops to get them to come do their jobs. Zimmerman does NOT have to explain or justify ANYTHING so long as he is within the law — especially when exercising his RIGHTS!

        Now, martin had just as much right to walk those same grounds, and to go to the store, or whatever. Where the trespass occurred is when Martin assaulted Zimmerman. Even if Zimmerman confronted him, all Martin had to do was tell him he lived in the area and was out to get candy. He owed Zimmerman nothing more, but he did owe that much — just as Zimmerman would have owed Martin an explanation to the effect that he was just watching the neighborhood. It’s called civility toward one another. But Martin didn’t do that. Martin attacked Zimmerman. End of story. It had nothing to do with age, race or Zimmerman DOING WHAT HE HAD LEGAL RIGHT TO DO!

        Finally, Sanford police FOLLOWED THE LAW! The “ball” was politicized when Obama and the feds pushed Scott into firing the police chief and directing the prosecutors to try a case they could not prove over RACE!

        • Sorry Joe. You are wrong on this one because, while you admit Trayvon’s rights, you limit them unjustifiably.

          Trayvon, just like you or me, had the right to walk to the store and back, without being accosted. Any suspicions on Zimmerman’s part should have been resolved by the proper authorities. That is why the Martin family will collect on their claim against the home owners’ association.

          I am no lawyer, or legal expert, but Zimmerman was negligent. Whether or not that would sustain a charge of negligent homicide is beyond me, but the two seem to go together.

          • Steve,

            Once again, a self-professed “libertarian” demonstrates an amazing lack of understanding of the principles upon which individual rights and liberty are founded.

            1 — The “authorities” have NO “authority” that you and I do not possess EQUALLY. If we do not possess it, then we can not give it. This is why — when this nation still lived under the rule of law — there was such a thing as a citizen’s arrest. So, Zimmerman DID have the right to ask someone in his neighborhood what they were doing. There is no transgression in doing this.

            2 — The homeowners’ association should NOT have lost their case for the same reason I just stated. You have accepted a Progressive/Statist/unconstrained view of the law and it is a perversion of the legal system — at least, the legal system as it is supposed to function.

            3 — Zimmerman was NOT negligent. At this point, that is a FACT as determined by a jury of his peers. But even before that, the FACT that he called the police demonstrates his good will.

            4 — You continue to blame Zimmerman when the FACT remains that all Martin had to do was tell Zimmerman who he was, that he lived in the area and was just out to get some candy. That would have ended it. But Martin did NOT do this. Martin got belligerent and Martin attacked Zimmerman. At that point, MARTIN FORFEIT HIS RIGHTS BECAUSE HE TRANSGRESSED ON ZIMMERMAN’S RIGHT TO LIFE!

          • “I am no lawyer, or legal expert, but Zimmerman was negligent. “

            Thats pretty obvious Steve … because had Zimmerman been negligent, they would have convicted him on Manslaughter. Additionally, no matter how you attempt the paint Zimmerman as criminal mind, the elements just do not fit, and I think you are smart enough to know this. So now I question your motive.

            Are you attempting to paint anyone here who opines as a racist? Is that all you can see, Steve? Is your whole motive to besmirch any who agreed with the verdict as s human devoid of feeling for a person of a different creed, color, or social stature?

            If so, that makes you a pretty pathetic human being.

      • Well Steve, what you offer is opine at this point. Not that I am a big fan of Zimmerman (I’ve never met him), but I am big fan of the law, and history on this case has been decided. He was charged with Murder 2, and the state was unable to prove that charge.

        Do you care to try? I posted the elements required.

          • Did you really need me to remind you that Martin had a choice as well? He could have chosen to talk instead of hit. He could have chosen to not racially profile Zimmerman as Zimmerman had done him, but no … he wasn’t above that now, was he?

            No. He positioned himself on top of Zimmerman and pummeled him until he was stopped … so sayeth the jury.

            If I sound bitter about that, I am sorry. But I am bitter. It saddens me that this young man had a part in making himself the victim as well … and no one has the guts to admit that.

            We can never progress as a people until we, as a people can look inward at our own faults.

  2. George Zimmerman will likely just want to disappear and be left alone. However, his next prosecution will be for violation of Trayvon Martins civil rights. This is just too good of an opportunity for Obama to continue to play his race war games to generate civil unrest. No doubt Eric Holder already has a plan in place at DOJ.

    • Chhelo,

      If they charge Zimmerman with violation of civil rights, it should be tossed as double jeopardy. If he is not guilty of murder, then he has already been found innocent of violating Martin’s civil rights. For the same reason, Martin’s family should not be allowed to sue on the same grounds.

      • Haven’t they been making money off of selling TM t-shirts and Copywrighting slogans with his name ????

        Talk about violations !!!!

        • They also are reported to have sued the home owners association for $1 million.

          I just can’t help but come back to something no one really wants to face: the EVIDENCE showed that Martin used racial slurs in regard to Zimmerman, and the witness said Martin was on top of Zimmerman beating him “MMA style,” and Zimmerman had physical damage to his HEAD as a result of Martin assaulting him. When did this nation get to the point where it defends the attacker — especially depending on the color of his skin???

          • Since there are Folks like Heather Marie below…….who seem to make a Profession out of hate.

            Come to think of it weren’t Zimmerman’s Civil Rights violated by NBC and the President and Sharpton and Jesse Jackson ????

    • The bar for a federal case- especially with respect to mindset- is much, much higher than the State of Florida just failed to meet. There will be no federal civil rights violation case brought against George Zimmerman. As the above suggests, Zimmerman may have grounds to sue the feds.

      • Paul,

        What about him sueing NBC for altering the Tapes and trying to Prejudice the potential Jury Pool ? Or for defamation of character ?

        The NAACP ( Sharpton, Jesse Jackson et al ) are pressing for Holder’s Justice Dept to go after a Civil Rights violation ….. it’s the byline on the FOX and ABC radio news feeds now ?

  3. Joe,

    Look at the OJ Trial. Found not guilty criminally but sued and found guilty for civil damages. Most likely Zimmerman would not be charged or tried for murder but for racial profiling or some other trumped up charge.

    • Chhelo,

      I understand, and as much as I do not like it, I would say OJ should not have been sued for the same reasons.

      I think the thing that is bothering me the most about all this is that people think being black is a “get out of jail free” card. Zimmerman was the one with all the damage done to his person before the shooting. That is all Zimmerman needed to claim self defense, which then makes Martin a perp, not a victim. Had he not shot Martin, what would have happened to Zimmerman?

    • yep and he will LOSE to al who are here adaging un-educated commentary.learn the law and become astute. zimmer the blob will be sued,rightfully so,and he shall LOSE,and i am happy smile actually about this i can’t wait for the prosecutorial of this killer to be sued,and left broke just as his common killer who also went free on a not guilty outlandish verdict casey,he will be sued, and i am happy about at the least this big win on its way! i can’t wait….Criminal “State”court,has nothin’to do with a suit filed in the U.S.District Federal Courts of our land,and i can’t wait… the burden is substantially 90% way less to prove in a fed.civil rights,district court,so i am so happy the Trayvon Martin,family will prove such racial discriminative;racial profiling nd a violation of this CHILD constitutional and civil rights; George Zimmerman,this killer,sure will lose.He will lose,and i am so happy to know my law,and as a future attorney i say as Rocky.to the Martin family, GO FOR IT…. Jury never found him innocent,premise on the”fact”presented by his attorneys,only that he was not guilty…LEARN THE LAW.
      RIP trayvon. Your close loving family, will procure justice one way or another,and it will be in his pockets,leaving his no good killer self broke,as he deserve…. from heather-marie .

      • Future attorney……..?????

        Joe……..I want to….I really want to………….But……I’ll be kind.

          • I’ll bite the bullet. One phrase kept running through my mind as I read that stunning comment: “There is hope for every ape in Africa!” (From the movie, “The Lion in Winter”.

            • corgiacres,

              Not sure what that means, but I sure hope you didn’t think Don or myself were trying to tap-dance around making a racial slur because I wasn’t, and from what I know of him, neither was Don. But your comment sure sounds like it is intended to read that way. If so, I can assure you, it isn’t helpful to this discussion and it sure isn’t welcome on the RNL.

              Now, if I am missing something, I hope you’ll explain. I haven’t seen the movie, so I may be, but for those who haven’t seen the movie — such as myself — the line you quote seems…. well, racist.

              • Joe, I’m sorry for the confusion and it’s all my fault! I realized AFTER I hit reply that I had not made myself clear. I was referring the comment (that I honestly had trouble following) made by Heather Marie! I was in no way harking back to any comment by you or augger. I ALWAYS agree with you guys! Mea Culpa!

                • corgiacres,

                  Whew! 🙂

                  Thanks for clearing that up. I was worried I may have missed yet another reference I should have understood LOL 😉

                  It’s all good now.

              • Sorry, I didn’t explain the “line” from the movie. It isn’t at all racist. The movie is about the Christmas meeting of King Henry II and his sons. Prince Geoffrey says to Prince John, “if you’re a Prince, there’s hope for every ape in Africa.” They were arguing over who exactly would be King when Henry II died. Pure fiction I’m sure, but good entertainment. When I made the comment, I was referring to the fact that Heather Marie stated that she is a budding attorney–at least that was the gist of what I could read of her comment.

                  • Also Joe,
                    Corgiacres is right about “The Lion in Winter”….it is a Great Movie !!

                    Corgi…..the references to the Sons of Henry II and Eleanor of Aqcuitaine is quite accurate wrt their abilities when compared to their father and mother. However even a perusal of history will show they managed to have some longlasting effects of their own.

                    Now Eleanor is the pivotal person in all this….indeed , even Wiki-blah-blah will give you a sense of that. It is also what isn’t said….the implications behind the historical record which one should ruminate on …… as a hint about Real Power…where we have the families behind the Fed Res and Bank of England today…..there was Eleanor ( and family/associates) in the 1100-1200s……and they didn’t just disappear either.

                    But this is all for another time, and for private reflection…………..Zimmerman is what’s important today and now .

                    • Thanks Don. I assumed that at least “some” of the movie was based on actual facts. I also knew that “Prince” John later became King John and what a mess he was. It was a very good movie and I believe garnered some awards for either Hepburn or O’Toole.

                • Coriacres and Joe,

                  Sorry to butt in here …. no I’m not….lert’s be honest.

                  Joe you need to tell Corigi if He / She persists in quoting latin ( Mea Culpa)…then Kells might start writing French again ( Mon Dieu ! ) Just saying… ;- )).

                  Kells…..not that there’s anything wrong with that mind you.

      • Don,

        Were you able to parse Health Marie’s word salad? My brain hurt so bad after the first two sentences, that I could not continue to read it.

      • And THIS is why our legal system has gone down the toilet. This is a law student??? Need I say any more to make my case? 🙂

        BTW: this comment leaves me thinking of Samuel Jackson’s character in Pulp Fiction when he asks that guy, “English, bleep, do you speak it?”

      • Ok, event though it appears as if Heather barely meets the criteria for sapient thought, I am going to attempt to parse her post, and respond.

        “yep and he will LOSE to al who are here adaging un-educated commentary”

        The first part of this statement Heather asserts that Zimmerman would lose the case, well … he did not. Beyond that, I have absolutely no idea what “adaging” is, but assuming she means “engaging”. The “un-educated commentary” we’ll just leave as is, and let you decide after reading the rest of this response.

        “learn the law and become astute.”

        Sage advise coming from a para-legal who got it wrong.

        “zimmer the blob will be sued,rightfully so,and he shall LOSE”

        If memory serves me right, the defendants name is Zimmerman, and not “Zimmer”. Ad homemin attack by an intellectual pauper with nothing of value to add to this discussion, and my advise to you Heather is not to get in to the business of predictions. So far in this case you are 0-1.

        “,and i am happy smile actually about this i can’t wait for the prosecutorial of this killer to be sued,and left broke just as his common killer who also went free on a not guilty outlandish verdict casey,he will be sued, and i am happy about at the least this big win on its way!”

        You call this tirade happiness? Seems to me you are bitter, and depressed. As far as the not guilty verdict, you might want to consider the politicians who got behind this and pressed the State Attorney’s office to charge a case with never having enough evidence to convict … unless you have a conspiracy theory that the State Attorney’s office somehow lost evidence along the way, which incase you still need to direct your aggression to the flippant politicians who pressed for the case they could never win, and as such … placed the poor parents of Trayvon in to the nightmarish position of having to spend four weeks in a courtroom repeatedly listening to the sounds of the last moments of their son. Imagine their horror. It’s sad, and pathetic really what the likes of Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, the Justice Department, and the FL State Attorney’s office put them through.

        And now you want Trayvon’s parents to suffer more? How mighty benevolent you are.

        “i am so happy the Trayvon Martin,family will prove such racial discriminative;racial profiling nd a violation of this CHILD constitutional and civil rights;”

        How many times has the parent’s of Trayvon Martin begged the nation to not turn this in to a racial issue? How many Heather, how many? These parent’s knew that predatory opportunists would seize upon this to their gain, and not the gain of the dead son, nor the grieving parents. But to not completely dismiss your point, the fact of the matter as it relates to racism is that both of the men involved were minorities.

        “my law,and as a future attorney”

        Given your obvious lack of command of the English language, I sincerely hope that you do make it. I find it doubtful, but not impossible.

        “Jury never found him innocent,premise on the”fact”presented by his attorneys,only that he was not guilty…LEARN THE LAW.”

        Again, the State charged Zimmerman with “Murder–Second Degree FS 782.04” and thus is burdened with proving the elements of that crime. To do this, they must have evidence to support that charge, which they never had. The jury was correct to acquit Zimmerman. And while we are here, let’s clear up for you what the word “acquit” means:

        CLEAR, exonerate, find innocent, absolve; discharge, release, free, set free; let off (the hook); exculpate. The antonym would be “convict”.

        Now here is an image of FS 782.04 Murder-Second Degree. You are more then welcome to prove the elements of this case against the charge, and tell me where the jury should have reversed the decision. If you need help, we have an attorney who posts here often who can assist you with the legal verbiage, but in the end, I sincerely doubt you can no more meet the requirements of the law as could the battery of prosecutors in this case. Good luck!

        “RIP trayvon. Your close loving family, will procure justice one way or another,and it will be in his pockets,leaving his no good killer self broke,as he deserve…. from heather-marie .”

        Yes, I agree. Do rest in peace Trayvon Martin. I am saddened that such a young life was lost before it could really have been lived. As a parent, I also weep for your parents. Additionally I weep for Zimmerman and his family who have to carry the burden of having been the other party to this tragedy. I am certain that none of the family’s involved will ever get over it.

        Heather, I think Zimmerman was a financial pauper to begin with, and I believe he remains so to this day … so at least you have one wish. Not a very Christian sort of wish, so if you are a Christian, seek counseling from your minister. He can help you to resolution.

  4. NBC should be sued sued sued ………. I would donate to move that forward for sure ! I must admit I was surprised, I thought the Jurey would be threatened and intimidated by the Mobs and the Press and the President into a guilty verdict.

    I wonder how long it will take for the Liberal and Racist activists to exact some kind of Revenge….????

    But in this instance I will have to admit the jurers and the Law itself ( Self-defense ) worked …… But the Florida justice system and the 1st Prosecuter Corey and the press all failed Zimmerman and America Badly !

  5. I am watching HERALDO on FOX and even he is getting this story correct. When Heraldo can get it right, how blind must you be NOT to see that this trial was all about racism and the politics behind “social justice” (which isn’t justice at all)???

  6. Sounds like Heather Mstie is getting friendly with the kook-aid

    Future attorney? I’ll make sure to let people know not to hire Heather Marie, lest they want to be represented by a lunatic. Oops, that must make me sexist now.

    The facts of the case were this, the prosecution failed to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt, Florida stand your ground was upheld, and justice was served. Implications that Trayvon Martin is an innocent child, racial motive, or anything else is a matter of opinion. The law ruled it otherwise, people should at least respect that. What’s the point of having a criminal justice system if we are constantly undermining it with follow up lawsuits?

    PS: pay attention in grammar class, Heather.

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  8. I find it amazing that commentators are insisting that if it was a black on white crime, that the black would be thrown in jail. Countless of blacks get away with attacking, murdering and raping whites. Yet, it is not politically correct to admit that as the ‘victims’ are always the blacks. You see your so called ‘victims’ are now rioting and disrupting peace, they are causing more trouble to an already ailing country. How can someone be a victim when they have so much power over public policy in this country? When for every crime that a black commits, there is an excuse that somehow it is the whites fault. Whether it be poverty, the poor education system or racism.

    The Zimmerman verdict for me was an unexpected one, especially because I had lost all hope in the justice system and its ability to discern political lies. I was sure that the women would find him guilty, but they did not. I am very proud of these women as I did not expect much from them in any case, and their ability to reason beyond the collective communist nonsense mentality. I was sure that an innocent party will be thrown in jail, and I am glad that the truth won. It is by no means a victorious verdict, as thanks to the ignorant populace, Zimmerman will be haunted and terrorized for the rest of his life, merely for trying to defend himself from a thug.

    Now, do not get me wrong I am not a racist. I am in fact in an interracial marriage, and my husband himself agrees that Zimmerman was defending himself. Many minorities, who are pro-Zimmerman are actually ostracized and ignored, because they simply fail to live up to the victim status. Such debacles as the Trayvon Martin dilemma, further line the pockets of Al Sharpton and the like, who you use ‘racism’ as the means to further the division between the black-white populace.

    • Venting,

      What we are seeing, what we call political correctness in this nation, is nothing new. It has been with us since man appeared on the face of this planet. It hatred — pure and simple. Either race against race, or all against the Jews, or Poles, Irish, Chinese (as these groups immigrated to America) or Gypsies in Europe — it is all different variations of the same tune. To see and understand it, one must do as you obviously have: tune out the emotion and turn on the brain so you can see objective reality more clearly.

      Sadly, it is far too easy to just ride with the emotion — especially when it is also monetarily and politically rewarding, as well.

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