Stand Your Ground Laws = TYRANNY!

Yes, that’s right: Stand Your Ground Laws = TYRANNY!

Do you know the difference between Locke and Hobbes, between the European ideal of liberty and that of our founders?  The difference is simple: Hobbes and the Europeans think your rights come from the government and are not a part of who we are as a group or an individual; our founders acknowledged that our rights come from our Creator and are an inherent part of who we are as individuals.  So, how does this make Stand Your Ground laws equal to tyranny?  Simple: only a Hobbesian/European would think the government has to pass a law to give you the right to do something our founders recognized as a Natural Right: a right inherent in all of us as individuals.  That right is the right to self-defense.

So, if you need a law to give you “permission” to do what Nature gave you the right to do simply because you exist, then that law represents tyranny.  Now, for those who are trying to take even that government right away from you, those are tyrants of the worst order: they want to remove all right of self-defense.

No human on earth has the moral authority to do that – no one!  This is why we need to understand the Declaration of Independence: because the right to self-defense is NOT found in the Constitution.  Therefore, those who interpret the law by the letter of the law have justification for denying it — because it is not specifically protected.  It is only when you understand that the founders never intended us to divorce the Constitution from the Declaration that we can understand why the right to self-defense is not specifically enumerated in the Constitution: because our founders never could have imagined we would allow tyranny to rise to the point where that would be necessary.  They just assumed everyone who knew and understood individual rights and liberty would see the right to self-defense was as self-evident as the fact that our rights are derived from our Creator.

2 thoughts on “Stand Your Ground Laws = TYRANNY!

  1. Exactly !

    “Stand your ground laws” are the legislative response to re-enact the natural law of self defense because progressive judges in courts “out lawed” self defense in areas controlled by progressives (closet Hobbesian Marxists).

    Many states, like Texas, do not have stand your ground laws, because the natural law, american based common law of self defense is still the law.

    I know I commented with a link somewhere with the case law and history.

  2. When “Crises” become the method by which a “Government” seeks to control the freedom’s of it’s citizen’s then you know you are being governed by the “Tyrannical”.

    Whether it’s a Health Care Crisis, Immigration Crisis, Sandy Hook Crisis, Trayvon Martin Crisis they are created for one reason. To destroy the natural God given rights of the citizen and usher in a World Government as envisioned by the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Barrack Hussein Obama and all of the other tyrants throughout history.

    Coupled with the MSM becoming the Department of Propaganda for the Government, the only remedy most likely will be unpleasant but necessary. Outside another 1776 moment we are likely too far down the road for our elected politicians to save the Republic.

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