So You’re ‘Born that Way,’ are You?

Just read this one.  Then see if you have the same reaction I did:

A Boys’ Camp to Redefine Gender

Historically, when behavior such as this is not only tolerated but accepted as ‘normal,’ it is is a sign that a society has already decayed to a point approaching collapse.

40 thoughts on “So You’re ‘Born that Way,’ are You?

  1. I think its great that these kids have a safe place to go to express them selves. While I respect your opinion, I have to disagree about society’s collapse. Just because the transgender/gender-queer community are finally receiving some acceptance, doesn’t mean the world is going to end. That’s what people said during the civil rights movement. We’re fine.

    • Well, if these children had reached puberty before they started with this, I MIGHT grant your point — but they haven’t. Many of these children are per-pubescent, which means it is abnormal for them to be sexual at their ages. This is the result of socialization which does indicate the state of social decay as this is NOT the natural norm, it is a choice.

      Also, we are not ‘fine,’ but then, one must have a solid understanding of history to understand this. And I do not mean a knowledge of the last few decades, but of all of human history. there is an obvious pattern to the rise and fall of great civilizations, and we are smack in the middle of the last phase.

      • the parents did not socialize their children to take part in “abnormal behavior” they simply allowed their children to play with the toys they like and were the clothes they like instead of forcing socialized gender roles upon their kids. Wearing feminine clothes and playing with feminine toys does not count as sexual behavior. these children are NOT sexual. they are gender-queer, or more simply, not conforming to the gender binary. These children could reach puberty and suddenly feel more masculine, and identify using male pronouns, or continue to feel more feminine and identify as transgender, using female pronouns. it IS natural because it is the way they feel and the way they see themselves. What is NOT natural is forcing them into dressing and acting like a boy just because they have a penis. It’s really not fair to force them to pretend to be something they are not.
        I will agree that we aren’t fine. But I seriously doubt the state of humanity has anything to do with they way little boys chose to identify. Perhaps it has more to do with the adults that try to force them into being something they’re not.
        If you re-read the article, you will notice that it says the boys CHOSE to go down the pink aisle at k-mart, instead of the boys’ aisle. I have studied early childhood gender socialization. I HAVE seen parents force boys into the boys’ aisle, and girls into the girls’ aisle. I HAVE seen parents allow their children to go down the aisle they want. I HAVE NOT seen parents force boys into the girls’ aisle or girls into the boys’ aisle.

          • minority acceptance is not the same as social decay. It is, in fact, the opposite. If you actually did take a look at history, you would see that social oppression occurred just before the collapse of civilization. With the acceptance of the transgender community, we are actually moving away from social decay.

            • It is when we are told we must accept immorality as the norm.

              And I do look to history. I am a student of history. I look at the whole of it and — wherever and whenever possible — I go to original sources to get my information, not what our modern “teachers” and “text books” tell em happened. This is why I know I stand on solid ground.

              • what’s immoral is that you are not accepting of your fellow human beings. what’s immoral is that you are discriminating against an entire community of people. What do you care if that guy over there has a penis or not? you probably see transgender people every day and you just assume they have “the right” reproductive parts. It’s none of your business what’s in someone else’s pants. if it is, then we need to look at who the real pedophile is. If someone introduces themselves to you as a male you assume they are male and were born male. But you don’t know. There is nothing wrong with being transgender. Are you going to say that girls who were “tomboys “as kids, were causing social decay? Are their parents immoral for allowing it? are their parents pedophiles as well?

                • See, you are making my point. I am not accepting of immoral behavior. You, on the other hand, just made the case for accepting pedophilia, incest, polygamy, bestiality: anything someone wants to claim they were born wanting to do or have a “right” to do.

                  And you say our society isn’t in a state of decay.

                  • i didn’t say pedophilia is okay. nor did I say that bestiality is okay. Incest and polygamy however, I have no problem with so long as everyone is consenting. its none of my business what other people do if it doesn’t affect me.
                    I didn’t “make a case” that accepts those things. All I said was: what does it matter to you?
                    I made a case saying that what’s in their pants shouldn’t matter to you. are you the genital police? the pronoun police?

                    • Actually the Press and Media obsession with demonizing heterosexuals, ridiculing Straight Males etc, is in fact just that…..the LGBT acting as “the Genital Police”.

                    • sorry but i have not heard any demonizing of heterosexuals. majority of the LGBT community just wants to be equal with heterosexuals, not better than them. Equality is all the LGBT community wants.

                    • Those who DO read and understand history know that ….EQUALITY is the LAST thing the LGBT community wants.

                      Special Class status and Special Laws written for them especially is what they want ….. forcing their agenda on others is what they want …. and what they are getting via the Suprene Court.

                      Demonizing of Christians and Christianity is what the LBGET community WANTS…..and is getting
                      Forcing their Lifestyle on the Staright Community is the LGBT community wants…..and is getting via the DEPT of Education and others.
                      Ridiculing Starights and espcially Straight white Males is what the LGBT community WANTS….and is getting via Commercials and sitcoms on TV.

                    • Equality is the ONLY thing we want. Yes, we did want a law written legalizing marriage. But guess why? because gays and lesbians were left out of the last one. Want to know what are aren’t fighting for? To make heterosexual marriage illegal. Why? because we want to be seen as EQUAL.
                      We dont want “special class status” we just dont want to be second class citizens in our own country, the land of the free.
                      We don’t demonize Christianity. it may seem like we do because Christianity is demonizing us. We are not trying to “take down the church” we just want Christianity out of the laws that govern a country with freedom of religion. Also, heard of separation of church and state? In this country, we follow the constitution, not the bible.
                      we are not forcing our lifestyle on anyone. we are just asking for it to be recognized as a life style. if anyone is forcing a life style on anyone, its the church.
                      i have not seen a commercial that ridicules straight people. if that were the case, the LGBT community would not have as many allies.

                      the LGBT community recognizes that there are people that believe being gay is a choice, and that gay marriage is wrong. We do not wish to change those opinions because that would be a crazy goal and we understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, we do want to have the same rights as heterosexuals.

                    • You are pleading special case, and it is a fallacious argument. You do not want equal rights because you already had that. You had as much right to marry a member of the opposite sex as everyone else. What you want is to change the definitions of terms to suit you, not society.

                      SO, you can claim that you do not want to change straight opinions all you want, but your actions betray you. In truth, the use of govt. force to change long-established definitions and, thus, laws is exactly that: the forcing of your views on others.

                      One more thing: before the 1970’s, the AMA DID consider homosexuality a disorder. They also noted that those who went to counseling experienced a 98% cure rate with less than a 5% recidivism rate. That is very hard evidence that homosexuality IS a choice. Another indicator is that most teenage girls now consider a girl-on-girl encounter to be a right of passage. That is the work of peer pressure because, 30 years ago, asking most girls to try that would have gotten you into a fight. Now it isn’t even thought odd.

                      There’s more, but you know you’re right, so reason is of little use here.

                    • It does not count as equal rights if you are forced to marry as who you are not. We did not use government force. We do not have government force. We used our right to peaceful protest and freedom of press to convince lawmakers to treat us as citizens. we are not forcing our views on anyone. we are not forcing you to open your mind and allow diversity. you can keep yourself in your little bubble all you want. all we asked is that we be treated like everyone else. its only fair. and dont bother arguing that we had civil partnership because we all know that was a load of crap. it wasn’t the equivalent of marriage. it did not grant gay couple over 1000 rights granted to straight couples when they get married. it was a form of discrimination.
                      before the 1970’s, homosexuality was widely unknown and feared. So obviously it must be a mental disorder. notice now, it is not seen as a disorder. BECAUSE ITS NOT. and that 98% cure rate you mentioned? that was most likely people just pretending to be straight because they were tired of getting zapped. its not “hard evidence” its outdated speculation.
                      most girls now consider themselves bisexual for attention. I will give you that. most girls now are incredibly sexual. so are boys. the fact that girls are more willing to experiment with another girl does not prove that homosexuality is a choice. it proves that today’s generations are much more open minded than your own. Today’s kids don’t fear homosexuality like you do so they are willing to experiment. but that does not make them gay. they generally do not enter into a relationship with another girl. unless they actually are gay. Welcome to the generation of open-mindedness.

                      if someone choses to identify a certain way, or dress a certain way, doesn’t mean they are less of a person. they still desrve to be treated equally. if a man marries another man, that doesn’t hurt you, does it? does it take away your right to marry who you want to? If that girl has a penis, does that hurt you?

                      I’m sorry to say this but its people like you, passing on your closed minded attitudes that are causing the teenage suicide rate to sky-rocket. you make so many people feel subhuman and second class. people like you cause other people to kill themselves whether you mean to or not. open your eyes. these people that you dislike so much are still people and they have the right to live their life the way they want. why? because its not harming you.

                    • to reply to your other comment about homophobes:
                      i do not like the term homophobe because it implies fear. you are not fearful of gays. you are hateful of them.
                      unfortunately this is the closest word we have to describe people like you.
                      this term does not demonize heterosexuals. it describes straight people who hate gays.

                    • Hateful? And you just got done saying you o not oppress me for being straight. You just made an assumption (fallacy) and an ad hominem attack (fallacy) which BOTH demonstrate the validity of my assertions. Thanks 🙂

                      BTW: I do not hate gays. In fact, if anything, I would say I am ambivalent toward them. What I dislike is their militant agenda and their steadfast belief that they are right and that this gives them — a 5% minority at best — the “moral” authority to dictate to the rest of society. And you are in the process of affirming this point, as well.

                    • I do not opress you for being straight. that would stupid of me considering I am straight. If i were oppressing you, it would be because of your closed-minded, superior attitude.

                      seeing as you like to try to use “big words” to seem smarter than me, and your lack of ability to change with the times. I am ending this discussion. In choosing to word the previous sentence the way I did, I am fully aware that you will twist it and argue that I am trying to change you and force my lifestyle upon you. go ahead and think that. I will leave you to pout about the changing world while I enjoy the spread of freedom to my friends and fellow community members.

                      have a nice day.

                    • So, defending the definition of a word is close-minded? Looks like you are trying to redefine another word: rational.

                      Now, if you would be s kind — in all of our exchange — would you please point to where I have been hateful or bigoted as you say? Because I can sure point to ad hominem on your part, but, for the life of me, I can’t find anywhere in my posts where I attacked homosexuals. But I caution you, if you try to redefine the proper use of words to portray them as attacks, I will have no sympathy on you in return. So, now, show us where I insulted homosexuals as opposed to merely stating fact.

    • “Just because the transgender/gender-queer community are finally receiving some acceptance, doesn’t mean the world is going to end.”

      Interesting, this is the first comment I have seen referring to an apocalyptic event.

  2. “The camp… is for ‘Parents who don’t have a gender-confirming 3-year-old who wants to wear high heels and prefers to go down the pink aisle in K-Mart and not that nasty dark boys’ aisle.’”
    While I can accept that some people are gay, this is perverted, twisted. This is nothing more than “adults” satisfying their own sick perversions at the expense of impressionable, vulnerable children. I would venture that these perverts are endorsing, and certainly encouraging their juvenile victims to become LGBT.

    • Alan,

      Personally, when I read this story, I had to wonder how many of these parents are pedophiles. But then, our ‘modern’ society would say that this is because I am an antiquated bigot.

        • Alan,

          I understand where my position lies in regard to the public opinion, but I also understand that that same public is far too silent and the minority far more vocal than their numbers would justify. This is a recipe for social collapse.

        • Texas,

          So none of these parents dressing their pre-adolecent children the way they did in this story (i.e. not just cross-dressing, but sexually cross-dressed) are exhibiting any signs of pedophilia? You sure about that? I mean, can’t you be a homosexual pedophile?

          But seriously, you missed my point. the point here is that we are sexualizing everything in our society and that is a sure sign of social decay.

          • Sexualizing a young child is “grooming” for the pedophile.

            May or may not be straight or homosexual.

            My point is, being gay doesn’t make one a pedophile. I don’t believe there is any correlation between the two descriptions.

            Sexualizing is devastating to the soul.

            Encouraging homosexuality, by teaching homosexuality when someone isn’t “born gay” is also devastating to the soul.

            I would hazard to guess, just as devastating to the soul as encouraging abortion when the young girl goes for help and pregnancy “counseling.”

            Evil is as evil does.

  3. Wait these are BOYS!!?!?!?!?!??! Seriously and there is now issue with this!?!?!?!? just meh they are allowed to run in there sisters underpants …it’s ok ??? I’m sorry I am a bit frustrated with this this is more then just civil right’s movement. This is an encouragement of gender issues. Sure you child is curious about wearing dresses, ok I get that but MAKING A PUBLIC SPECTACLE of a child for who’s GAIN ???? THIS MAKES ME HOPING MAD!!!! What about all the other boy’s and girls whom find the opposite sex attractive and mistaken the other child as the opposite sex when they are not. HECK LETS JUST THROW OUT ALL WE KNOW ABOUT!!!!!……….. I am walking away from my key board to take a walk

    • Jacob,

      No for those who consider themselves to be the new ‘enlightened’ in society.

      As for you and I? Well, to those who see no problem with this story, we represent what is wrong with society. Their solution is to ‘re-educate’ us or eliminate us. This is also part of the historic pattern I mentioned.

      • Joe,

        You are aware that there is a movement afoot in the Psychology /Psychiatry “field” to make Pedophilia just another normal behavior Right ? Just like they did with Homosexuality in the late 1970s.

        • Don,

          Yes I am, and I told people more than a decade ago that this would be next — right after they forced the normalization of homosexuality on society. Not hard to see these things coming if you understand history and pay attention to historic trends/patterns in real time.

  4. My thoughts on this, are this is more of the parents staking a claim to being “so open minded, that I have a gay son/daughter”, than allowing children to be children.

  5. We just had a young man die from a drug overdoes that was one of our Church members nephew. He was sexually abused by his own father as a young boy and to escape the horror and shame of his abuse became a drug user. He had worked many times to clean himself up and seek help but the relief offered through the use of drugs was just to strong. Dead at 21.

    Children are too young to be placed in this position by parents trying to mold them into their vision of what they want them to be. Although children may experiment at a young age the parents can totally control the outcome. Children under the age of puberty do not have the emotional or spiritual maturity to even be placed into these situations.

    These are sick degenerate parents guiding their children into a life of misery, sickness, shame and ultimately Hell. It is evil and those that don’t turn from it will reap what the sew.

    We have truly slide of the abyss as a country when this perversion is displayed openly for all to see.

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