Narcissistic News Anchors do not Know/Understand their Place

When I saw this story:

‘I’m Not Somebody You Talk Down To From Your Podium’: Joe Scarborough Unleashes on Jay Carney

“I gave you the question and you decided to fight me, Jay, so stop your games with me. We’ve known each other for too long. I’m not somebody you talk down to from your podium. Answer my question, Jay.”

I had to wonder:

Does Joe really think he “gave” Jay the question?  Doesn’t Joe realize he is nothing more than another paid teleprompter reader, like the President?

That’s all these people on TV actually are: talking monkeys.  They could easily be replaced by any “Barbie” or “Ken” who can read the prompter coherently.  Yet, somehow, they actually believe reading an electronic screen makes them intelligent and gives them gravitas.  I wonder whether or not they have read this (pssst!  It’s from the HufPo 😉  ):

Are the Media Creating a Generation of Narcissists?

Do you recall the story of Narcissus? The handsome fellow in Greek mythology who, because of his indifference and disdain toward others, was punished by the gods by falling in love with his own image? He was so enraptured by his beauty that he was unable to pull himself away from his own reflection in a pool of water and wasted away and died.

Folks, that’s all those video screens are: modern forms of that ancient reflecting pool.  Be sure you don’t fall in and drown like the rest of these clowns.

One thought on “Narcissistic News Anchors do not Know/Understand their Place

  1. They are READERS !

    They are not thoughtful, enlightened, orators.

    Indoctrinate the “sheeple”; hypnotize the sheeple to follow instructions through their daily dose of propaganda …

    I’m currently having to listen & watch CBS channel.

    The propaganda is poison to the soul & spirit.

    Turn evil off; allow your inner self to listen, hear, “our Creator’s” guidance.

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