Obama Appoints America-Hating, Anti-Israel, Muslim-Supporting Appointee to the U.N.

When the President of our nation appoints people like this to positions such as the American Ambassador tot eh U.N., can we finally start to say that the President agrees with and supports her political views?  Otherwise, why would he even want to be associated with a person such as this?

Some of the Most Controversial Criticisms of America from the Woman Who Could Become Our Next U.N. Ambassador

Power, a former journalist turned political activist, once connected some of the tactics in the U.S. war on terror to French military support for the Hutu militia, which killed 800,000 people in the Rwandan genocide. She also has called Americans “stingy on foreign aid,” declared that the U.S. should apologize for slavery, and even made indirect references comparing U.S. involvement in the world to that of Nazi Germany.

She has also gotten into trouble about supporting a multilateral occupation of “Palestine-Israel.”

[NOTE: be sure to watch the videos in this story]

Then there is this story:

5 Videos Congress Should Watch Before Confirming Samantha Power as New UN Ambassador

“There are lots of things we could do. We could decide that the Security Council no longer has the legitimacy that we once gave it…maybe the Secretary General himself has to be the authorizer.”

“The problem with Security Council reform, which is so important to getting the international system right, is that of course that it will be the permanent five members (U.S., China, Russia, U.K. and France) who will have to go along with reform … and unfortunately most of the permanent five members, while they will bash they United Nations, will do very little to strengthen it, will do very little to give (the Secretary General), for instance, a standing army or something that he could call upon if a genocide threatened tomorrow.”

[NOTE: the five videos in this story are also important]

Now, this woman hates America and thinks we need to apologize for NOT pushing our nose into the business of other nations.  She accuses us of crimes against humanity for NOT forcing our will on others.  Then she turns around and claims we should apologize in those areas where we HAVE done so.  And she wants to give the U.N. an independent military force, as well.  Why?  Because she is the same person who has been promoting the notion that we have a “responsibility to protect” people – but only those people SHE thinks we should protect.  Hint: that means Palestine, NOT Israel (it is also straight from Woodrow Wilson’s play book).

Oh, she is also married to Cass Sunstein.  If you know what is going on, this should more than bother you.  Here are some other enlightening links on this American-hating and VERY dangerous woman:

Who Is Samantha Powers?

Obama Appoints ‘Responsibility to Protect’ Champion Samantha Power to Chair Genocide Panel

The Rise of Samantha Power and the risks for the American- Israel relationship

UN Ambassador Nominee Samantha Power Wants Sovereignty Redistribution

6 thoughts on “Obama Appoints America-Hating, Anti-Israel, Muslim-Supporting Appointee to the U.N.

  1. Kells,
    According to Wikipedia, George Soros (Schwartz) was born August 12, 1930, in Budapest, Hungary to (a nonobservant) Jewish family.

    I had a news article (that I am unable to locate), that Soros turned in some of his neighbor Jews to the Nazi’s to protect himself. That he also hid out with a Christian family when the Nazi’s tried to locate Soros when they found out he was a Jew also.

    Wikipedia is somewhat resourceful on Soros, but does not include the despicable actions or deals he made to protect his
    slimy, degenerate, hide. Soros definitely expresses a factual trait of Solipsism.

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