Martin Family Lawyer Says “Greater Duty to Social Engineering than the Law”

I was watching Greta van Sustren tonight, July 15, 2013.  A lawyer for the Trayvon Martin family, Jasmine Rand, was being interviewed.  In this interview, at or around 9:18-9:19 PM CST, Ms. Rand said she had a greater duty to “social engineering” than to the law!

Friends, if you follow my posts on the RNL, you have probably read my assertions that, if you listen long enough, the Left will tell you who they are and what they actually want to do.  That is what this “lawyer” did tonight: she told you she believes her job as an officer of the court has a greater duty to “social engineering” than to upholding the law.  For those who may not be familiar with the term:

Social Engineering:

: management of human beings in accordance with their place and function in society : applied social science

Do you understand what “the management of human beings according to their place and function in society” actually means?  That is the total planned state where you have no real choice in your life, no rights, no liberty: you are merely a pawn to be manipulated and disposed of according to the will of the self-appointed ruling elite.  This is Communist Russia, China and North Korea.  In other words, these people believe they have a greater duty to manipulate our social institutions to create the world of their dreams than to uphold the rule of law.

If you have ever doubted those on the Right when they have tried to warn you that the Left is tyrannical, then Ms. Rand’s assertion on public TV should remove that doubt.  She just told the world that, as an officer of the court, she has a greater duty to the manipulation of society in accordance with our place and function in society than she does to preserving and upholding the rule of law.

BTW: “social engineering” is a sibling of eugenics – and both are American inventions connected to the Progressive movement, which in turn is the child of the Fabian Socialist movement.


After Greta’s show, I watched O’Reilly’s replay from today in which another Martin Family attorney said the verdict in this case was not “socially logical.”  Folks, that can only mean this “attorney” wanted Zimmerman convicted no matter what the evidence said.  For this “attorney,” this case was about meeting racial demands regardless of the law or Zimmerman’s right to self-defense.

This is in perfect accord with Ms. Rand’s assertion and it reveals a racial agenda that is totally divorced from the rule of law and evidence in this case.

18 thoughts on “Martin Family Lawyer Says “Greater Duty to Social Engineering than the Law”

  1. “social engineering” means,

    ALL people’s ARE NOT created equal. The strong, the majority, should ignore, “the rule of law”, and trample the rights of any minority they so choose.

    The smallest minority is the individual.

  2. Joe….

    From your post….”..a racial agenda that is totally divorced from the rule of law and evidence in this case.”

    This PERFECTLY describes The Eric Holder Justice Depsrtment amnd the Obama Administration in a sentence.

        • Easy there Don. The press probably withheld that for a good reason.

          First, that autopsy report clearly said the liver was normal.

          Second, in this case, skittles doesn’t mean the candy produced by the Wrigley company. Skittles is slang for cold meds that contain DXM which is used to make Sizzurp or purple drank. It’s not made with tea but usually Sprite or Mountain Dew and the cough syrup gives it the purple color. Cough syrups with Promethazine is the drug of choice in making Lean or Sizzurp.

          Basically, you don’t use Arizona Tea or Skittles in Lean or Sizzurp. I have heard of people dropping jolly ranchers in their cups though.

          • Easy there Bill. There is NEVER good reason for the Press to withhold any information. Unless they have an agenda as in the NBC atlering of tapes and the Prosecution withholding Evidence which the Press knew about but “withheld”. As well as Trayvon’s Text-message the day before that “he wanted to fight someone”.

            So you know for a Fact no Gangsta uses Tea instead of Dew out of choice.

            • Don,

              Afraid I have to side with WM on this one — at least in part. There are times when the press can be asked by authorities to withhold info and, if they are responsible citizens, they will do so. An example would be details about a serial killer so as to be able to sort copycats from the real deal, etc. Also, military secrets is another example of information the press should keep to themselves.

              Just saying.

              • Yes…..But those are obviously completely different from the example I gave.

                Withholding the Info I gave doesn’t come close to your examples……and apparantly Don West and Mr Omara agree with me as they are hinting at Sanctions against the Prosecution attornies.

                • Don,

                  I understand, and in this case, it does appear that the prosecutors, Obama, Holder and probably even Gov Scott need to be sued and/or have charges/sanctions filed against them, as well.

                  All I was addressing was the blanket statement you made 😉

            • Don,

              Trayvon could have been on Lean. What I’m saying is that you’d be making a huge assumption since he didn’t even have one of the common ingredients on him to make the stuff. I mean, we’re not talking using margarine instead of butter while baking a cake.

              “So you know for a Fact no Gangsta uses Tea instead of Dew out of choice.”

              And you know some that do? Nope, because I don’t know any gangstas. I know about Lean from what I’ve read and what others have told me about it. I first learned about it years ago when some friends told me one of my favorite boxers, RJJr, was on it. I didn’t necessarily believe it but he went on to describe it in detail. I also remember early in my military career some guys drinking Robitussin DM.

              You just jumped the gun on that post and even said that his autopsy reported said liver damage when it said normal.

              • If you get a chance to look at the pics from the crime scene, TM did not have tea. He had Arizona Watermelon, which is one of the favorites for “skittles”. Look up skittles in the urban dictionary, and start down the page, especially the 2-4 definitions.
                TM was looking for DXM or codine(sic).
                The pics of the can on the ground is Arizona Watermelon, but was called tea by the media, Crump and even the police.

                • Kids down the road got into this stuff and we had some problems. got to talking to them and they were very informative about “lean” “purple lean” “sizurrup”and “skittles” and Watermelon”juice”

                • Thanks Ralph …….. I have been accused of “Getting it wrong” here and in fact turned outto be basically right.

                  • William was right about the way it started out; lean was codeine cough syrup and sprite or mtn dew. but now “Watermelon drank lean” is the rising star….and has been called by some the “poor man’s PCP” Arizona.Watermelon Juice , a little codeine drop in some Jolly Ranchers or Skittles for flavor robitussin cough syrup, add some promethizine(spelling?) and whammo!!!!

  3. “If you listen long enough, the Left will tell you who they are and what they actually want to do.”

    The left as a whole, reminds me of that mad scientist who can’t keep his plans secret because he feels like his plans are just too juicy to not share with somebody.

    “Ms. Rand said she had a greater duty to “social engineering” than to the law!”

    What the H are we supposed to think when we see that on TV!? “Oh, how nice, she must really be concerned about making a positive impact among her fellow neighbors”!? Anybody with half a brain should have red flags after hearing that (Karl might see the wrong red flag!). Since when does social engineering become more important to an attorney than justly upholding the law? I already know the answer to that but COME ON!!

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