Open Season on Straight White Males

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MSNBC Anchor to Contributor: Your Kids ‘Have Hit the American Trifecta of Privilege – They Are White, Straight Males’

Discussing the verdict in the George Zimmerman murder trial on “Morning Joe” Monday, MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts told a contributor that his kids “have hit the American trifecta of privilege” because they are “white, straight males.”

The only thing this “News anchor” left out was the word “Christian,” because the only person who is safe to attack in our society today is the straight, white, Christian male.  If you doubt that, go on FaceBook and start making disparaging attacks on Muslims, Blacks, Hispanics or women and see how long it takes before the hate hits home in response.

Now, if you are among those who know – really know and understand history – then you might recognize that this is very similar to the way Germany came to accept the deliberate attacks on Jews in 1930’s Germany.  It didn’t start out the way many American’s picture things, with the rounding up and imprisoning of Jews.  It started by claiming the Jews had too much influence.  It then lead to claims that Jews were disproportionately represented in the government, banking, business, etc.  This was used to justify the forced removal of Jews from their jobs and – eventually – their property and then their lives.

Now, we do not see it happening this openly in America, but we have seen Whites refused admission to public schools based on racial quotas.  We have seen Christians attacked and their faith attacked by our government while that same government actually supports and funds many other religions.  We have seen straights labeled as haters – unless they openly endorse the gay agenda.  We have seen the government and media claim that “equal justice” means “the minority is always innocent: the white guy is always guilty.”  And it continues to get worse.  The only “inoculation” to these attacks is for the white to prostrate themselves to the “Party line” and sell out to the racial hatred against their own race – as the guest on the show in this story did.

In the past, I have been attacked for pointing out that this nation is Fascist.  One of the objections has been that we do not have a racial aspect to our oppressive government.  I tried to tell these people who made these claims that they were being blind to the growing evidence before their very eyes.  Well, here you go: evidence that the honest can no longer ignore.  And there is the “racial aspect” to our Fascist government.

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  1. The ONLY way to combat this Targeted Hatred from the Mimorities, from the LGBT community and from the Press is to ORGANIZE and Unite !!

    And Be even MORE vocal about THEIR hatred……be vocal about what the Rule of Law really means. Otherwise the Justice Department will Truely remain just the “Just-us” Department.

    When you are attacked you stand up Fight back and defend the Truth !!

    • Don,
      Do you remember when the “female, hispanic candidate” for Supreme Court Justice, stated something to the effect that “the rule of law” is interpreted differently by her understanding?

      There is no “rule of law” for most up there. Only “the rule of the strongest”.

      • Sotomayor is /was on the Board of Directors of La Raza…..

        Who publically proclaim that whites should be expunged from the Continent and exterminated if they don’t leave Voluntarily…..after they complete the re-conquista of course……………..She should be prohibited from serving on ANY court let alone the Supreme Court !!!

        I’m Sure “Dave” below would consider himself one of their allies !!

        Organize People ….Unite and defeat this Impending Pogrom….because that’s what it is .

        • Don, why don’t you provide proof of your allegations? I seriously doubt your word as to La Raza’s purpose, because you tend to hyperbolize and flat-out lie.

  2. Christians attacked and their faith threatened by government?

    Would this be from the same government represenatives in Arizona who proposed a bill that would require people to profess a belief in god to graduate high school?

    Fact: gay people are discriminated against openly in your country. You can be fired for being gay. Do you have any cases of someone being fired for being straight?

    Fact: women earn on average 77 cents for each dollar that a male makes or performing the same work. Republicans have voted to keep this state of affairs the same.

    Fact: 1 out of 15 black men are in jail in your country and are disproportionally racially profiled by cops and gun-toting wannabe cops. 1 out of 106 white men in your country are in jail.

    Joe, face it. Straight white men are overwhelming privileged in your country. All your complaints are a paranoia born of right wing victimhood.

    • I don’t usually use this word here…….But your post Dave is complete and utter BullShit and Propaganda !

      Not a Single fact there……..FBI stats Clearly show Black on white Crime is HUGE !!…..White on Black crime is minimal.

      You’re a purveyor of Hate just like Joe has high-lighted…………what you are Dave is a Hater pure and simple !

    • Dave,
      Sincerely, with respect to crime, race and imprisonment, You should read “Professor and criminologist Gary Kleck and professor and economist John R. Lott’s writings”.

      Fortunately, today, my personal experience suggests my generation, and my children’s generation, do not care if someone is gay or not. The 20, 30, 40, and 50 somethings I know who have served in the military do not care either. Gay is a non-issue for enlightened America.

      Truly enlightened America is tired of political activists creating an imaginary “victim class” of any kind and shoving in everyone’s face that any “victim class” should be given special privileges and protections because they are “lesser” as described by some demagogue/political activist.

      Choose: “all “humans” are equal, or they are not. Unequal humans “force their will upon others with special laws.”

      The “rule of law” for all, or
      the “rule of man” by: Special Rules by and for the Strongest and loudest and meanest.

      Take your pick. This IS this simple.

      • If being gay is a non-issue why do almost 60 percent of your states still allow someone to be discriminated against by being fired solely on that basis?

        It’s not “all humans are equal” it’s “all humans should be treated equally”.

        If you can’t be fired for being straight why should I be allowed to be fired for being gay?

        If a woman does the same work as a man why she be paid less just because she doesn’t have the same sort of bargaining strength that a man has?

        Why are you so opposed to people being treated equally?

        • Here is your gender gap on pay, lead by the Democrats… Read the entire post, with links to the article here:

          “A group of Democratic female senators on Wednesday declared war on the so-called “gender pay gap,” urging their colleagues to pass the aptly named Paycheck Fairness Act when Congress returns from recess next month. However, a substantial gender pay gap exists in their own offices, a Washington Free Beacon analysis of Senate salary data reveals.
          Of the five senators who participated in Wednesday’s press conference—Barbara Mikulski (D., Md.), Patty Murray (D., Wash.), Debbie Stabenow (D., Mich.), Dianne Feinstein (D., Calif.) and Barbara Boxer (D., Calif.)—three pay their female staff members significantly less than male staffers.
          Murray, who has repeatedly accused Republicans of waging a “war a women,” is one of the worst offenders. Female members of Murray’s staff made about $21,000 less per year than male staffers in 2011, a difference of 35.2 percent. . . .
          A significant “gender gap” exists in Feinstein’s office, where women also made about $21,000 less than men in 2011, but the percentage difference—41 percent—was even higher than Murray’s. . . .
          The employee gender pay gap among Senate Democrats was not limited to Murray, Boxer, and Feinstein. Of the 50 members of the Senate Democratic caucus examined in the analysis, 37 senators paid their female staffers less than male staffers. . . .”

          • Um, yes. And the law they are supporting would force their offices to fall into line as well.

            What you are doing is using Tu Quoque (they do it too) and ad hominem (personal attacks) to avoid arguing the point, because you know you can’t argue that women deserve less than men.

    • Dave,

      REAL Christians, those people actually trying to LIVE Christ’s Gospel, do not “attack” gays. They are commanded to love them and pray for them. However, telling someone their lifestyle is a sin is NOT an attack — not from a religious perspective. For you to deny them the right to express that belief is to deny yourself the things you claim as rights. If you are to claim a right while denying rights to others, you reveal yourself for what you really are: a special interest group, not a fighter for rights.

    More attacks by blacks to avenge Trayvon Martin
    I previously had a long list of such attacks available here.
    From the Baltimore Sun.

    Baltimore police say they are investigating a witness account that a group of black youths beat a Hispanic man near Patterson Park Sunday while saying, “This is for Trayvon.”
    A witness posted the account on a community Facebook page, and police confirmed they are looking into whether the suspects’ reaction to the verdict in the Florida trial of George Zimmerman played a part in the incident. A police report on the beating does not mention the alleged comments. . . .
    From Oakland, Ca.
    For more than three hours, protesters had complete control of 14th and Broadway near Oakland City Hall, preventing any cars from getting through.
    At about 8:30 p.m., police opened the intersection to traffic. But it quickly deteriorated when demonstrators surrounded frightened drivers who found themselves trapped. The crowd forced them to turn around.
    Oakland police officers that had been near the corner retreated, leaving the helpless drivers without police protection. It’s unclear who gave that command. . . .

    • People of any subculture will attack others of a different subculture if they are angry. In 2005 a bunch of white youths rioted throughout a Sydney suburb and assaulted and harrassed anyone of middle eastern appearance because some Lebanese youths had been harassing white female life savers.

      The next night the Lebanese youths rioted and attacked white neighbourhoods and property.

      Two Muslim Africans slaughtered a British soldier in the UK.

      Someone bombed a mosque in the UK.

      Etc etc etc.

  4. I just want to say the number of people simply down voting my posts because reality counteracts the right wing victim hood narrative is really funny.

    The discrimination that gays, blacks, and women continue to suffer from however is not funny.

    It is a direct result of your voting patterns. And then to see Joe claiming that white men are being marginalised and persecuted like Jews in 1930s Germany…I just hope he goes away and thinks about how truly belittling and offensive that is.

    • Sigh…..Is that how you do it Dave…..Sigh.

      What arrogance to assume folks reading your propaganda can’t disagree with you simply because you are wrong. Your links certainly aren’t compelling to me….esp about equal pay. I’ve been in Business for a little over 20 years and everyone has gotten equal pay…..I don’t know of ANYBODY or their spouse that has ever complained of that including my spouse. And the info Texas brought up has nothing to do with Ad Hominum or Tu Quoque argumentation. But it DOES have to do with the Huge Hypocrisy of the Left !

      But…..Sigh…..I’m too tired to babysit an LGBT member…..the MSM does that enough…….so you can vote me down if it makes you feel any better……K?

      • Don Ameche, the plural of anecdote is not data. It’s commendable that people in your workplace earn equal wages, but this is not the case across the country.

        The information that Texas brought sought to divert attention from the argument by attacking the Senators office management. Yes they’re hypocrites, but that has nothing to do with the merits of the case.

        I don’t down vote any one here btw, despite my obvious disagreement with you.

    • Dave,

      The number of people thumbing you down is most likely an indication that — in spite of the gay communities assertions to the contrary — most people see your lifestyle as what it is: a deviation from the norm.

    • “The discrimination that gays, blacks, and women continue to suffer from however is not funny.”

      Let me ask you, Dave … what’s this?

          • Well, I posted it facetiously – but l had a hard time following (much less understanding her words) any premise she might be putting forth. Maybe it was because of her under bite.

            • Well, I have to agree. She’s certainly ate her fair share of biscuits and gravy, but I’ll be happy to quote her because if you can’t parse her dialect, I doubt ole’ Dave will be able to either. 🙂

              “People need to understand, he didn’t want that creepy ass cracka going to his father or girlfriend’s house to go get — mind you, his little brother is there. Mind you I told you, I told Trayvon, [Zimmerman] might have been a rapist.”

              Now that’s some high quality bigotry right there, yo! Now I pose the question … any possibility that Travyon would have just kept walking if this girl hadn’t said these things to him on the phone?

              • Actually, I honestly think when Martin and Zimmerman actually met each other around the corner face to face in the dark, Martin thought he could take him and the fight started. If Zimmerman had not gotten out of his truck and/or Martin had just kept going to his father’s girlfriends house, this wouldn’t have happened.

              • Any possibility that, had Zimmerman pulled up alonside Trayvon, Politely introduced himself as part of the Neighborhood watch, and asked Trayvon what his business was, that Trayvon would have told him, and still be breathing today? What if Zimmerman had obeyed the rules of the Neighborhood watch, which include taking the advice of Real LEO’s, and just stayed back and WATCHED Trayvon until the cops showed up?

            • Sorry – Listened to it four more times and she makes no sense at all. Something about “dat creepy ass cracker” not “goin to his father girlfriend house” because “mind you, his little brother there” and “mind you I tol you he might have been a rapist”. Then some vague remarks about “parents need to stop acting dum” and teaching your children to run from a stranger to get help and the also vague postulation that that’s what Martin was doing – running to get help.

              I guess this why she made such a great defense witness.

                • What I heard he say….and I’m translating into English

                  -all whites and Copd are Creepy assed Crackas
                  -all males are Niggahs….even chinese
                  -She tols Martin that Zimmerman might be a GAY-Rapist after him… Martin attacked Zimmerman because he was afraid of and hated Gays .

                  All other way of thinking are for Old People……New people ( young Peopel) have a NEW reality…, you is all either Crackas and Niggas and Sicko-Gay people… Preying on the New REAL people……like Her.

    • Dave,

      Feeling as you do you might want to consider moving to the SAn Francisco Bay Area. I owned a recruiting firm in SF for many years & I can assure you none of the groups you mention are discriminated against here. However, I do think straight, white males or any known conservative has a much tougher time getting work here. That’s why I kept my mouth shut, I absolutely knew I would lose clients if I shared my opinions.

  5. Since Dave interprets everything at face value instead of using deductive reasoning to process anything he reads (ex: the Easter accounts in the Gospel, gay evolution, or pretty much anything he has ever posted or ever will post on this blog), it’s fair to reason that he has probably applied the same method to these links as well. I can Google a subject too and find a thousand different results that all reaffirm the belief that I’am wanting them to reaffirm. I’m guessing every single on of these links was on the first page, of the top five results for every Google search? So what, you only appeal to fallacies when they are convenient for you, yet have no problem building lofty straw men (straw cities for that matter)? This is how you make your arguments? Based off of Google results instead of reason!?

    • Hi libercrite. How do you argue “reason” with no evidence to back up your argument? Yes I used Google to search for those links. That’s the amazing thing about the internet.

      It’s not a “belief” that gay people are discriminated against. It’s a fact. 29 states legally allow a person to be fired not because they have not been performing their duties but for the simple fact that the person is gay and the owner doesn’t like gay people.

      If you have evidence that supports your arguments then Google and post it. Otherwise you’re just ranting. No “reason” at all.

      • Dave,

        I her about this so-called “gay rights,” which — in reality — are “special rights.” But where are the “straight rights?”

        You are pleading special case and it is fallacious reasoning. And claiming there is NO evidence to support the point of my post is denial, another fallacy.

        • Joe

          FFS it’s a out not facing employment discrimination on the basis of your sexuality!

          You shouldn’t be allowed to be fired because you are straight, I shouldn’t be allowe to be fired because I am gay.

          It’s not a matter of “gay rights” or “straight rights”. It’s a matter of employment rights!

          What is it about this you can’t get?

          • Dave,

            you have no right to a job. If it is my business, I can fire you for WHATEVER reason I wish — or refuse to hire you for the same. Telling me you have a RIGHT to a job and that I MUST hire you or CAN’T fire you is using the State to enforce terms of a contract — which is what your job really is, a contract — to which I may not agree.

            To be honest, all I hear in your voice is special pleading from a person who only wants what they want and cares little for the rights of others.

            • Joe, you are the one who cares little about the rights of others, since you applaud the killing of an unarmed teenager who was stalked by a steroid-packing gun nut. The previous sentence is no more hyperbole than the crap you have been spewing about this case.

              • The State’s own witness has said Trayvon attacked first. That made him the aggressor. That means the State’s own witness was giving Zimmerman his self-defense case. Facts are stubborn things — except for you Lefties. Somehow, you have a strange way of ignoring reality (which probably explains why everything you do fails)

                Now, as for your ad hominem attack (i.e. claim I am applauding the death of Martin), please. Greg, you are the last person who should be trying to claim moral high ground.

                • Fail? I have no debt, a bevy of stellar investments, a loving wife, family, and I am truly morally superior to you, you race-baiting hypocrite.

      • “Hi libercrite. How do you argue “reason” with no evidence to back up your argument? Yes I used Google to search for those links. That’s the amazing thing about the internet.”

        What’s funny Dave, is that you decided to use sources like the ACLU to support your claims when the CDC would have been understood to be more accurate, with less bias. Instead, you offered a source that would parse the numbers to reflect their political agenda.

        And now you sit here adjusting your halo and tights, thinking you have achieved the moral high-ground.

        • I should have known it would be too much for you people do any investigation of your own.

          Did you even look at the diagram? It clearly provides a little number (5) next to the statement of claim, which if you look down the bottom of the page where references are found shows that they got the figures from the Pew Centre on the States.


      • The fact that you fail to use logic to link your premises to your conclusions is evidence enough. Do you need me to Google and link irrelevant statistics to satisfy a statement that requires none?

        “29 states legally allow a person to be fired not because they have not been performing their duties but for the simple fact that the person is gay and the owner doesn’t like gay people.”

        Oh you went and found every single termination report from the HR department of from every single company that has fired a homosexual employee? You have evidence that those terminations we’re truly terminations due to discrimination against homosexuals? Or are you simply casting speculation, followed by ambiguous statistics from a blog site and labeled “proof”? “I found it on Google, therefor it must be true”; or do you simply take a testimony at face value? Do you only listen to one side of a claim? If the super liberal company that I work for in Seattle, fires me tomorrow, can I claim discrimination since there is a very small amount of straight males that work for the company? Can I claim discrimination against heterosexuals? Can I start googling statistics on discriminatory firings of heterosexuals? Will you become overcome and drunk with anger and bloodlust, and take to the internet in protest of my firing? The bottom line is, You have no proof. You have no evidence. You have conjectures. Theories. Wisps of smoke. Ghosts, boogymen, and bigfoot. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Nothing.

        “If you have evidence that supports your arguments then Google and post it.”

        Thats precisely my point. The very point you are reaffirming. Why would you trust what you find on Google? I’m interested in the deduction behind purported “evidence”. What qualifies it as evidence, the fact that it’s simply there? Can we trust the content? Can we trust the author? Can it be verified? Can we trust it period? Does it pass the fallacy check list? Does it actually support the argument? Thats what I’m talking about. Not the mere fact that it’s simply found in the results of a Google search.

  6. Dave – I thumb down your posts simply because they are not true. Where I work there are many women, several of them openly homosexual. They are paid the same wage I’m paid.

    • As I said to Don Ameche, anecdotes do not equal data. This is not about individual workplaces. It is about economy wide comparisons of pay scale data.

      Direct from the US Census Bureau. Look at the top line. Based on the median earnings of full time year round workers, women, as a whole cohort, earn 77% of what men earn.

      This is basically the conservative problem in a nutshell. You don’t see the problems personally so you believe they don’t exist and think that we all just have bees in our bonnet.

      • No. Actually The problem for conservatives in a Nutshell… dealing with the Lies and Hate from the Liberal Left and folks like you.

        People such as myself have REAL-world experience and example and you diss it calling it anecdotal…..and then retreat into “statistics” ( and the Census no less…lol) as the REAL story.

        You basically described in a “nutshell” the entire leftist approach…..Diss the individual and claim only the “Whole Cohort” ie Collective as legitimate.
        None of my employees feel dissed by their salaries nor their retirement contributions……and would laugh at your “mean earnings” and “whole Cohorts”.

        You are another Karl basically…………claiming infinite victimhood from those you can’t compete against effectively.

    • Thank You Florida Cracker……

      I wasn’t going to say anything…..but I hire and retain BOTH Gay Males and Gals……all are higher earners and long-termers and their orientation has never had anything to do with hiring.

      Since Jentels definitive words on the subject is it now Florida-Cracka in stead of Cracker …… since I guess she and CNN are the deciders for all the rest of us now ??

      • Nope, just floridacracker (or FC) suits me fine. I’m a native Floridian and my family has been here since the early 1800s.

        Florida cracker refers to original colonial-era English and American pioneer settlers of what is now the U.S. state of Florida, and their descendants. The first of these arrived in 1763 when Spain traded Florida to Great Britain.

        In Florida, those who own or work cattle traditionally have been called cowmen. In the late 1800s they were often called cow hunters, a reference to hunting for cattle scattered over the wooded rangelands during roundups. At times the terms cowman and Cracker have been used interchangeably because of similarities in their folk culture.

        The Florida “cowhunter” or “cracker cowboy” of the 19th and early 20th centuries was distinct from the Spanish vaquero and the Western cowboy. Florida cowboys did not use lassos to herd or capture cattle (because the cattle were in heavy brush instead of an open range). Their primary tools were cow whips and dogs.

        The term is used as a proud or jocular self-description. Since the huge influx of new residents into Florida from the northern parts of the United States and from Mexico and Latin America in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, the term “Florida Cracker” is used informally by some Floridians to indicate that their families have lived in the state for many generations. It is considered a source of pride to be descended from “frontier people who did not just live but flourished in a time before air conditioning, mosquito repellent, and screens.”

        For the best and most complete explanation see;

        As a note, because some of the early land owners (ranchers) were slave owners as well, and as slaves were whipped at times, the term “cracker” was applied to the white man doing the whipping because of the cracking sound the whip made, and also because the whip was used to drive cattle north for sale and to support the confederate army during the Civil War.

        • Cool History !!

          BUT…..You may have the PC police come and change that sign to read “the New Way”.

    • FC, you work for the state, right? They have stricter enforcement of equality laws than do private businesses. My company bent over backwards to avoid hiring blacks, discrimination does exist.

      • The state has no law or stated policy, nor recognizes sexual preference/orientation workplace protection. That’s why its on Dave’s “list of places where you can be fired for being gay” (though I don’t know personally know of anyone the state has fired for “being gay”). Discrimination on any basis; sex, race, national origin, will always exist in all workplaces and it comes from all races and genders. People lose their jobs every day because they are perceived as too old, black, white, Hispanic, female, male, homosexual, etc., though it is never for that given reason. That will never change. Your employer probably bent over backward to keep from hiring black people too.

        • This is true….I’ve had one GM tell me (albeit on alcohol) that when the HR manager got an application from a black person he would turn it over and push it aside. I also have had a local business owner that has bent over backwards to recruit blacks. We actually had a 30 minute conversation over it. The only thing I could say was that there probably aren’t many blacks qualified for his type of work (chemical engineering) and and those that are aren’t willing to relocate to this area.

          Another guy I worked with said some store owner in the Panama City area kept a parrot in his store in the early 70’s and anytime a black person entered the store he taught it to say “nigger stealing” (which I actually thought was hilarious). On the other hand I’ve supervised guys that had to take time off to get their license, pay tickets, fines etc that would say, “I have to go down and give my money to these crackas”. I’d tell them, “If you would just pay your child support, or not break the law, you wouldn’t have to give your money to them crackas.” “It’s not those cracka’s fault you won’t do the right thing.” Of course, at that point, I was considered a sellout. But since I never respected their opinion, I didn’t care. I sleep well at night. I hope 13 years from now I don’t get fired because my boss reads this where I used the word “cracka” : )

          People have personal preferences for whatever reason. I know my family wonders why I haven’t dated a black girl in probably 20 years, but truthfully, Where am I going to find her at? I don’t go to the clubs. There aren’t any in my workplace because the majority of blacks that graduate from college or work in my field avoid the smaller cities for more opportunity.

          Anyone notice the black intern attorney on the Zimmerman team? She’s a volunteer law school student. Will she ever encounter some type of discrimination? Probably. You just have to press on and dismiss it as ignorance and move on. There are plenty of places to work or open your own business if you don’t want to be subjected to that environment.

          Light-skinned blacks discriminate against dark skinned blacks. Spanish speaking Hispanics discriminate against non-Spanish speaking Hispanics. Northern whites discriminate against southern whites and on and on and so forth.

          • WM,

            Do you think all of this might somehow be connected to the inner, self-loathing we all tend to harbor? Maybe, for those who cannot face the way this human characteristic makes them feel, it is just easier to transfer the guilt/blame to someone else, and those whoa re different just make easy targets???

            Just wondering out loud and know you will take the thought seriously.

            • Yes, I would agree self-loathing could be a factor. It’s always easier to blame someone else for our short comings than ourselves. That makes us feel better about ourselves temporarily.

              We have to be careful though on using the term self-loathing because it can easily be misconstrued. This would lie somewhere in between sociology and psychology where as I would have an opinion but have never given it much thought. makes an interesting point though.

          • So sorry to hear that you can’t find any Black girls to date. It must be hard for you 20 years on now.

            I hope you can endure the pain of dating Female “crackas”…..and hopefully this regretful circumstance won’t have to be endured for another 20 years. Thank you for being open minded enough to give those white “cracka” chicks a chance.

            Your story is truely an inspiration …. self sacrifice is always something to be admired.

            • Reading and comprehension. It’s never too late to learn. Give it a try, Don.

              I think I prefaced that with “People have personal preferences……. I date whomever I date because it’s my preference to date whomever I feel not whom others think I should. That was the point. Seems like you were the only one that didn’t understand that. After all, I don’t think I ever mentioned anywhere in my statement that I dated “crackas”–your term for white women I guess you automatically assumed. I could be dating black guys. Or Hispanic women. Or white guys.

              As far as all of that other nonsense in your post; basically that’s exactly what it is nonsense. You’re insulting yourself trying to be cute with your facetiousness but I doubt many see your humor but more likely your lack of.

              Basically, you need to let the “cracka” thing go because it makes you no better than the people that you criticize here on a daily basis.

    • It is an anecdote! You told me about a single workplace. I gave you the data from the US Census Bureau of an economy wide survey.

      I’m not saying that your story isn’t factual, but you’re doing the exact thing I just pointed out. You’re looking at your own personal circumstances and extrapolating that the entire economy matches your personal circumstances.

      Can you address that US Census Bureau survey details or not? Or do you propose we base all public policy solutions on what you’ve personally experienced?

      It is just so galling when you say “perhaps you can’t see”.

      I’m giving you hard factual data direct from the United States government and you accuse me of not seeing.

      You accuse me of ignoring facts? Address the survey!

  7. Yet you choose to dismiss factual information that I provided for you, but I haven’t dismissed the US Census Bureau’s data, so again, who can’t see? You, my friend, are looking at your own personal circumstances.

    You post there are states in the US where people can be fired for being homosexual, but the link you provide isn’t accurate and doesn’t back that up. The article you link says, “Here are the states where you can still be fired for being gay because they don’t have explicit laws that prevent discrimination against LGBT people in the workplace.” Florida is on the list, but the article is misleading.

    Here is a link for Florida workplaces that do provide sexual orientation protection. A little more than “a single workplace”, wouldn’t you say?

  8. I was recently ‘schooled’ by a ‘sociologist’ – very useful and smart! – that I do not understand poverty and the experiences of Asians and Blacks, and that I belong in the upper class echelons of society. She was able to attain this information from reading my blog. Guess what, she forgot to read the ‘forced’ part, where I said that my mom and aunts only wished (in their dreams to be housewives). Hell, if my family was from the so called upper echelons of society my mom would not have been forced to experience the double shift. Oh and she tells me I do not know about poverty, well she doesn’t know that my parents came to the States as immigrants and in the beginning we lived on less than 500 dollars a month, no food stamps no welfare was available for us, why? Because it was assumed that whites are privileged and that we are automatically rich. Well thanks to no welfare checks and food stamps, my family now lives better than most American born individuals. It is odd, you see Eastern Europeans coming here, first generation always does the shitty jobs, but even now some have started truck companies, opened restaurants and other businesses. Yet, those individuals that are comfortable with their welfare and food stamps, move nowhere in life. Boohoo! And the white people are blamed for it. And since I am a white woman, my opinions are not as relevant because I have white privilege thus, poor me I have no idea what poverty is, what being poor means. Give me a break!

    • Gemini,

      Up until about the 1960’s, the majority of this nation lived in what these people call poverty — or want us to think poverty is. And we were a peaceful, civil society that managed to take care of ourselves and be happy.

      Today, the “poor” have it better than 95%+ of the ENTIRE REST OF THE WORLD! And, somehow, they don’t think this is enough. They are hateful, ungrateful, demanding and violent in those demands.

      Tell your sociologist that there was a study in the wildlife reserves in Africa. The tourists were feeding the baboons (not racial for you race-baiters, just a FACT). But those tourists who did NOT feed the baboons were being violently attacked. Their vehicles were torn apart and the people severely injured because they were not giving the baboons food. The park had to prohibit tourists from stopping to take pictures because of this.

      Now that we have raised about 1/2 or more of our population to attack when they do not get what they want handed to them, how do we correct it? We can’t force the producers to stop producing, so what do we do? Ask her that. She will have a lot of crying and name-calling, but she will not have an answer. I know. As a sociology major, I never ONCE found a professor who had the answer, just accusations and demands for more, themselves (because most the professors in this country are “baboons”)

    • Nice Post Gemma…

      Unfortunately noone will give you….or us a Break………….We are going to have to *Stand Together United* and speak out for ourselves. In much the same way all these Self-proclaimed “Victim-class” loudmouths do.

      • Don, the title of this post is all about victimhood. You poor white guys just cannot own everything, and you can’t keep blacks out of your stores, so you feel victimized. I feel sorry for you, but not because you are a victim, but because you see yourself as a victim.

        • Melfamy, you are just jealous because the hispanic Zimmerman dates black girls, so your racist narrative is shit from the get-go. 🙂

            • “That reminds me, I hear you’ve started dating women again, Augger,”

              (insert inappropriate wife joke of your choosing here)

              • Actually Augger,

                The retired racist is making Anti-Gay slurs …… as all good muslims are taught to hate Gays ….. nevertheless perhaps this hatespeech should be reported to the nearest LGBT 1st Amendment Police Division office.

  9. Speaking of victim hood. Did you see Hillary giving her “We Are Victims” speech. That was right after the 5000 other victim hood speeches given in the last 24 hours by all the regular race baiters, MSM and Democrat politicians.

    This post highlights a factual reality but thankfully we have Dave and Melfany to show us the error of our ways.

    Repeat after me “we are not victims, we are not victims, we are not victims, we are not victims, we are not victims, …….

  10. PS: Melfamy, sorry I spelled you name wrong. I got a little dyslectic on the m and the n. Just wanted to make sure you didn’t feel like a victim.

  11. Hello! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog
    before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Nonetheless, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back frequently!

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