I Have HAD IT with the Notion that Profiling is Bad

There is a reason people profile, and it usually sound reasoning.  the Israelis use it and look how well it serves them.  In truth, all of us profile, and we do so for good reason.  So those who claim profiling is proof of racism or bias are themselves demonstrating a bias — not to mention ignorance.  This is why, when I saw this story, I realized I’d reached the last straw with stupid people – and yes, this woman is a stupid person:

‘Driving While Black, Shopping While Black, Walking While Black’: Dem. Congresswoman Rips Racial Profiling at Rally

If this woman, and those like her who assert that profiling is just racism and serves no purpose nor has any basis in fact actually believe what they are saying, then I guess they won’t have any problem if people dressed like this start walking their neighborhoods:


I ask you – and be honest with yourself — do you really think this woman wouldn’t “profile” people who look like this?  After all, the way they are dressed has no basis in her prejudice, now does it?  So what excuse could she possibly have for being afraid of someone who looks like the people in this picture?

Now, if you can’t see the point I just made or understand why it is valid, please stand over there with the rest of the race-baiters so we know who you are.  Oh, and if this offends you, understand that it is not my words that you object to but the reflection you see in the morality mirror.

28 thoughts on “I Have HAD IT with the Notion that Profiling is Bad

  1. I admit to be a profiler……………….
    If I see guys that look like the Boston bomber brothers carrying backpacks around my family, I will watch them very carefully and be ready to take “precautionary measures”.

    • Don’t be a “hater” now Dusty….I think you’re refereing to “Johar the Rock-star”….and we all done been schooled ( New-schooled to Rachel Jenteel ) by the Press on how we-all is supposed to view the “New Victim Jokar”.

    • Dusty,

      And if I see a person who looks, acts and sounds like a politicians, I will assume everything they say is meant to deceive and that they are trying to steal every penny and liberty I own.

      • I get scared anytime I am anywhere and a stranger comes up trying to shake my hand, because I assume they are a politician, so I grab hold of my wallet and watch them very carefully.

    • I agree, Dusty. Everyone profiles. It’s a very effective tool for cops to use when identifying suspects. I mean, a white guy riding through candy corner at 3am is doing what? I think we all know that answer to that. No doubt, PCPD is going to pull his ass over. Period.

      If out of all the homes that had been broken into, everyone that was arrested were young black guys (an article I read said that), I’d profile Trayvon’s ass too. His dad should have taught him about walking around looking suspect.

      • WM,

        We also need to remember profiling can work before we even know what color someone’s skin is. If you are a cop and you spot a car that is driving a few miles an hour under the speed limit in an area where everyone usually speeds, this draws attention, the same way a junker car can draw attention in a real exclusive neighborhood. They might very well be innocent, but they stand out, and they stand out for a reason.

        Also, who would go merrily about their business if a person in full Arab garb with a heavy vest and jacket on over that and his face covered by a scarf were to go hurrying through a crowed in a shopping plaza? I rather suspect that would draw some special attention, and for the same reasons: experience tells us these sort of things can signal trouble.

      • Right on, William.
        I am certain that Zimmerman was confrontational when he accosted Martin……. he assumed he was dealing with a problem. Also, after seeing Martin’s facebook pics, I am sure he was confrontational when he and Zimmerman first started “talking”. My guess is that IF Martin had been less “gangsta-like” and explained NICELY why he was where he was to the neighborhood watch person, this would have ended differently and we would never have heard about it.

        • Oh yeah. When he said, “These assholes always get away” he was going to make sure another one didn’t. IMO. Trayvon figured he could take him when they met face to face. He just didn’t count on Zimmerman being strapped.

          • WM,

            yep, and if we didn’t have so many restrictions on weapons so that EVERYONE in this society had enough sense to figure anyone could be carrying, we’d likely be a bit more civil. Even if you have a gun, you always wonder if the other guy not only has one too, but whether he might be better than you. I know that feeling first hand. Bravado has a tendency to disappear when the possibility of return fire is real. 😉

    • That’s right Kells !!

      And the Prosecution’s Star witness admitted that Trayvon Profiled Zimmerman TWICW (1) as a “Creepy assed Cracka” and (2) as a Homosexual rapist !!

      • Your namesake does Don Ameche a disservice… Well, I suppose you wouldn’t find it suspicious if some black guy started following you home in your neighborhood, right! Afterall, you are above profiling STFU

  2. As a somewhat ‘paranoid’ woman who never leaves the home without her husband for the most part. I am equally suspicious of a white man who is dressed in baggy jeans. LOL

    • Gemini,,Or a white guy with more tattoos than skin, or with so much metal in his head a good electromagnet could lead him around wherever it went….

      I believe you get the point: it isn’t about race so much as the likely life-style/attitude an appearance may indicates. 😉

  3. Good Posts by all. My sentiments EXACTLY! Have to especially thank you, Joe, for the truthful (but hilarious) response to Gemini. Every time I see one of these “more tattoos than skin” or “magnet metal decadent/vitiate persons,” I’ll be laughing out loud and thinking about how you defined these de’gage’ individuals.

    With your permission, I would like to cut your response (with your name of course) and send it to all my Conservative friends who will undoubtedly get a good laugh out of your definition as I did.

    • Edward,

      Feel free. Link to this post, even. I use my name intentionally. I have nothing to hide. All they can do is kill me, but they can’t eat me. That’s against the rules 😉

  4. Joe, I was rather thinking that you should get the credit.

    I mention the sites I visit, but it’s up to everyone to find their information. I don’t want to seem overly biased toward The RNL and cause suspect, visiting the site, even though my intellectual Conservative friends would find The RNL as interesting as I do.

  5. “Dusty,

    And if I see a person who looks, acts and sounds like a politicians, I will assume everything they say is meant to deceive and that they are trying to steal every penny and liberty I own.”

    So awesome!!

  6. Reblogged this on PUMABydesign001's Blog and commented:
    Rio Norte, just keeping it real. Hear, hear! For the past week, I have heard from Trayvon supporters that “Zimmerman profiled Trayvon.” Are you kidding me? Let he who has never profiled throw the first stone.

  7. The Black Caucus profiled America when they cried racism in a walkout because we wanted accountability on Fast and Furious. It’s alright to profile women in elevators holding purses or Obama’s own grandmother, or profiling Tea Parties on national news. And a hoody is turned into a national symbol. Or profiling Chick-Fil-A and their patrons.

  8. Comparing a kid walking home in the rain with a hoodie on to the KKK is a bit of a stretch even for you. Who cares if he profiled him. Hell, I’ve been profiled or followed because of how I looked, but we all have – it’s the world we live in. The thing you don’t get to do is follow/profile somebody, start a fight, kill them, then say it was self defense unless you live in Florida. By the way, your blog is quite impressive. A bunch of people agreeing with each other. When you criminalize the victim in this situation, hypocrisy is on full display. I guess the kids at Sandy Hook deserved it too because they had sweaters on and skittles on their breath, what!? Well, keep agreeing amongst yourselfs….lol

    ps. I’m wating for the author of this blog to defend the KKK, and tell us all they were doing their civic duty by keeping neighborhoods safe, lyching black men, raping black women, and terrorizing anybod that didn’t agree with them because afterall those loud negroes played music loud and wore funky clothes… aaaaaand Go;)

    • The author of this blog — ME — is tired of ignorant people making straw man arguments and intentionally missing the friggin’ point. Why don’t you defend how the DEMOCRATS started and defended the KKK and — miraculously — they now give a crap about minorities.

      As for the “victim” here. By definition, he WAS a criminal — the prosecution witnesses confirmed that. But then, you don’t care about facts, race already made your mind up for you, didn’t it?

  9. Since we’re profiling – the guy who runs this blog looks like a welfare republican that lives in a basement of a relative…lol Fair is fair, right! ha!

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