Forget Busing: Forced Housing-Relocation Coming to YOU!

In the name of “diversity,” the Feds are “mapping” your neighborhood:

HUD’s New ‘Fair Housing’ Rule Establishes Diversity Data for Every Neighborhood in U.S.

 ( – To ensure that “every American is able to choose to live in a community they feel proud of,” HUD has published a new fair-housing regulation intended to give people access to better neighborhoods than the ones they currently live in.

 If you don’t think this is a precursor to the government getting into the business of telling you where you can and can’t live, just wait.  This is exactly how these things always start.  This is how the anti-smoking campaigns started.  It is how the anti-“big car” crusade started.  It is how the global warming/cap-and-trade stuff started.  It is how the EPA tyranny started.  It is how everything the Progressives want to do in the way of controlling your life starts.

Now, before you buy into this new lie – and it is a lie – think about what it takes to be proud of your neighborhood.  Does it take money?  NO!  It takes the necessary concern to:

1 – Keep your neighborhood safe.  That means neighborhood watches and having the courage to chase out the riff-raff.

2 – Keep up your property.  That means mow the lawn, paint the house, fix the broken shutters and screen doors.  Yes, spend your money on your home before you buy that fancy car, fancy clothes and jewelry.

3 – The self-respect to maintain #’s 1 & 2 no matter how busy or tired you get.

This is all that is required to be proud of where one lives.  The color of your neighbors’ skin has nothing to do with.  So, why do the Feds word things this way?  That’s easy: “Fairness” is a Progressive code word for “We need to transfer some more wealth.”

That’s right: this is just another Progressive plan to buy votes by giving people something they did not earn.  This never produces pride in anything.  On the contrary, it produces the culture this program claims it is trying to help people escape.  And there you go: another example of the 180 degree rule.  See how prevalent that rule is when you are dealing with Progressives?

44 thoughts on “Forget Busing: Forced Housing-Relocation Coming to YOU!

  1. Constantly rewarding bad behavior, creates the (hoped for ) action of more bad behavior. You choose to sped $400 on body art(tats) instead of groceries; You get EBT. (not laying this on black or white, bad decisions are universal) I’m tired of seeing those poor college athletes (who can barely afford to eat, we are told ) with $2000 worth of art visible.
    I have seen these poor college students, whose debt we are told is staggering, due to their cost of education. But look into their apartments and see how many have 54″ flat screens with surround sound.
    Go to the poorest neighborhood in your city or town. See if you can find the people who are on their way up. (Hint: it won’t be the ones with Beemers or new Nissans or Escalades parked out front.).Look for the well tended lawn, painted shutters and awnings, flowers or shrubs.
    People who make bad (financial) decisions are doomed to repeat. And our schools feel no need to teach money management, and teachers feel no shame that their students have no idea how to balance a checkbook or fill out a job application.
    Remember the movie “To Sir , With Love” That was not a model for progressive education. It was about teaching practical life application lessons.. With lower and lower standards, it’s really not a mystery that newspapers and magazines are dying.
    Just a personal little quirk of mine….I can be a smartass when I choose. Ever since I found that a good percentage of college students can’t read cursive, I started leaving all instructions for them in cursive!Notices on doors of power outages or water shutoffs etc. are much more beautiful in cursive, and especially so in the (very old fashioned) Palmer Method.

    • Ralph,

      Everything you just mentioned is predicated on the individual and individual responsibility whereas the Progressive is totally vested in victimhood and dependency.

      • It’s an issue of Action and ability isn’t it.?

        The ability for the individual to take Action in his /her own interest , based on his /her own assessment and desires. Which requires Smaller Government.
        Versus …the Progressive Elites Ability through “the rule of LAWS” to protect those Dependent Victims from “percieved” wrongs by controlling and limiting everyones Freedom and Natural Rights.

  2. The Marxists “believe” equality means equal results(not really, they just say that for the benefit of LIV’s who may be partially paying attention) The lie shows when you ask about ..oh, I don’t know, …The Kennedy’s or.. Buffet, or… Soros.! Equal opportunity might as well be a phrase in a foreign language phrasbook. You know, like “the pen is on the table” or ” How much does it cost to buy a mayor?”

    • Where in the writings of Marx, does he say equality means equal results , or even promote the idea of equality? Communism is the end of private property, not the redistribution of private property. What Marx said was, have the means of production be held in common and administered in a democratic manner. Produce for need not profit.

      • Karl,

        Everything Marx wrote is a lie: a lie told to persudae people into surrendering to the likes of himself so they can run their lives for them.

        You say Marx wanted to abolish property. Then tell me, why does he say “FROM each according to his means, TO each according to his need?” What do you think that FROM and TO refers to? P-R-O-P-E-R-T-Y-!

        Being a useful idiot, you just haven’t figured this out. Those with functioning brains have — and that includes the likes of Lenin, Stalin and Mao.

        • @ralph
          From and to refers to labor and the products of labor.

          If you think that capitalism and private property preserve the right of workers to the fruits of their labor, you are mistaken. At the end of your shift you don’t take you production home.

          • Not everyone works shift work, Karl. Some have the ambition to work for themselves and base their reward on their own efforts, I’ll repeat what I’ve said to you before, you are either a gov. worker or academic or union organizer. In each case dependent on others for your sustenance. Your powers of persuasion could lead you into sales, but, be careful. Salesmen usually are paid what they’re worth.

            • did you just ignore the vast majority of americans, who do shift work?

              How funny is it that someone who is against dependence, protects a class system where the capitalist class depends on the working class for sustenance

              • I said : If you were paying attention, NOT EVERYONE works shift work. You seem to have a reading comprehension or tunnel vision problem. Academia is generally the last bastion of Marxist thoughts around.
                . Protecting a class that needs no protection,AND THAT YOU ARE ABLE TO JOIN; IF you are ambitious, and IF you have a good idea, and IF you are persistent in your quest for self improvement, and IF you don’t expect ME to support YOU.because you didn’t get what you wanted when you wanted it, AND IF you can accept that success OR failure is your responsibility (Stand or fall on your own) You either can hack it , or you can’t. When you own your own business, there is no shift. Five o’clock means nothing. And there’s no guaranteed paycheck. There are government regulations, and tax laws, and workman’s comp insurance, and health insurance and liability insurance, and city , county and state licenses and certifications (each with a fee), and city/county assessments for repaving the road in front of your business (which is almost guaranteed to put you out of business), and sewer water assessments for upgrades and updates. But you never even thought of all that , did you Karl. You thought the government just waved a magic wand and these things just happened.
                you think, like our president , that none of that stuff happened, cause you never see that part. The government doesn’t have anything, until it takes (steals) it from someone in the private sector.
                RISK AND REWARD KARL. As a paycheck recipient you risk little and are rewarded accordingly.
                As a working member of the capitalist class( I must presume I am such, since I once owned a company, and employed others) I was not dependent on others, they were dependent on me….to pay them (quite fairly ) for their time and effort. Most had no skills to begin, and so I taught them some , and as they became more skilled they became more valued, and so were better paid. Yes their “labor” was valued, as was their skill, (which ;by the by; they acquired not from any school or union,but from my teaching). And some started their own businesses, based on what they had learned from me , and their own experience. Some were even more successful than was I, and some failed badly. (I felt proud of the successes and wounded by the failures).But those people stood on their own.
                And four governments depended on me to pay my taxes and fees(taxes) . City, county , state and federal governments, collected their pound of flesh

                The problem I see with Marx is that he teaches “ballessness”. If you don’t have the balls to stand on your own , then you’re useless to a collective, because you are the weak link in the chain.If you can’t succeed on your own merit, you will drag the whole program down. The next person over will look at you and decide “Hell , he can’t cut it , but he gets food and clothes and shelter , so why should I bust my hump. I’ll get fed anyway!” And that, is the failure in Marxism. There’s no reason to do your best or to achieve great things, cause you get food, shelter ,clothes, just for the asking. As you have said before, “Just check off what you want on the order form”.
                IF your ambition is three hots and a cot, get arrested.
                Marx was a pussy who couldn’t hack it in the world around him.. He couldn’t do anything so he developed a theory for other losers to justify their own waste of oxygen. He tried to make it sound peachy keen, Utopia. But it don’t work. Has been proven again and again and again, not to work. But you keep saying “Wait , those guys got it wrong. This time we’ll do it better.” In other words,”DON’T LOOK AT ALL THOSE FAILED UTOPIAS, LOOK AT MY BEAUTIFUL DREAM WORLD. WHERE LABOR IS VALUABLE , EVEN IF ALL DAY YOUR LABOR IS CHASING UNICORN’S OVER THE RAINBOW”
                Labor in and of itself has no value.You can bust your ass all day, and if you don’t accomplish anything ,you wasted air , water and food.
                Life doesn’t hand out participation trophies, unless you count gray hairs as a trophy.
                So , no, Karl. I didn’t just ignore the vast majority of Americans who do shift work. It takes a special kind of person to do that, day in and day out. But I have much more respect for the person who says “I can stand on my own” “I have a great Idea for a business” “I can make it happen” Try reading some biographies of people who started with nothing , and built something. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates Henry Ford , Andrew Carnegie, Bessemer, Edison
                But, if your only ambition is the beauty of three squares and a roof over your head, don’t read anything but Marx, Hegel, Lenin , Stalin,CHE,MAO, Great guys, especially if you like mass murderers.

                • Becoming bourgeoisie does not solve the crisis of capitalism. You completely ignore how capital is needed to become bourgeoisie. You accuse marxism of being utopian, but you are blind to the economic truths of the capitalist mode of production, the crisis and the class system it creates. If one poor man becomes bourgeoisie, that justifies the existence of a parasitic class that lives off the labor of the working class? Not to mention the unsustainability of capiralism, the monopolization and crisis of the free market system.

  3. Attack on all fronts. Forced destruction of property values, further white flight, litigate ad nauseam.

    We have a small bedroom community in our area, Southlake, TX, that is in the cross hairs of the DC Posse. If you study the demographics you know why. First, they have no multifamily housing. The closest they come is a small set of Brownstones that fun over $500,000 per residence. THis basically prices all but the upper wage earners out of the market.

    Second, they have very stringent building codes and any new residence is likely on a $200,000 1/2 acre lot with another $600,000 to $700,000 home setting on it.

    For several years now the DC Posse has been trying to force low income housing into the City but have not been successful.

    Guess they will have to create some kind of crisis to destroy more American values.

  4. This would be a good place to insert Milton Friedman, “A major source of objection to a free economy is PRECISELY (my caps) that it gives people what they want instead of what a particular group thinks they ought to want. Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself”
    (see :Karl)

      • Only a man with no ambition would look to others to fulfill his wants. Please note, there is a huge difference between wants and needs. If you need clothing, it is affordable, if you want Oscar De La Renta, wellllllll……save up.

        • Actually , I found an Oscar De La Renta Houndstooth 100% wool sports coat at Goodwill for $9.99 Fit great 44long

      • Thomas Edison said, “Most people don’t recognize opportunity when it knocks, because it is dressed in coveralls and looks like work.”
        Marxist expectations are always the same, “don’t look at all the times Marxism has failed, look at theis beautiful Utopia that we dream and envision”
        Mankind is imperfect and imperfectable. All things cannot be known and quantified. That’s why Marxist UTOPIAS REQUIRE TOTALITARIAN GOVERNMENTS, and are doomed to fail by the corruption of the administrators.
        Karl , people are F*ckups. Even Marxists, and with no accountability….well look at DOT/EPA/OSHA/DOE (both of them)
        etc., making regulations (for our own good donchaknow) with out having to justify any, and you have your Marxist Eden, with all it’s pimples and warts.

      • Kalr,

        And only a man who wants everything he hasn’t earned would embrace Marx.

        But that aside, your assertion is false. That statement could be made by me — and I can’t afford anything I want. So, once again, you have demonstrated a lack of understanding of basic logic/reason, which is probably why you embrace Marx.

  5. ” Communism is the end of private property, not the redistribution of private property.”

    And what exactly happens to private property? It no longer ceases to exist? It just disappears into thin air? If I can create mass and energy with my mind, can I also make things disappear with my mind? Marx doesn’t have to explicitly say anything about redistributed property, it’s already implied in his ideas. My G-d, do you people just pick things out of literature to build an argument, or do you take time to deduce the ideas hidden between the lines as well? It sounds like the former rather than the latter, to me.

    • Private Property doesn’t really Cease to exist…… is just transfered to the Communist party Elite and their Croney Phoney Capitalist Business Elites.

      That’s what a $ 100,000,000 Vacation to Africa for a couple of weeks is after all !!

      • Don,

        BINGO! Funny how the Marxist never seems to be able to see this. But then, I think he does: he just hopes to be able to claw his way to the top so he can enjoy it. Thus, he continues the lie because he knows it may suit him one day.

        • what is so funny about Marxists not believing the capitalist lies about marxism. Sure you can keep on deluding yourself about how great and eternal capitalism and that communism is evil and terrible.

          • Karl,

            Well, maybe because the free market assertions about Marxism have repeatedly been proven accurate while the Communist assertions about Capitalism — while having valid MORAL points — has NEVER been shown to be operative in the real world. 🙂

      • That was the direction I was headed, Don! something has to happen to private property. It doesn’t just get left alone. In the case of Marx and Communism, it necessarily follows that private property gets redistributed!

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      • nooneofanyimport,

        Karl is very serious. Not much is know about Karl, other than the fact that he lives in a world of pure delusion and fiction. We have all asked this question at some point or another, since reading Karl’s content begs the immediate question “Does this guy even live on the same planet?”. Karl adheres to a materialist worldview, and speaks as if he is the authority on all things Marx. When reading Karl’s posts, be prepared to see a horrible misinterpretation and misapplication of Christian scripture, expect to see a blatant refusal to face the facts of historical events, expect to see a horrendous violation of the rules of logic (like claiming that morals don’t exist, while the very concept of exploitation is a moral appeal), and expect to have your mind twisted inside out, as Karl pitches pure theory and conjecture that is either untested by history, unrealistic, or dead wrong.

        It’s unfortunate that Karl is just the tip of the iceberg of a young generation of “intellectuals” who embrace the theories of a few mad men that led to the mass murders of the 20th century.

        • wow. I often run into those that have deluded themselves into believing that their leftist views are not “Marxist” or “socialist” in nature, but rarely folks who actually embrace the name Karl Marx. Gotta give him a point for being intellectually honest in that one regard, I guess. thanks for the feedback libercrite!

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