Absolute, Definitive Proof that Colleges are a RIP OFF!

Just watch this video, then tell me whether or not these students are receiving what they supposedly paid for:

WATCH: Students sign petition to legalize ‘fourth trimester’ abortions

The really “fun” part of this: most these idiots think they are better educated than you and I.  ROFLMAO!

3 thoughts on “Absolute, Definitive Proof that Colleges are a RIP OFF!

  1. In 1969 or 1970 Robert Zimmerman said that he learned, during his short sojourn in college; that a lot of people go to college. I agree whole heartedly (Robert Zimmerman AKA Bob Dylan)
    While I was stationed at Tyndall AFB, I spent almost every weekend, up the road, at that “girls school” (FSU).
    And yes, a lot of people went there.
    After my service, I attended college only long enough to acquire the information I wanted, and then started preparing to be in my own business. (It’s called experience)
    At one point I worked for Pratt & Whitney as an engineer(non-degree) in jet and rocket R&D; teaching MIT grads how to do what I did (for a whole lot less money than them)
    As we said at the time, “Yestiddy I culd not spell ENGENIRE, tody I r 1”

    • Ralph,

      I still live in the same city that hosts TAFB, and graduated from the “girls’ school” in 1994. I also do quite well in a field for which I had no formal schooling. Heck, I had ZERO experience in what I do before jumping into it. Now, people who have gone to school to learn my business ask me how I do what I do. I may be in a really, really small pond, but I guess I take up more than my share of room in it — and my college degrees were worthless in getting here 😉

      • Joe,
        I was stationed there in ’67 and ’68. So FSU was still predominately a girls school. As I recently told a young sorority girl, I have probably spent more time in the Tri Delt house than she had.(Delta, Delta, Delta, can I helpya, helpya, helpya)
        I guess Degrees are great for the academic world, a type of validation, but as you say, experience is an incredible teacher.
        When I left P&W, I started in my hobby as a vocation, and worked in and around the photo and advertising ind for about 35 years. No degrees, but I lectured at U of Miami, Florida Atlantic and Florida International.
        But when I burned out in that field, I walked away and never looked back.

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