34% of People Calling Themselves ‘Americans’ Believe 1st Amendment Affords too much Protection

If you think there is a chance to ‘save’ this nation, you are going to have to start by finding a way to make real Americans out of the 34% in this story just calling themselves Americans:

A Stunning Percentage of Americans Believe the First Amendment Provides ‘Too Much Liberty’, Study Finds

The Newseum Institute is out with some stunning information from its annual “State of the First Amendment” study. In asking Americans for their views on the First Amendment, the survey found that more than one-third (34 percent) of citizens believe that it goes too far in the rights that if affords.

Now, if you want someone to blame for this, look to your local school teachers and college professors.  As much as they are made heroes in our society, the fault for this lies with them.  Had they been doing their job and not indoctrinating our children or cowering in the corners for fear of losing their jobs, benefits and retirement, this society would still understand what the 1st Amendment is all about and why we have it.

[Historic Note: In 1934, a group of Americans concerned with the persecution of Jews in Germany held a mock trial of Adolf Hitler in Ne York.  the German Ambassador tried repeatedly to have FDR shut it down.  When the American Ambassador explained to him that the President could do nothing because of the 1st Amendment, the German said our 1st Amendment gave the People too many rights.  Now, 34% of those calling themselves American today seem to agree with the NAZI government! 

And people wonder why I keep trying to explain the similarities between 1930’s Germany and the road we are traveling in this country today.]

2 thoughts on “34% of People Calling Themselves ‘Americans’ Believe 1st Amendment Affords too much Protection

  1. Joe,

    Question 2 is provides a clue as to why we are where we are today. 36% could not name any of the rights guaranteed by the 1st Amendment. Must have been asleep in class or more likely that page was ripped out of the text book by the teacher.

    When we asked Jeantel to explain the above here is what she said.

    Member dat for da old folks we be da new ones. Pass da Obama phone. It be one of da new 1st mendment freedoms.

  2. More from the article;
    “The study also examined the most important perceived freedoms; the most cited was the freedom of speech (47 percent). Following this came the freedom of religion (10 percent), choice (seven percent), the right to bear arms and the right to vote (both of these at five percent).

    It’s unclear what freedom of “choice” refers to specifically.”

    Really? No kidding!
    If one is not free to speak, how can one be free to choose?

    The Constitution and our values are purposely no longer in the textbooks today. Evil authority creating ignorant drones to be slaves for the Rulers…

    Stupid is as stupid does…

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