Vote Democrat; Cast a Ballot for a Republican

After all, if the Republicans are going to push the Democrat Party agenda every time they turn around, isn’t that what voting Republican is: a vote for the Democrat Party/agenda?

Boehner endorses push for citizenship for children of illegal immigrants

Dems pin immigration hopes on GOP’s Ryan

Cantor: Making Citizens of Young Illegals the Decent Thing to Do


FYI: if you are a Republican, these stories represent treason to your Party – unless you actually believe the Republican lies about how all these illegals are going to vote for “R’s,” that is.  As for those of us living in realville, we know how they’re going to vote, and we know that this amnesty bill spells the end of 2-Party rule in this nation.  But that’s OK; keep telling yourself that voting R is the only hope you have.  I’m sure nothing will change.  In fact, I’m POSITIVE that nothing will change, and that is why I will no longer vote R.

BTW: wasn’t that another of the reasons people told me American can’t be fascist: because we don’t have 1 Party rule?  Hmmm…. 😉

6 thoughts on “Vote Democrat; Cast a Ballot for a Republican

  1. So let me get this right, I’ll have the Government tax me more so we can support millions of needy immigrant children (allows the parents use the $’s for what ever it is they want) while I tell my children we do not have the money to send them to college.

    I guess it’s our children’s civic duty to give up their dreams and desires so the poor more unfortunate immigrants among us can go to college. Sounds logical to me.

    All of you 18 to 25 year old Obama supporters I hope you like the hand in your wallet. Maybe you can even do their homework for them or instruct your professor to give them a 20 to 30 point curve off your test scores. After all you just need a 2.0 GPA to graduate and get a job with the government. Don’t be a stingy capitalist pig over achiever.

    • Most of the Younger “Libertarians”……seem attracted to the Libertarian Label because it promises legalization of gay “marriage” and smoking Pot.

      I ‘ve gone to sites and I don’t hear ANY…..and I do mean ANY talk about Liberty…except as translated into those two issues… Other words Freedom for them…the Constitution for them means They ( we ) are free to “love who we want ” and free to “make decisions about which Drugs we use “.

      And that’s about it…except maybe they don’t want any expenditure on the military…..or less expenditure. And they don’t want any Taxes on the internet ( which I do agree with ). Now this is reading what these “libertarians” say in their own words…the young ones. So what exactly is so different about them. They seem to not want to be labeled Democrat or Liberal or Republican….so they call themselves “Libertarian”.

      • Don pretty much summed that one up. The only thing I would add is that the older people claiming the Libertarian mantle tend to be liberals who want to justify keeping their property and money safe from the welfare State. That’s about it.

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