OK for “Them,” Just not for You, Me or Zimmerman

Now let me state this up front: when I use the word “them,” I am not referring to a race but to those people who think it is OK for them to do the very things they tell you and I we cannot or should not do.  By “them,” I mean the hypocritical control freaks who have appointed themselves the guardians of our society.

So, what brought this on, you ask?  Oh, you’re going to love this one.  I was listening to a radio news report at the top of the hour in which they were playing the audio from an interview with a “community organizer” in Los Angeles.  This “organizer” was saying that, tonight, they will be “patrolling their neighborhoods and confronting would be demonstrators.”  You see, they don’t want any more violence over the Zimmerman verdict.

Now, here’s what struck me.  This same “community organizer” was still protesting the Zimmerman verdict and saying they need to “pursue justice” in other ways.  But this “organizer” seems to have missed the fact that he is going to go do what Zimmerman was doing, and what he and all these protesters claim Zimmerman had no right to do: PATROL THEIR NEIGHBORHOODS TO HELP STOP CRIME!

And, once again, if you stop to listen long enough, “they” will always tell you who they really are and what they really believe.  In this case, they are control freaks who believe it is OK for THEM to exercise their rights, but not for you, me or Zimmerman to do so.

And they wonder why this nation has a problem with them and their agenda.  Maybe it’s because many of us still recognize evil and tyranny when we see it.

2 thoughts on “OK for “Them,” Just not for You, Me or Zimmerman

  1. They are utterly disgusting, they say they are against violence, yet the so called ‘opressed victims’ are the ones committing crimes and destroying other people’s property. The so called ‘peace lovers’ for Trayvon are also sending death threats to the Zimmerman family. But if you are a liberal/proggressive/socialist all is allowed for you!

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