Quick! Everyone Support Rep. Jackson Lee!

Have you seen this?

Rep. Jackson Lee introduces bill to cut funds to stand-your-ground states

I say we start calling and tell our Reps and Senators to VOTE FOR THIS BILL!

That way, we can stop paying taxes to a govt. that has refused to support us.  See, Rep. Lee is for ending taxation after all

10 thoughts on “Quick! Everyone Support Rep. Jackson Lee!

  1. Wow, two for Texas today. Must be something in the water. Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and Austin are all basically lost causes. The Blue Plaque is spreading year by year. We need some strong antibiotics but it may already be to late to save the patient.

  2. Do you honestly believe we’ll not pay taxes? That’s not the way this administration works. Your link took me to the slick dick, Carlos Danger. Can anyone tell me, after reading his texts, why the hello this Latin poseur is still in the lead?

  3. It’s a city that lives in the lusts of the flesh. They deserve each other. One should study Genesis 19 to see the end result.

    Can you imagine the message it would send if all Christians packed up and left those cities where homosexuality is not only accepted but is celebrated and bestowed with rights that force others to accept or become open to persecution.

    Lot was reluctant to leave and although he and his two daughters were spared by God as a favor to Abraham, soon met his demise and lost his eternal salvation as well.

    Leave and don’t look back.

    • Chhelo,

      Did you hear Pastor Hutchinson this week? He said that, if God does NOT deal with America soon, He is going to owe Sodom and Gomorrah an apology. That struck me as a powerful and, sadly, truthful statement.

  4. Joe,

    Is this the Pastor your talking about?


    As Christians we have to live in this world however, we do not have to participate in the acts that are evil. We still, for the time being, have the right of free movement in this country. While we still can we can use this freedom, along with the economic power we have as a group, can pack our bags and move to towns and cities that still have some semblance of a Christian Spirit. Cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia and the list goes on are basically apostate and will likely never recover.

    Lot had to seek refuge in a cave and even that did not spare him from the godless society that consumed him.

    • Chhelo,

      Yep, that’s him. And yes, Scripture tells us to be in but not of the world. It also tells us there will be cities (i.e. nations, places) where we can go to seek refuge right up until the end. I am well aware that it is time to start looking for such places. Luckily, I am actually in one of the best I could find in this nation. However, there are very few places where we can run outside America — especially if they ever take PRISM global.

  5. Joe,

    I’m in a pocket community of about 30,000 and we are being surrounded day by day. We have come to the conclusion there may have to be a move in our future as well. Biggest question is where. Right now the plan is to bunker in place but be prepared to move to where there is a high concentration of like minded people.

    • Chhelo,

      You need a source of fresh water and farmland that you can defend. If it has access to a navigable river or the ocean, all the better. We have both here.

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