My Brothers, There Is No Revolutionary Truth

More than any other feeling, the Zimmerman verdict evokes sadness in me.

I am sad that a 17 year-old young man lost his life – and I use the term “young man” for a purpose. Trayvon Martin was not a “black child” incapable of defending himself, avoiding danger or making adult decisions. He was not that round-faced middle-schooler that the media wants you to think he was.

I am sad that George Zimmerman feared for his life enough that he felt compelled to fire his weapon into the body of a young man who the jury determined was on top of him and beating him.

I am sad that both the Martin and Zimmerman families will never know peace, one will be looking over their shoulder for a son who will never come home, the other will do the same in fear.

But mostly I am sad for America and what the race-based protests say about the current state of the black psyche in America. I am sad that:

  • We are accused of being a racist nation even though we have elected a black leader twice, have bent over backwards in voting rights laws, affirmative action and race based government contract set-asides to try to remedy discrimination.
  • The highest ranking law enforcement officer in America invokes and demonizes a state law that had absolutely nothing to do with the incident in front of a black organization.
  • The President of the United States stands on the tombstone of a dead young man to agitate for new gun control laws even though no “gun control” laws were broken.
  • That same president using this tragedy to call attention to himself by saying that if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon and now today saying that he could have been Trayvon 35 years ago – even though in 1978, Obama was in Punahou School, a private college preparatory school in Hawaii – not quite like Trayvon who was suspended from a Miami high school and shipped off to Sanford, Florida.
  • The Department of “Justice” creates an expectation that they will prosecute Zimmerman for civil rights violations even though there is absolutely no evidence that racism was involved in the shooting.
  • “Protesters” walking around with signs like the one I saw in Houston that said: “Justice For Travon: Stop Police Brutality” (picture below)… and FaceBook pages like this one doing the same…when the police weren’t even involved in the incident.
  • Sites like this one from the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA that print a screed in which everything including the “a’s”, the “and’s”, and the “the’s”, are contradicted by the facts presented in the trial. Zimmerman did not racially profile Martin. He did not ignore police directions. He was on the bottom getting his head pounded into the concrete and he did not invoke a “stand your ground” defense in court.
  • Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Stevie Wonder, Bob Beckel of Fox’s The Five and entire cast of the bad reality show called MSNBC continue to demean the people of Florida as racist rednecks when 30-40% of Florida’s population is not indigenous to Florida and over 60 million people visit the state a year.
  • Jesse Jackson called on a corrupt organization, the UN, to investigate America’s Justice System – the same justice system that let O.J. Simpson go after killing two white people. The UN is so corrupt that it can’t see the irony of electing Quadaffi’s Libya as chair of the Human Rights Council in 2003.
  • I am sad that black America can’t see that when the Communist Party USA, the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, Iran’s Supreme Council and China’s Xinhua News Agency are all on your side, you might be getting used as a bunch of useful idiots.
  • These same black racists making this a “white vs. black ” issue when Zimmerman is actually Hispanic…but that’s OK, because the black racists fear Hispanics as well:

    The Web site for Black Entertainment Television put the question bluntly: “Does it bother you that Hispanics now outnumber African-Americans in the U.S.?”

    The response has been torrential. One visitor to the site wrote, “Blacks are beginning to experience another wave of racial bias and favoritism not in our favor.” The writer complained that employers now have a preference for bilingual applicants, and bemoaned “attempts to replace our threatening stance against discrimination with a Hispanic vote.”

I want you to look at these pictures from the various rallies and see if you can see anything fishy:

Obama supporters, Black Nationalists, Farrakhan’s Black Muslim separatists and the Worker’s World Party in the same place at the same time…Hmmm, what a coincidence, huh?

But mostly I am sad because, once again, the black community is allowing itself to be used by others who have an agenda separate from what is best for black Americans. These organizations aren’t interested in “Justice 4 Trayvon”, they are interested in agitation and “revolution”. As I quoted Ace the other day:

The trouble with such kneejerk contrarianism is that when the dominant position is also right and moral (which it tends to be in most cases, but not all), those who have a psychological need to oppose, oppose the masses, oppose whatever, oppose simply to cry out I exist, are forced into reflexively taking the position opposite of right and good, which is, of course, wrong and evil.

Marxism is premised upon this. Marx declared the only correct response to the dominant culture was spiteful contempt, indignant anger, and constant subversion.

Were the dominant culture mostly evil that might be a decent response. But as it’s not mostly evil, Marx’s prescription is itself an urging towards evil.

In the words of the famous imitation black Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton:

“Brothers and sisters, don’t y’all be no ways tired and don’ts you lets peoples make you they Marxist bitches.”

I actually made all that up except for the “no ways tired” quote she issued in front of the NAACP the other day but the black community is being used as a political wedge again. Please people, you are worth more to America than that. I respect black America. The black America I know is full of business people, broadcasters, sports idols, engineers, doctors and lawyers, not a bunch of hoodie wearing street thugs.

I know you are disappointed in the Zimmerman verdict but being disappointed based on a series of lies is tragic. Committing violence in the name of lies is evil.

Whether you like it or not, there is no “revolutionary truth” (i.e.: it is only “true” if it advances the revolution), there is only the objective truth.

Do not confuse the two.

16 thoughts on “My Brothers, There Is No Revolutionary Truth

  1. “…there is no “revolutionary truth” (i.e.: it is only “true” if it advances the revolution), there is only the objective truth.”


  2. You make us sad when you’re sad. 😥 I must say, I’ve never heard anyone say no ways tired. I think I’m going to use that term now………….. I just busted a$$ cleanin this house, but I’m in no ways tired. I like it. Sounds good with a proper southern accent. Did she really use that in a speech for the NAACP? I’ve seen a clip, but I thought it was when she was on the campaign trail, and I thought she was quoting, rather poorly, a southerner.

  3. “I don’t feel no ways tired”

    Gospel song performed by Rev James Cleveland and also the Mighty clouds of Joy. Lyrics are:

    “I don’t feel no ways tired,
    I’ve come too far from where I started from.
    Nobody told me that the road would be easy,
    I don’t believe He brought me this far to leave me.

    I don’t believe He brought me this far
    (repeat as desired)

    I’ve been sick (I don’t believe),
    but God brought me (He brought me this far).
    I’ve been in trouble (I don’t believe),
    but God brought me (He brought me this far).

    I’ve been friendless (I don’t believe),
    but God brought me (He brought me this far).
    I’ve been lonely (I don’t believe),
    but God brought me (He brought me this far).

    Please don’t leave me (I don’t believe),
    don’t leave me Jesus (He brought me this far).
    Don’t leave (I don’t believe),
    don’t leave me Lord (He brought me this far).

    I don’t believe (I don’t believe)
    that God would bring me
    (would bring me this far).

    I don’t believe (I don’t believe)
    that God would bring me
    (would bring me this far).

    I don’t believe (I don’t believe)
    that God would bring me (would bring me this far just to leave me).

  4. There are two “truths” here that should be mentioned.

    (1) This is an Excellent Article….truly outstanding…..And,

    (2) By their words and actions the Politically Correct Racial “Community” you mention is broadcasting that they in no way consider you and them…..”Brothers”.

    And BOTH of these are Objectively True.

  5. Let us consider this sentence:

    “The black America I know is full of business people, broadcasters, sports idols, engineers, doctors and lawyers, not a bunch of hoodie wearing street thugs.”

    I live in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn. It is the second blackest neighborhood in america. I, like Utah, am surrounded by black business people, broadcasters, sports idols, engineers, doctors, and lawyers. When they get home, many of them choose to change out of their suits, throw on a hoodie, and go hang out on the stoop with their friends.

    Utah’s suggestion that these are two distinct categories of black people is a false dichotomy. It is also indicative of a deeper issue.

    People are more likely to perceive a black guy in a hoodie as a “street thug” than an casually dressed engineer. When I’m out for a run, people can’t see my career, or my masters degree. They just see a big black guy running at them. When part of the legal standard of self defense is convincing a jury that you felt imminent danger, this thug perception is no longer merely a disappointing annoyance, but a matter of real substance.

    A second sentence to consider:

    “I respect black America.”

    Oh? Does that involve suggesting that we are upset not because of our own, individual, informed understanding of the wider issues at play, but because we are collectively being brain washed and manipulated by nefarious liberal groups? This strikes me as an awfully dismissive form of respect.

    A final item of interest:

    That is the URL of an article Utah wrote a few months ago about statements made by a Detroit city council member. Regardless of what you or I might think about the politics of her statement, her comments were, objectively, made in clear, plain English. For his headline, however, Utah chose to paraphrase these comments in the form of what I can only describe as a text based minstrel show. If anyone doesn’t understand why I found this insulting, you may want to take some time to consider what respecting “black america” means, because this isn’t it.

    I don’t often respond to posts here, because I am not convinced that the authors approach dissenting comments in good faith. I thought, though, that it was important to remind fellow readers that when it comes to “black america,” you can always get information by talking to black friends and colleagues. You don’t have to take Utah’s word for it.

    • Matt: You are exactly right. Do go talk to people. That’s what I did…and a large percentage of people, not just “black” people, have been able to see through the rhetoric and into the truth.

      And as far as using “minstrel language” – I did – that is what I did to illustrate a point through absurdity.

      If you take issue with that, do you also take issue with Hillary – and even Obama – faking a urban black dialect?

      Obama is about as “hood” as I am and Hillary is twice as white as me.

      Must be a Rachel Jeanteel “nigger”/”nigga” thing.

      I grew up in rural Mississippi during the mid 60’s and I know that 90% of the people in the black community are not race baiting thugs…and I know that wearing a hoodie doesn’t make you one…but you illustrate exactly what I was trying to emphasize – you read that whole thing and somehow only took away that I was somehow being a racist. The whole thing was to illustrate the absurdity of white and black inserting racism into a situation where there was none. White people faking a southern dialect or using urban phraseology to somehow create a kinship when history has proven that they only want to use the black community is offensive to me…and I’m white.

      The entire point was to illustrate the non sequitur that is created by every one of the people I listed talking around the issue and using lies to frame an argument that supports something they desire rather than addressing a problem – but since they want to use this case for political purposes that is what they have to do to be able to say anything.

      Zimmerman tutored and mentored black kids…but you don’t hear about that.

      I abhor racism – but as a Mississippi native, I also have lived with it all my life and the arguments have been the same for 50 years. With the social progress that we have made, I have to deduce that the only reason the arguments are the same is that there are people who want them to remain the same and will take every opportunity to make sure they do.

      Another author put forth the idea that 15% of the issues in black America are due to racism and 85% are due to cultural issues like fatherless families, drugs, crime, poverty, etc. I believe there is truth in that. What is also true is that politicians maintain bower by focusing on the 15%, generating anger over it an animosity toward others due to it while ignoring the 85% and patting the black community on the head for their obedience.

      Those morons at the Worker’s World Party and the communists don’t care about blacks, they are present anywhere they can agitate against our Republic. They were in the Bush years and so they are during the Obama years, they just cant directly target a black president they way they did a white one. Why – because they want to use the black community the same way they tried to use Cindy Sheehan and Code Pink during the Bush years…

      As far as approaching issues honestly – I always do. The only agenda I have is my own. I’m a registered independent who believes that America is for everybody and not merely an assemblage of victimized classes. We do have discrimination, there is racism, but we can’t end it by perpetuating it…and that is what the Zimmerman protesters are doing.

  6. Let’s play what if. What if Jackson and Sharpton are accurate? What if it is just as bad now as it was in 1947? How did we elect a black president? Black America represent 13-14% of the population, and the KKK is hunting down black teens to kill. , then a whole bunch of racists had to vote for him. After you call a person a racist for about the 100th or 200th time, it don’t mean nuthin’.
    If I think the president has bad economic policy…I’m a racist. If I don’t like the affordable care act….I’m a racist. If I feel threatened by a group of black teens staring me down , or forcing me off the sidewalk,…I am a racist.
    Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin, and I am sorry for the loss, any loss of a young man just starting. I am saddened by acts of violence between human beings, ALL human beings.
    Now ,you want to say white people are hunting down black youths and killing them in cold blood. Well, according to the FBI and Justice Dept figures, it is twice as likely that a white American will be killed by a black American as the other way around. Let’s start protesting every time a violent act is committed by an African-American upon a Caucasian-American. That just might bring life and business to a halt in this country. Is that what we want.
    When I read that 2 (black) teenagers walked up to a woman in Georgia, and shot her baby in the face, should I just laugh that off? Dang, ya know , kids will be kids, and it’s probably some cultural thing I don’t understand.
    I will tell you this: When we constantly hear that after years and years of special programs, and civil right policies and financial this and affirmative that, and it wasn’t good for anything…it has been a total failure….no progress has been made…Well then, what’s the use of even trying? Perhaps Lincoln was right when he said in 1858……..
    “I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races [the crowd applauds] — that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people, and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the black and white races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.” (p 21) C. Vann Woodward’s The Strange Career of Jim Crow.( Woodward taught history at Yale)
    If we have made no progress in 150 years, then maybe it is impossible for the two races to live equally.

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