From the Mouth of the Islamic Billy Graham

Unless you have taken the necessary time and put in the required effort to find and study what former Muslims have to tell us about Islam, you most likely know little more about Islam than what our Western media tells you.  The problem with that is our Western media hasn’t taken the time or made the effort to learn and understand Islam.  It merely applies its very Western and secular humanistic world view to Islam and assumes from there.  This is a very dangerous mistake, as you will soon see.  Going straight to two of the most respected and authoritative Islamic sources from the 20th Century::

“The truth is that Islam is not the name of a “Religion,” nor is “Muslim” the title of a “Nation.”  In reality, Islam is a revolutionary ideology and programme which seeks to alter the social order of the whole world and rebuild it in conformity with its own tenets and ideals.  “Muslim” is the title of that International Revolutionary Party organized by Islam to carry into effect its revolutionary progamme. And “Jihad” refers to the revolutionary struggle and utmost exertion which the Islamic Party brings into play to achieve the objective…  Islam requires the earth – not just a portion but the whole planet – not because the sovereignty over the earth should be wrest from one Nation or from several Nations and vested in one particular Nation, but because the entire mankind should benefit from it…  [Islam] which is the programme of well-being for all humanity.”

These words were said by Sayyid Abul A’la Maududi, widely considered – by other Muslims — to be the greatest Islamic revivalist of the 20th Century.  Think an “Islamic Billy Graham.”

Now read what Seyyid Qutb, another 20th Century Islamic revivalist, said in his book, Milestones:

“The basis of the message is that one should accept the Sharia without any question and reject all other laws in any shape or form.  This is Islam.”

Qutb also said:

“It is in the very nature of Islam to take initiative for freeing the human beings throughout the earth from servitude to anyone other than God [Allah[; and so it cannot be restricted within any geographical or racial limits, leaving all mankind on the whole earth in evil, in chaos and servitude to lords other than God [Allah].  In may happen that the enemies of Islam may consider it expedient not to take any action against Islam, if Islam leaves them alone in their geographical boundaries to continue the message and its declaration of universal freedom within their domain.  But Islam cannot agree tot his unless they submit to authority by paying the Jizyah [humiliation tax of Dhimmis], which will guarantee that they have opened their doors for the preaching of Islam and will not put any obstacle in its way through the power of the State.”

In other words, it is not enough that other nations chose to leave Muslims alone within their own borders.  Those nations MUST submit to Sharia, pay the tax and NOT do anything to get in the way of the spread of Islam.  This is in opposition to the principles and ideals of our Declaration of Independence and the protections afforded in the Constitution.  But more than this, under Sharia, the Jizyah only applies to Jews and Christians.  If you are neither Jew nor Christian, your options are to convert to Islam…or die by the sword.

Qutb continues:

“In short, to proclaim the authority and sovereignty of God [Allah] means to eliminate all human kingship and to announce the rule of the Sustainer of the universe over the entire earth.  In the words of the Qur’an: “He alone is God [Allah] in the heavens and in the earth.” (43:84)…This universal declaration of the freedom of man on earth from every authority except that of God [Allah], and the declaration that sovereignty is God’s [Allah’s]alone and that he is the Lord of the universe, it is not merely a theoretical, philosophical and passive proclamation.  It is a positive, practical and dynamic message with a view to bringing about the implementation of the Shari’ah of God [Allah] and actually freeing people from their servitude to other men to bring them inot service of God [Allah], the One without associates {Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit].  This cannot be attained unless both “preaching” and “the movement” [holy war or jihad] are used.”

In other words, if you are not a Muslim, you are in servitude and need to be freed – even if it must be done against your will.  And your freedom cannot be achieved unless Muslims preach and wage jihad.  Mind you, once you are “freed,” you will be forced into servitude to Allah or you will be killed.

THIS is what Islam believes and what Islam commands.  And this is why so few Muslims speak out against jihad: because jihad is meant to free you, you ignorant infidel.

[NOTE: there is a similarity between Islam and the American Progressive movement.  Both believe that they have a moral imperative to save you from yourself.  Furthermore, since they are both trying to save all of humanity, they both tend to believe that any means is justified in the pursuit of this goal.  In my opinion, this also explains why, while they theoretically oppose each others agenda, they naturally see each other as allies of convenience: because they both recognize the same spirit within the other.]

22 thoughts on “From the Mouth of the Islamic Billy Graham

  1. I Think People New to the Dialogue really need to hear Modern American Muslims speaking for themselves…… It jibes with the Quotes Joes is highlighting…..showing that the above sentiments are NOT an aberration or momentary commentary unique to the Early 20th Century.

    Here is a Tennessee Muslim who says Christians and Jews are Filthy and their lives and property can be taken in Jihad by mohameddans…….and he is reading from the muslims “Holy Books” to proove it.


        • B., my reference was to an age-old football rivalry between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Tennessee Volunteers. In Don’s post, he presents a marble-mouthed Muslim (I did have some trouble understanding him; he needs to project and enunciate) who is living in Tennessee espousing this bullshit? I’d bet he could survive less than a week in the mountains.

      • It has long been my view that Islam, unlike the other major religions in the world at this point in time, believes that its Prophet called it to work toward a global caliphate, bringing all peoples and all other religions under the sway of Allah. A reading of the Koran, other Islamic literature and the history of Islam over the centuries reveals a violent religion whose founders felt completely comfortable with murder and indeed primarily advanced the “religion” through invasions and forced conversions from other faiths. This pattern has continued throughout the history of Islam, and although the majority of Muslims today are probably peaceable, reasonable people, they allow the minority of violent, committed Islamic extremists to dominate the Islamic population worldwide. Iran is now the epicenter of a global Islamic conspiracy that is seeking to fulfill the charge issued fourteen centuries ago and it is willing to carry out acts of unspeakable carnage to achieve its dominance. That is what the West, and primarily America, confronts today and we are led by a President who believes and accepts the legitimacy of Islam’s Allah-directed jihad.

        Islamists are committed to the destruction of our American freedoms, values and our way of life. As “infidels” we enjoy no real standing in the view of Radical Islam and so we can be lied to, murdered and otherwise attacked in the name of greater Islamic objectives. Our President and the American Media continue to hide what they know to be the true objectives of Iran and its allies. Our Dear Leader has delayed and obfuscated while Iran has continued to build nuclear capabilities and Hamas and Hezbollah rain death on our only true ally in the Middle East, Israel. The true nature of Islamic intentions is often hidden by delivering one reasonable version of a speech in English, while the real speech, loaded with hate, violence and the call to destroy the infidels, is delivered in Arabic. Rarely do Americans read or hear both versions…I have and the intentions are quite clear.

        The American government continues to permit Radical Muslims in America to speak hatred, violence and the destruction of America in public speeches, online and especially within mosques, which are often political centers which house terrorists and their supporters. Such speech is not protected under our Constitution or laws or by reasonable people. As Presidents Jefferson and Lincoln and Justice Robert Jackson all said, “The Constitution is not a suicide pact.” And failure to enforce our Constitution and Federal laws is an impeachable offense, since the Executive Branch does not enjoy discretion on the laws it chooses to enforce. The Executive also has no Constitutional authority to make and enforce new “regulations” which are actually newly created laws. But the first duty of our Commander-in-Chief is to protect our Constitution and the citizens of America from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Radical Islam is both a domestic and foreign threat to all Americans. As someone who lost 25-friends, colleagues and former students to Islamic terrorism on September 11, 2001, I can attest that the Islamic threat to America and Americans is real and it must be recognized by our President and our “leaders”.

        • CDE,

          You’re about to find out what it feels like to be me. There are people on here who are NOT going to like you very much for stating the truth as you just did 🙂

          BTW: that spreading of Islam through deception has an official Islamic name. It’s called taqiyya.

          Now, might I suggest a few things? You say that Islam’s Prophet and early leaders “thought” they had to spread Islam by the sword? When I read the Qur’an, I find Muhammad flat out commanding it. Furthermore, Muhammad said it was from Allah, and that Muslims cannot object. This is further supported in the Surrah and Hadith, and by Muhammad’s actions as well as the actions of his immediate successors. For this reason, I would also question why you accept the term “Radical?” If it is actually in the holy scriptures of Islam, is it really radical?

          Only one other thing you might want to look into and that is Iran and Egypt. As I understand the differences, Iran is mostly Shi’ah, dominated by the Twelvers. As you say, they believe in global dominance of Islam. HOWEVER, the Muslim Brotherhood is mostly Sunni, and they also believe in the global dominance of Islam. In fact, their motto is:

          “Allah is our objective; the Prophet is our leader; Qur’an is our law.; Jihad is our way; dying in the path of Allah is our highest hope.”


          • Hi Joe…It is nice to be on the same side of an issue with you, and this is a big one. I’ve studied all the major religions of today’s world, and many that were important for a while and then disappeared. Some of that was at academic institutions, some was on my own and some happened while I did business in nations where they were the dominant faiths. On many faiths I understand their histories and the impact their beliefs have had on the societies they exist within, but there is nothing inherently aggressive in their views of the world or even their views of non-believers. Some are actually quiescent, with most of their followers focused on the inner life and tranquility or nirvana being the goal.

            The history of Islam is quite different from most faiths. While Christians have sometimes behaved horribly toward other faiths, including Islam, it is impossible to make the case that Jesus, or even St. Paul, whose writings often distress me, in any way sanctioned the use of violence to advance the Christian religion. It is my personal view that the Emperor Constantine’s “conversion” to Christianity, with his purported vision to “conquer under the sign of the Cross”, was a terrible event in terms of the development of Christianity as a religious institution. After that, the Christian and later the Roman Catholic Church became largely a political institution for centuries, with Popes and Bishops leading armies in the field under the sign of the “Lamb of God.” None of those atrocities had Biblical support.

            Conversely, you are correct in saying that the Islamic holy books explicitly support the expansion of the Faith, through whatever means necessary. The Islamic world today continues in that approach. Women are denigrated and denied basic human freedoms as if they lives in tents in the 7th century. Slavery, especially of infidels, is still a common practice. Capital punishment is routine and is carried out in barbaric and public executions. Sharia is imposed wherever possible and it codifies the frightening world of 7th century religious Collectivism. Islam has no real historic roots in America and its tenets are contrary to every basic America value, including our freedoms of speech, thought, religion, assembly, the press, and our basic freedom of association. No truly American president could fail to recognize the complete and total incompatibility of America’s values with the teachings and history of Islam. America is built on Classic Anglo-American Liberal principles and values, which are codified in our founding and ruling documents. And freedom is at the core of what it means to be an American. At least according to Islam’s holy books, the teachings of its clerics today and its violent history, freedom is a foreign concept.

            • Chuck,

              When you say “Niirvana being the Goal”……. you’re refering to the Rock Group of course right… ;- )).

              Just to focus our younger readers .

              • Don: This is where I have often get in trouble with four of my six children. While I think of Nirvana as a “newer” musical group, today’s kids see them as an “old” group, and Kurt Cobain took his own life in 1994, almost 20-years ago. To quote Manny Kant in THE CRITIQUE OF PURE REASON, “Growing old is a bitch.”

                • CDE,

                  Have you ever had the experience of one of these new groups doing a remake, so when it “first” hits the air you already know the words and your kids can’t figure out how? I have had to explain to my boys that so many of the songs they think are new are remakes: in some cases, remakes of remakes.

                  • That’s the difference between Boys and Girls Joe ….. You can tell them the same thing and they just go singing while nodding with that “uh-huh…whatever” look in their faces.

                  • Joe: that happens all the time. While my favorite genre is jazz, I lived through the Classic Rock, Punk and Prog Rock periods and enjoyed them all. If you catch some of the videos of live concerts from the early to mid-’70s, with Leon Russell, Seals & Croft, Joe Cocker and others, I’m one of the guys hanging from the speaker platforms on the apron of the stage. No, my kids do not know that, but yes, they do find it funny when I know the words to “new” songs.

                • Courtney Love needs to be added to the “equation” of Cobain’s demise ….. not that I know anuthing of course.

    • The above write up is pure trash, Quran is Allah’s words. Islam is living with Christians and Jews for last 1430 years

      • And killing Christians in Syria and Egypt……there ARE NO Jews living in those countries…….they attacked Jews in 1948/9 ….1967…..and 1973.

        Quran tells muslims to seek out and kill kufir… you are right , allah tells mohameddans to kill all kufir if they don’t submit to islam.

  2. “Just to focus our younger readers.”

    I protest, Don!

    “Islam is living with Christians and Jews for last 1430 years”

    Islam has been trying to kill off the Christians and the Jews for the last 1430! I agree, people of various religious faiths should work together to to establish some sort of way to coexist (I hate that bumper sticker so much), where we can all practice our faiths (and I’m not preaching pluralism), but don’t be blind to history either. Islam has hardly been the victim amongst history’s players.

  3. Libercrite, how do you explain the expulsion of the jews from Spain? The Muslims did not do that, nor did they force the Jews to renounce their religion when they allowed the jews to come live in Muslim lands. Doesn’t sound very bloodthirsty to me, but what do I know, besides a lot more than you?

  4. “but what do I know, besides a lot more than you?”

    Ohh! +2 for melfamy with the playground caliber slam. Aren’t you a little too grey to be dishing out disses like that, pops? Whats up next? Are we going to start stacking up significant people that our fathers know? Why don’t we have Karl fire off a gun shot to get us started? If you would prefer something less tedious though, you can just un-invite me to your birthday party…

    “how do you explain the expulsion of the jews from Spain?”

    How exactly do you explain it, captain? In Latin? Greek? French?

    The Mufti also declared to Hitler that the Jews were the foremost enemy, so how about that? How you you think Jewish relations went with that alliance (doesn’t sound very bloodthirsty to me); or do you like to cozy up with Ahmadinejad in the Holocaust denying camp?

    I know, I lack coherence and a brain for that matter, and am unqualified to have a “discussion” with you. I’ll just go ahead and clear the air with that one now, that way you can save yourself the task of repeating this seemingly inevitable talking point. The same talking point that you bring up at some point of every single post that you comment on, with whoever you happen to be disagreeing with…

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