Do You Know Autumn Pasquale? How About Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome?


Of course you don’t…and why would you?

You should because she yet another answer to Joe’s post that posed the question of “Wonder what would have happened if Trayvon had been White?

Autumn was a 12 year old girl killed by two “children” (as the Martin supporters like to call a 17 year-old, 6′-2″ delinquent). What did these “children” want?

They wanted to steal her bike.

Two teenage brothers have been charged in connection with the murder of 12-year-old Autumn Pasquale, who disappeared from her New Jersey home this weekend and was found in a recycling bin Monday night.

The boys, ages 15 and 17, were neighbors of Pasquale, who was last seen alive riding her bicycle on Saturday in her neighborhood in Clayton, N.J., police said today.

Police said that Pasquale’s injuries were consistent with strangulation, and that there was no sign of sexual assault. They believe she was lured to the boys’ home on Saturday.

Autumn was white. The ABC story above never mentions that the two boys are black. Here’s more of the disgusting story.

There were no celebrities supporting Autumn’s family at award shows, no “pastors” giving sermons wearing pink.

The fact is that 52% of all murders committed in the years 2000 to 2010 were committed by juveniles and that an overwhelming percentage of those involved a black perpetrator, so Trayvon was hardly unique.

Do you know Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome of Knoxville, TN? Of course you don’t – because the DOJ isn’t looking into whether or not their civil rights were violated when Christopher was anally raped “prison style” and Channon was brutally raped over the span of days and eventually had bleach poured down her throat and a breast sliced off while she was still alive. Channon and Christopher were white, their five murderers were black.

On the night of Saturday, January 6, 2007, Christopher Newsom and his girlfriend Channon Christian went out together for the last time. Newsom was a 23-year-old carpenter; Christian a 21-year-old senior majoring in sociology at the University of Tennessee. The couple had been dating for about two months and seemed very much smitten with each other. That Saturday night, the couple had eaten a romantic dinner at a Knoxville restaurant. Channon last spoke with her mother Denna at roughly 12:35 a.m. on Sunday when Channon said the couple was going to visit a friend to watch some movies. No one ever heard from them again.

Police were left with two corpses of a photogenic young couple who had been tortured and killed in the most brutal fashion anyone in Knoxville could remember.

As information slowly emerged out of the investigation, it was clear this was on ordinary crime. “It apparently started with a carjacking,” said U.S. Marshal Rich Knighten, “They did some really nasty things to this lady. There is some evidence she was held and sexually abused for a couple of days.” In fact, as police gathered more facts it became clear that both Newsom and Christian were brutalized beyond imagination.

In the wee hours of that Sunday morning, Newsom and Christian were carjacked at gunpoint in her parents’ 2005 Toyota 4-Runner and brought back to the house on Chipman. Christopher Newsom was raped over and over again (semen was found in his anus) and sodomized with an unknown object. He was blindfolded, gagged, and bound at the hands and feet. After several nightmarish hours, Newsom was either walked barefoot or dragged out to the railroad tracks where he was shot in the back of the head execution-style. The assailants shot him two more times (in the back and in the neck). Then Newsom’s corpse was doused with gasoline and lit on fire.

For Channon Christian, the torture was even worse. She suffered days of sexual abuse in the Chipman home. She was beaten mercilessly and raped numerous times, suffering excruciating injuries to her mouth, vagina, and anus. Forensic pathologists found that not only was Christian raped by her captors, but she had been penetrated with an object as well (possibly a chair leg, according to the Knox County Medical Examiner). In addition, examiners found that a chemical (likely bleach) had been poured down her throat and in her wounded genital areas — while she was still alive. The coroner reported that Christian was then tied up with torn strips of bedding, her head covered in a white garbage bag — and then the whole body stuffed in five larger trash bags before being thrown into a garbage can. Perhaps the most horrifying finding was that Christian was still alive at the time; her death came after the slow process of suffocation in that trash container.

90% of Trayvon Martin supporters who are now spouting off “facts” – like Zimmerman was out to “hunt” a black teen or that he racially “profiled” little 6′-2″ Trayvon – either did not see the evidence presented at the trial or they just don’t care. The media has done an effective job of altering their reality by only showing a picture of an angelic little middle school Trayvon instead of the six foot two inch juvenile delinquent and wanna be thug he had grown into.

The point is that people do unspeakable things to each other. I’m sure that Trayvon’s parents loved him – but that doesn’t mean that he wasn’t a thug looking for trouble.

Had a black man killed Trayvon, you would not know his name.

13 thoughts on “Do You Know Autumn Pasquale? How About Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome?

  1. Seen this question about Autumn bounced around Facebook for several days now. The post circulating there seems to draw few comments in comparison to the other. This administration does not concern themselves with hypocrisy any longer, and I fear no longer does the liberal leaning supporters.

  2. What you are beginning to see is the tip of the iceberg. Most are now desensitized to evil and are reverting back to being uncivilized. All one has to do is look at crime statistics to see who is reverting back the fastest.

    When your raised as an animal by evil masters and your masters have raised you for the purpose of doing evil to further their objective this is the result. Man is now only interested in the lower reality of his existence and we are now entering the second “Dark Age”. From here it is only going to get worse. The ilk’s of Obama and Company have it planned out already.

    Prepare, stay out of places your not familiar with, for young adults and children remember nothing good happens after midnight. That’s the time a lot of animals are out looking for prey. Take lessons on how to survive in an attempted car jacking, kidnapping or rape situation. Most allow it to happen thinking there will be a way out later. There won’t be. Your better off going down fighting when the attempt is made than escaping later. Keep you head on a swivel at all times. Driving home, in parking lots, at stop lights or other places where the potential exists. Control the situation your in.

  3. Thank You Utah for putting up these stories ….. I have been urging people to look into these for years now !!

    -Ann Pressly
    -Marine Sgt Jan Pawel Piertrzak and his African-American Wife Quiana Jenkins-Piertrzak ( also a Photo-genic cute couple IMO) Killed by 4 Blacks marines because A Black girl (woman) had married a white guy. Winchester Calif.
    -the Witicha Kansas Dec 15th 2000 Horror multiple rape, torture and multiple murder of 5 with 1 rape torture survivor.

    These and other similar Racially motivated Black on White crime need to be talked about and confronted …… the Liberal Media and the Obama Admin would like to erase their very existance from the record ….. throw them out as if they where yesterday’s garbage.

    It is up to us to keep their memories and stories alive !

  4. Did Autumn’s killers get off scott free like Zimmerman? Of course not. They were arrested and will be prosecuted. If they are acquitted, you may have a valid equivalency, but now, there is no comparison. Hundreds of teenagers, black and white, get killed every year and their names aren’t widely publicized. The media selects which stories it wants to sensationalize. How many missing white girls have we heard about over the years, sensationalized in the news? I don’t seem to remember many black girls the media cared about being kidnapped or killed.

    • Jed, so do you consider this girl a victim of racism? Just curious. In fact, when’s the last case of a (pick your minority) killing a white person, and having the race-card played on the national platform? Point is, as much as I hate to admit it, the race baiting is a highly selective and political process.

      And this is the ripple effects of such race baiting …

      Man Claims Attack Was Trayvon Retaliation

      How about that Jed? Is that a “hate crime”?

    • Zimmerman didn’t “get off Scott free”. He was acquitted by a jury of his peers based on the evidence presented. I’d be curious to know what evidence you think should have convicted him…

  5. That’s bullshit JED because until GZ was acquitted we didn’t know he was going to be and who really thought he would be? Stories with white victims are rarely “sensationalized” because it’s not PC.

  6. I guess if we are all going to profile according to crime stats…then all middle aged white men should be profiled as pedophiles, considering they commit greater than 70% of ALL sex crimes against children!!!!!

    • Wow….

      What a Hateful Person you are Sherri……The post is about the lack of Coverage for the crusome Murder and torture of these white girls by Blacks and the Gross double standard in NOT claiming these victims were profiled because they were White……..which is what happened.

      And you turn it into an opportunity to expose your own agenda of Hatred for White Men . Thank you for remebering these victims . With more efforts from people like you their names Surely will be forgotten. And a Monument to your Blind Hatred erected in their place.

      • Don, when I read Sherri’s comment, I thought she was being sarcastic and pointing out misuse of the crime statistics.

        • Don’t see it that way at all Texas. The post didn’t really have any material on Crime statistics, nor did the comments.

          The basic point of both were about Black on White crime and the double standard in calling it racial crime vis a vis False Claims like the Zimmerman case. It was also about the DEARTH of reporting or caring by the Press.

          I think she was reacting to the Fact that We WERE pointing out Such crimes by Blacks……..and she like other Liberal Facists don’t think these crimes should be mentioned. She certainly seemed more bothered that the Race of the Criminals was mentioned than she did about these Girls.

          If she says I’m wrong….then I’ll admit it…..otherwise I think her post speaks for itself.

    • have a look at the percentage of the population the blacks make up…then look at the percentage of crime commited by blacks……35000 white women raped by black men…how many black women raped by white men…..none….and you know why…because even in black eyes black females are as ugly as sin

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