Lying Liars And The People Who Love To Be Lied To By Them

There are all kinds of people out there who seem to think that they understand what is wrong with America. We’re:

None of those are true.

I’m going to tell you what I think is wrong with America – and it only boils down to two things:

  • Liars, and
  • People who believe or support liars because to do so suits their personal or political goals.

That’s it. They say you can’t fix stupid – but there is an antidote to lying.

It is called “the truth”.

I know it is a quaint concept in this age of “nuance” but just imagine how much less complicated life (and politics) would be if Obama made a statement like this:

So you add it all up, and over the past 40 months our businesses have created 7.2 million new jobs but the labor force participation rate is at a 30 year low, so we are still losing jobs – what we have been doing isn’t working. We aren’t even replacing the jobs are losing and we have to change direction. Government intervention in the free market just didn’t actually work. It created a temporary bump to support people (mostly my base) but it wasn’t a good long term solution. This year we’re off to our strongest private sector job growth since 1999 but only because we have fallen so very far in the last recession – and when you increase from nothing to something, it looks big but really isn’t (statistics are funny that way, don’t you think?). The real unemployment rate, called U-6, actually went up a full half a point in June to 14.3% and frankly, that sucks. And not because we my administration bet on this country, suddenly foreign companies are too – but not because of my policies – it is something that they have been doing since the 1990’s because American worker productivity is the highest in the world. Right now more — more of Honda’s cars are made in America than anyplace else on Earth because America is Honda’s largest market – years ago the states, not the federal government, offered incentives to locate Honda factories in the US and Honda wanted to do that to save logistics costs. Yeah. Airbus, the — the European aircraft company — they’re building new planes in Alabama which was another state level initiative led by Alabama Republicans that had nothing to do with me or my policies. Then American companies like Ford are replacing outsourcing with insourcing for domestically sold vehicles but are investing overseas as well. They’re bringing jobs back home because American investment abroad and the free market are increasing the standard of living and wages for workers overseas.

This is an actual excerpt of Obama’s recent speech at Knox College and I added the bolded text to actually make his statements…you know…actually true.

It is said that there are seven types of lies told by liars:

  • Error – a lie by mistake. The person believes they are being truthful, but what they are saying is not true.
  • Omission – leaving out relevant information. Easier and least risky. It doesn’t involve inventing any stories. It is passive deception and less guilt is involved. I think the “half-truth” is a form of lying by omission. This one is a favorite of politicians everywhere – reciting a statement that is technically true, but is really false when taken in context –  like Obama’s claim of 7.2 million jobs created while he omits the fact that he doesn’t count the losses in the first year of his term and that to just meet the replacement rate would require around 225,000 new jobs per month or roughly 9.0 million  jobs just to stay even, meaning that his is in a 1.8 million jobs hole even by his own metrics.
  • Restructuring – distorting the context. Saying something in sarcasm, changing the characters, or the altering the scene.
  • Denial – refusing to acknowledge a truth. The extent of denial can be quite large—they may be lying only to you just this one time or they may be lying to themselves.
  • Minimization – reducing the effects of a mistake, a fault, or a judgment call.
  • Exaggeration – representing as greater, better, more experienced, more successful.
  • Fabrication – deliberately inventing a false story.

Politics are just chocked full of all seven types but I would add one more – lying is a form of communication and to communicate, there has to be a sender (the liar) and the receiver (a person). I would propose that if you believe or willfully promoter a lie or a liar, you are guilty of:

  • Lying in complicity – actively participating in a lie.

To understand what this looks like in practice and why it is done, all you have to do is to look at how the Democrats are handling the Anthony Weiner sexting vs. Bill and Monica scandals. I want you go here and scroll forward to about the 1:55 mark where Sean Hannity introduces the debate between former Clinton adviser Bernard Whitman and radio and Fox TV host, Andrea Tantaros, and listen to the shameless equivocation and dissembling that Whitman has to go through to defend Bill Clinton while dissing Carlos Danger.

Get it?

Clinton was a sitting American president; he actually committed a sex act with an intern in the Oval Office…and lied about it.

Weiner is a former House member from New York who is running for mayor and as far as we know today, Carlos Danger only sexted with no physical contact.

  • Clinton gets a pass because he could advance the “progressive” agenda.
  • Carlos is too weak and inconsequential to do so, so screw him.

Makes perfect sense, right?

Look at the Bob Filner issue in San Diego vs. Rush Limbaugh calling Sandra Fluke a “slut”.

  • Rush, although Fluke’s actions since have proven him right = Republican “War on Women”.
  • Filner has committed actual sexual harassment of at least 5 women ≠ Democrat “War on Women”

It isn’t about truth with these people; it is about power and the advancement of an ideology. I really don’t see conservatives doing this to support a conservative or “right wing” position – I do see Republicans like John McCain doing it to advance a “progressive” agenda.

The truth isn’t complex and it doesn’t require a teleprompter to express, nor does it have to be “corrected” behind closed doors.

If I were a Democrat, I would have to question why it is that advancing “progressivism” requires lying and that my worth was not defined by whom I am rather what I can do to advance the “progressive” cause.

If I were a Democrat voter, I would really have to wonder why. If I was a Republican voter who opposed “progressivism”, I would also have to be asking the same question.

17 thoughts on “Lying Liars And The People Who Love To Be Lied To By Them

  1. “If I were a Democrat voter, I would really have to wonder why.”


    Could you NOT find some examples in the Republican Party, too? Ryan, Rubio, McCain, Graham, Boehner,…

    The spirit of lying and deception knows no Party loyalty, boss.

      • No worries. I just don’t want us, those who write for the RNL, to open ourselves to attack from the other side. If we are standing on solid ground — as I believe you are — we need to point the finger at ALL who are guilty 🙂

      • Utah and Joe,
        I am repeating part of a comment I made below….Because I feel there are Legislative issues that Readers of RNL coulsd and Should be spreading around and actively contacting their Representatives about.

        The issues Readers of RNL should be focusing on Legislatively…. with calls, talking with Family and Neighbors, e-mailing, blogging, Twitter, FBook etc are :

        The Defunding of ObamaCare in the Continuing Resolution.
        The Amesty Screw-overs in the Congress going on Behind our Backs.
        Keeping pressure to Defund the NSA….and,
        The IRS Scandal and the Profiling of the Tea Party.

        These four issues NEED to be having pressure put on our Representatives because they are STILL ongoing and active NOW…………………So along with defining who we are and what our ultimate thrust will be for the 2014 Midterm Voting…..we need to keep our Eye on the Ball with the Here and Now.

        I wish you and Utah would Devote some posts to the Four issues with a message to Now.. GET OUT AND CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE about the above 4 issues.

        Remember Nancy Pelosi said “we had to pass the Bill to find out what’s in it…..if we liked it ” ???

        Well…..there should be signs popping up all over supporting the Defunding in the upcoming CR…..Repeating what she said and saying…..

        ”YOU passed it…..WE see it….WE Don’t LIKE it…….Defund it….Repeal it !! “

        • I’m with Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit – there should be a third house of Congress that does nothing but get rid of shitty legislation through repealing it.

          • Yes….But how bout a Post on the CR , Mike Lee and other GOP attempts to DEFUND ObanaCare NOW.

            Give it exposure…….people DO retweet and repeat Info !!….

  2. When I first read the title….. I thought it was going to be an Article about … “..Helga’s House of Pain..” !!

  3. The only thing worse than Obama’s chronic lying problem, is the drones in the background who hypnotically nod their head in agreement to everything he says, like it’s gospel truth. Especially with remarks that call pretty serious things like Benghazi, the IRS, and the NSA leak “phony scandals”.

    “Rush Limbaugh calling Sandra Fluke a “slut”.”

    If a summers wage worth of sex in contraceptives no longer qualifies that as a s**t, I don’t know what does…oh wait, a serial lover. Legalize love, right?

    “The truth isn’t complex and it doesn’t require a teleprompter to express, nor does it have to be “corrected” behind closed doors.”


  4. Don, anytime Sandra Fluke is mentioned, or some sort of implicit reference to her is made, I always jump in with the “Summers wage worth of sex in contraceptives” point! Maybe I’m the one having trouble letting it go! LOL

    • It would take Real Men rolling up their sleaves and gettin’ the Job done huh..?….with Elbow grease and a ” throw your back into it men” from the NCO.

  5. Well I’m sure she wouldn’t have a problem finding “men” from the rest of the working class that she’s a part of, that feels compelled to sieze or control or whatever, the means of production!

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