Obama Scandals For Dummies

BHO dummiesAs Barack Obama desperately goes about America trying to distract the Nation from looking at the abject failure that is his Presidency, I noticed that at every event there are zombiefied humans sometimes standing other times sitting behind him.  I then have to wonder as they applaud “The One” do they even know what he is talking about?  I realize that there are people out there with the attention span of a gnat and politics is not nearly as fun as watching 30 Rock or 2 Broke Girls of even re-runs of Seinfeld.  But to clap uncontrollably while Obama tells America and the World he has been distracted by “Phony Scandals” is just too much to bear.

So in an attempt to help the “just too busy to care crowd” or the just plain “O bam a, O bam a O bam a!” chanting crowd.  I will try to step it down a few notches and visually show these distractions that Obama is complaining about that is keeping Congress from implementing his Socialistic agenda. These are presented in no particular order of importance nor in any order of potential damage to the Nation and American Citizens.


The “Gun Running” Operation known as “Fast and Furious”.  The Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder is to this day under “Contempt of Congress” for refusing to release information to Congressional investigators.

Not Phony F&F


There is more at the Dryer Report….

7 thoughts on “Obama Scandals For Dummies

  1. My favorite moments are when Obama makes implicit gestures towards tyrannical ideas (like trying to work around Congress), and his zombies applaud like he just announced the invention of sliced bread for the first time.

  2. I think the last piece of this puzzle was in place. I knew from the get-go this was a blown CIA opp baesuce hey… its freak’n obvious. What I didn’t know was that the CIA was holding detainees in Libya which is a big policy no-no right from Obama himself. My guess is he knew but was using the CIA for what it is for… doing shady stuff without most people’s knowledge. The whole “cover up” was to hide the fact CIA had prisoners on site. The Patreus affair was simply the White House having something on the general to ensure compliance. Either you resign and take the fall over Bengazi or you get charged with opp sec violations, kinda thing. The reason no conventional units responded to the attack is CIA didn’t want to draw attention to the site and its operatives there who were Stat Dept in name only, using it as cover for their opp as well as protection with diplomatic immunity. The video youtube story was simply an attempt to get the media thinking this was just another inncident of Muslisms freaking out (like over Koran burnings) hoping the whole thing would go away.Absolutely nothing will come of this. Patreus if he even testifies will do so nicely and take the fall to avoid criminal charges, Hillary is now clear of responsibility as it wasn’t her opp and was only loaning diplomatic status to the CIA, the Administration will claim national security and executive privilage and the whole thing will be shut down, buried and disavowed within six months.

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