The Answer to the Question: “What if Martin had been White and Zimmerman Black?”

Black woman stands her ground, kills white man

Houston area investigators are looking into a stand-your-ground case where after a minor fender-bender, a 22-year-old white male was shot and killed by a 23-year-old black woman. During a morning commute, Crystal Scott  and Jonathan Ables were in an accident and pulled into a Shell gasoline station to survey the damage. 

Read the rest of the story, then ask yourself how the details in this case are all that different from what the media tell us they are in the Zimmerman/Martin case.  In truth, this story is closer to the story the media manufactured about Zimmerman/Martin than the Zimmerman/Martin case actually is – as the jury has ruled.  So, where is the media outrage in this case?  Where is the outcry of racism by blacks against whites?  Where are the cries for equal justice for this young white man?  Where are the calls for riots from the white community?  Where is the 24/7, wall-to-wall media blitz attacking this shooter for even being in her car at this gas station so she would cause the guy she shot to get in an accident?

Now, ask yourself where the rationality is among those people who have been doing and saying all these things in connection to the Zimmerman/Martin case.  Then ask yourself why this is?  Who is served by making a big deal out of “other”-on-black crimes while hiding black-on-white and black-on-black crime?  And what do these people gain from it?

14 thoughts on “The Answer to the Question: “What if Martin had been White and Zimmerman Black?”

  1. Because Police and authorities didn’t even contact the victim’s family I would agree that they have already pre-judged the victim’s guilt. They appear to have done this based on racial grounds ie, the shooter was black. She was in her car with the windows rolled up…..the victim had no gun. It would appear she just wanted to shoot a white person.The police CLEARLY ingorered the eyewitness… favor of the Shooter……most probably because she is Black…..and it is politically Correct to shoot white people.

    With the victim being outside, unarmed and she in her car and armed, she was in the position of power and had the advantage…..she could have driven away and called 911……remember Zimmerman DID call 911……Trayvon didn’t.

    Don’t Know if this has been put out there…..Probably not……… The Protesters at these rallies are…

    _Communist Party Opperatives
    _OWS organizers
    _New Black Panther Party members and agitators…..

    Here is something many might not know……Remember the name Kimberly McCarthy ??…..Well she was recently put to Death in Texas for the Murder of a White 71 year old retired College Professor….( Dorothy Booth). Who was her neighbor, and whom Kimberly has asked a favor of….which Dorothy was doing when Kimberly savagely stabbed her to death.

    Kimberly McCarthy was supposedly an “Occupational Therapist” in a Nursing Home….. she sure was a model employee huh?….She was also a Prostitute and and a Drug user / Pusher.

    What isn’t known as well is that she was also thw WIFE of Aaron Michaels……..who is Aaron Michaels ?

    Aaron Michaels is the FOUNDER of the NBPP ( New Black Panther Party )……….NBPP Created in hate and now Perpetrating Hate.Patterns matter, character matters. There are always signs and signifiers that we overlook to our peril.

  2. Quite a night here in Oakland, CA. OPD ceded a major downtown Oakland intersection to the protesters for 3 hours last night leaving drivers to fend for themselves in the riot. Most residents are pretty street savvy here so I’m sure they were shouting “we are all Trayvon Martin” as the crowd moved in & I think that is probably the only reason no one was killed.

    Of course the rioters will have another chance tonight as the next riot is scheduled for 6pm. The movers took our furniture & boxes to storage today so we have only one more night here as the wine gets moved tomorrow. At least we will have our Rombauer to keep us warm tonight.

      • LOL, my babies at 60 and 80 pounds of muscle respectively can probably hold their own & they’ll have to get thru me for the Rombauer.

        • I don’t believe that for a Moment….

          Mommy Trapp will probably pat babies on the head and pour a wee bit of Rombauer in their bowls …. ;- ))

    • Trapp,

      Can’t be. I heard FOX News this morning. According to the Ministry of Truth (i.e. MiniTruth), there were some “peaceful” protests and a few police cars were damaged, but that’s about all that happened yesterday.

      On another note, have you noticed that the Congress made it legal for the government to manufacture and feed political propaganda to the public again? And how does one do that without allowing for some mechanism by which to force the media to go along with it??? See where I’m going with this one? 😉

      • This also is connected to the Comment by South Carolina Senator Linsey Graham about bloggers and internet commentoers not being “Real” journalists… they should be controlled !!

        It is an attack on Free-speech ……now put that together with the NSA spying on E-mails and Internet searches and Voila…..what do we have Joe !?

        Also the implied Gov’t Harassment over those who Legally have concelled Carry ( they will now bring charges against everybody who has a Concelled Carry ans NOT against criminals who use guns…See Detroit and Chicago)……..and connect this with the Case in South Carolina where “Stand-your-ground law is being used to defend a Murderer who killed a home-owner in a home invasion !!!

        ALL of this is being done through the……… “LEGAL SYSTEM” ………………. Our Justice system is completely corrupt and we no longer really have the rule of law. What we have is Political Repression….and a Justice Dept that is used as an extension of Affirmative Action…..and racist policies sanctioned by the Obama Administration and corrupt AG Eric Holder.

      • If you believe that I have some swamp land, I mean, beautiful acreage in northern Minnesota you really must see! However, the story did make it to Drudge today & I believe it because we were listening to police scanner last night.

  3. Don, when I get to SC I’m going to do what I can to make sure Senator Graham finds retirement really rewarding….soon.

    • Well if Graham get’s his way there will be so many illegals able to vote that it will be virtually hopeless ……. Sorry but it’s true.

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