Bachmann Joins Rubio on RINO Side of Isle?!?


Today, around 10:10 AM CST, Glenn Beck interviewed Michelle Bachmann on his radio program.  After listening to this woman – a person I used to trust and support – I have to say Bachmann has made the conscious decision to cross the isle and stand with the likes of Rubio, Graham and McCain.  She denied reports that have been in the media for weeks; claimed to be ignorant of statements made by President Obama and the NSA; and insisted that the NSA spying program has had ZERO incidents of concern to her.  She also spoke as though she were a drone – much the way the Leftist operators speak when they are on TV or the radio.  It leaves you with the distinct impression that they are reciting a memorized script and that they will not stop for fear of losing their place in that route recital.  The reason I believe Bachmann was doing this with Beck today is because this is the very first time I have ever heard her speak over Beck, and she did it repeatedly.  It is also the first time I heard her refuse to answer his questions.  She was – IMHO – evasive and border-line defensive.

Until now, I “thought” Bachmann was one of the few in Washington we could trust.  I wonder what happened.  Do you suppose the NSA showed her something they “didn’t listen to but only stored” that might cause her some personal troubles?  Has she abandoned her adherence to the Constitutional principles she has always espoused, and now embraces the “security before liberty” mantra of the tyrant?  I don’t know.  All I know is that, when she was pressed to acknowledge the reasons Beck does not trust our govt., she seemed to side with the govt.  That – to me – places her solidly on the side of the rest of the RINOs because – if you are intellectually honest – there is no way to defend this govt.

Now, for what it’s worth, Beck insisted he still likes and trusts Bachmann.  He made excuses for her, saying he thinks she has been deceived.  I don’t.  She is on the Intelligence Committee.  She knows more than we do, and it should be enough to place her in Beck’s camp, not the Administration and RINO’s camp.  So, for me, Bachmann has joined the long and growing list of “conservatives” who seem to have undergone a Progressive metamorphosis.

6 thoughts on “Bachmann Joins Rubio on RINO Side of Isle?!?

  1. I only heard his comments AFTER his interview. But I didn’t get that he was Making excuses for her. He was unequivocally Negative on her position. And that she was Wrong !

    And Beck is right !

  2. Frightening.

    Didn’t Bachman already state she wasn’t going to run for congress again? What could she possibly have to lose? Her family or her own life?

    Something is terribly wrong, the inaction of American legislators today parallel Germany’s pre-hitler legislators.

    • I’ve never seen Bachmann as a particularly interesting thinker and she apparently has been holding a seat in a “purple” seat in the People’s Republic of Minnesota. She has no political future on a statewide basis, and can go nowhere in a national capacity. My guess is she’s angling for a post at Fox or a Conservative think tank or lobbying outfit. I have no idea where she’s suddenly moving left in her positions.

      On Mon, Jul 29, 2013 at 5:28 PM, The Rio Norte Line wrote:

      > ** > kellsbellsfrompc commented: “Um, ring-a-ding-ding. Reality’s callin. > Wanna pick up? Have you not been paying attention to her voting record? She > and Ryan went rogue long before the NSA leak.” >

      • I tell you, Charles, she, Ryan, and our very own Boyd (now replaced by Southerland) bring to my mind the book, Where’s My Cheese? In other words they profit personally (or have close family) that profits from taxpayers via the Farm Bill. Then again, that is just one bill. Their record was shaky in my eyes before that.

        Unlike the aforementioned book, these little mice (politicians) don’t hunt for alternative food sources; their quite happy being the fed by the people. Oddly enough, this morning, my one hamster escaped from his exercise ball and I was freaking out totally 100% searching for him! Lo and behold! He had walked right back into his cage. I’m probably not making a lick of sense; I’m in a Coward state of mind.

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