Racism and Communism, the Recipe that Destroyed Detroit

I’ve been reading a great deal about who and what brought down Detroit, but very few have made the case as clearly as they should have.  It was the Progressives, but they used racism and communism to do it.

The early Progressives – especially Woodrow Wilson – admired Communism.  They believed Communist Russia was the model for the future.  So Progressives largely embraced the Communist agenda; so much so that the Communist Party USA stopped running their own candidates.  They said they didn’t need to: the Progressive Democrat Party was already doing it for them.

Communist Party USA Tells Us They Are “Progressives.”

Ahhh, the Communist Party USA (CPUSA). Gotta love these fine folks, huh? Their slogan is “Radical Ideas. Real Politics.” On the home page of the CPUSA site they proudly offer a snippet of their history – the struggle as it were – where they tell us “The Communist Party has an unparalleled history in the progressive movement of the United States . . . .” Huh? American Communists admitting a connection between progressives and Communists? Who knew?

The American Progressive movement has also been racist since its inception, and it continues to be racist to this day:

Progressive Racism

I’d remind you, this is the same Progressive ideology/agenda Hillary Clinton claimed in the 2008 primary debates.  It is the same Progressive ideology/agenda to which Obama and the majority of his supporters and Administration still support.

Now, enter a Communist into the then thriving city of Detroit and the inevitable process of corruption, decay and collapse began:

Coleman Young: the Communist Who Destroyed Detroit

If one man could be blamed most for the destruction of Detroit, it would be Coleman Young.

Mayor from 1974 to 1993, Young set a city already in decline on the pathway to the disaster area it Coleman

Young had a well-deserved reputation for corruption, but few today understand his communism. is today.

And racism – true racism, where racial discrimination/exploitation is a matter of social and government policy – was used to achieve and solidify Young’s hold on political power in Detroit:

Devil’s Night: And Other True Tales of Detroit

The story of how racism led to the social decay in Detroit City.

[NOTE: while this book focuses on the racial aspect of the decay that has destroyed Detroit, I would argue that it has less to do with the color of Yong’s skin and more to do with his political ideology.  However, it would be a mistake to ignore the racial aspects of that agenda because it most certainly does exist, and this book appears to detail the effects.  I would urge you to read the readers’ comments and then consider them carefully in making up your own mind.]

32 thoughts on “Racism and Communism, the Recipe that Destroyed Detroit

  1. Hey, Karl,

    There’s some more truth for you. And it shows what I have told you since you started posting here: every attempt to implement the Communist agenda has led to a corrupt and oppressive government, a failed economy and — eventually — social collapse. Detroit proves it, California will soon reaffirm the lesson and — if we do not stop Obama and the Progressives in Washington soon — the nation will follow. It must. That is the only possible end of the Communist ideal — either in theory or practice.

    • O yeah I forgot the great worker’s revolution of detroit, where detroit seceded and declared itself the people’s democratic republic of detroit.

      Detroit just had the misfortune of going through capitalism before most of the u.s.a. Soon wages of the south will get too high and then the rust belt will extend from the great lakes to the gulf coast.

      • OMG! ROFLMAO! Capitalism? You delusional idiot. Had the COMMUNIST, Young, NOT taken over Detroit and been handed to the unions, it would have never collapsed. This is not a failure of Capitalism, it is a failure of Marxist economics.

        Dude, you kill me. Thanks for the laughs. :-))

        • what is so uncapitalist about unions? And what is so uncapitalist about shipping jobs to low wage areas? Where is the non-capitalism that destroyed Detroit?

          • How did I know Karl would say that? I must a mindreader.
            No it’s the same old same old. Socialism fails again….blame someone else…anyone else.

          • Karl,

            When the govt. and the law side with the union and worker over the employer, there is nothing “free” in unions. You do not see a problem with this because you have no problem with govt. force to achieve your goals.

                • It’s pretty obvious that Karl’s realworld experience is limited, or non-existent . AND he has never been involved, or even read about , how a union takeover works.
                  Union thugs come into your (my) place of business and coerce, threaten and generally strong arm employees to vote for the union. At the same time , national reps are calling them at home (no threats , just insinuation).
                  Meanwhile the owner is not permitted to in any way speak negatively about unionizing activities, or have any conversation with his own employees. The NLRB says that’s intimidation. Can’t even talk about work or production. So everything goes to shit for 2 or 3 months.
                  Then there’s a vote. If the union wins, it’s a union shop…no appeal.

                  If the union loses, they appeal to the NLRB, and it all starts over again.This can go on for years. And sometimes the union “representatives” pay a “visit ” to you at home of an evening. Or maybe visit your kid’s school.
                  No the government doesn’t side with the union…. they become the union.

                  • business owners can badmouth unions anytime. Part of wal-mart training is watching an anti-union video. Are you complaining about workers voting whether they want to be in a union? I though you were pro-freedom. You insinuate unions are going around forcing people into joining, but do you have any proof.

                    It is funny how you ignore the piles of dead workers who were killed by gov’t bullets.

                    • Karl, little buddy, Wilson was a socialist, so I wouldn’t think that invoking him was a big boost to your argument and Detroit’s decline started in 1950 – after the issues you noted. They peaked at 1,8 million people and went downhill from there. The public sector unions gave money to elect the “right” candidates so that they essentially sat on both sides of the bargaining table – the citizens didn’t have a say in the negotiations. That’s how the government was/is in bed with them.

                    • The anti union videos are not permitted during the union organizing program, which can last for months. As a matter of fact a supervisor is not permitted to speak privately with an employee, during that period without a union rep present.

                    • @Utah
                      India’s great leap nowhere, still creates famine and the same can be said for the rest of the third world.
                      Also communism is the end of private property. It is democrats who promise living wages and also republicans when they say a truly free market would create fair wages and growth.

                    • @joe
                      Why don’t you respond to my comment on Critiquing the Modern American Libertarian Movement

                    • Karl,

                      I get tired of talking to children. In your case, I only do it when I know you will play along well enough to help me show others that people like you are real — and why they never amount to anything but tyrants.

                      BTW: thanks, you play your part well, so well that people have emailed me to ask if you are actually really. Sadly, I tell them that — to the best of my knowledge — you are in fact a real person 😦

      • But Karl, isn’t that what communism promises? Equal “living” wages? Isn’t your comment a tacit admission that communism doesn’t work?

  2. Yeah….and according to The Brilliant Rachel Jenteel the Chinese are some of the worst…..what does she call them….Quote ” My Cheeno-Niggas”.

    Yeayah…..S’all Goood !

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  4. I don’t usually use duct tape, but when Karl post on RNL, I prefer dos XX’s Duck Brand Duct Tape, Stay same my friends.

  5. India’s great leap, was a stumble. … and it was socialist in total. Their “road to serfdom” began with Ghandi (Spiritual Politics) and was further exacerbated by Nehru, who wrote of his admiration for Harold Laski (British Socialist/ Marxist) and lokke to both Soviet Russia and Mao’s China for guidance.
    It has only been in recent years, as India has moved toward a more capitalist society, that they have BEGUN to move out of their poverty, and stated to enter the world market as a player.
    [Sorry to be so late in response, but us old guys fade out early. And the front porch pickers met last night ….so the banjo called me away]
    “A man who plays the banjo’s got it made.” String Bean

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