RNL Reader: Just Let Progressives Run the Country?!

If I tried to write this post I a manner that would be acceptable to all and not offend anyone, I wouldn’t be able to write it.  I’m sorry, but I can’t let his one go.  There is an important lesson to be learned here, so I am going to post this anyway.  If it offends, then just stop reading my posts.

Here is what caught my attention: a comment by an RNL reader, Melfamy.

melfamyAug 2, 3:53 pm


I seek the truth, you play word games. Coded speeches my ass! Where do you get these stupid ideas?

All these progressives you hate? They put this country on top, they made us a wealthy country, a superpower. If that was a 100-year plan, then by God, let the bastards run the world!

OK, Let’s take this one piece at a time starting with this:

“Coded speeches my ass! Where do you get these stupid ideas?”

Those of us who have taken the time to read what Progressives have written throughout their history know that they are the ones who admit to using code words in their speech.  This has been advocated openly.  You can find it in the writings of Progressives such as Edward Bernays, Walter Lippmann and Saul Alinsky.  You can even find it in the writing of Woodrow Wilson who said that Communism would be the best form of governance for the United States, but it had to be sold under a different label before Americans would accept it.  This is where the term “Progressive” actually comes from: a re-branding of their true ideology so as to deceive their target audience.  They did it again after they were initially discredited.  At that time, they re-branded themselves as “liberals.”  They then destroyed that label, so now, they are trying to go back to “Progressive.”

This is also why the openly Left operatives in the Progressive movement accuse people on the Right of “dog whistles.”  They say that because they know that there are Progressives on the Right, and that all Progressives speak in code.  They have to because their ideology cannot survive in America if it tries to operate in the full light of day.

There is much more in the historical record that clearly demonstrates that Progressives use code words. John Dewey is another very important example and we will return to him shortly.  The point is, we who pay attention “get this idea” from the Progressives, themselves.

“I seek the truth, you play word games.”

This is one of those statements that often leads to very heated confrontations as it turns objective reality on its head.  As I just explained, Progressives are the ones who admitted to each other that they had to use deception to get the American people to support their agenda.  Progressives have demonstrated a long history of this deception.  So it is difficult to understand how a person can claim to seek truth while openly supporting the Progressive agenda.  Either their idea of truth is different from that in the dictionary, they are deceived themselves, or they are among the deceivers.  Personally, I happen to believe the majority are deceived, themselves.  This is easy to understand given that there are Progressives in both major Parties.  So it is easy for someone to recognize the spirit of deception in the opposing Party, but they often can’t or refuse to see the same thing in their own Party.  However, in this particular case, Melfamy is not deceived.  He has made a conscious choice.  I’ll explain shortly, but will address the last part of his comment in the process:

“All these progressives you hate? They put this country on top, they made us a wealthy country, a superpower. If that was a 100-year plan, then by God, let the bastards run the world!”

I take Melfamy at his word: he wholeheartedly supports the Progressive agenda.  He sees them as being the power that made America great – as he understands great.  So let’s look at what this means:

1 – Manifest Destiny is a Progressive idea.  This is the idea that America should dominate the continent under Jackson, but also that America should dominate the world under Wilson.  Melfamy has spoken out against American imperialism in the past, but now he is praising it by praising the Progressive agenda/record.

2—John Dewey was a Progressive.  His goal was to change society by using the school system to indoctrinate our children.  He accepted deception as part of the process.  Melfamy once called this man and what he wanted to do “evil,” but now he is praising it by praising the Progressive agenda/record.

3 – Progressives have always been racist.  Wilson segregated the military.  He was a famous racist, as was Margaret Sanger.  Sanger founded Planned Parenthood to eliminate the black race, as well as other “undesirables.”  Melfamy has spoken out against racism in the past, but now he is praising it by praising the Progressive agenda/record.

4 – Eugenics is a Progressive program, and was instrumental in assisting Germany in developing their idea of “The final Solution.”  This connects American Progressives to the Holocaust.  By praising the Progressive agenda, Melfamy is praising their connection to mass murder.

5 — The American welfare system was designed by Progressives and has been largely responsible for the destruction of the black family and middle class.  By praising the Progressive agenda, Melfamy praises this, too.

6 – Progressives have been responsible for the destruction of the U.S. Constitution.  By praising the Progressive agenda, Melfamy is praising the destruction of our Constitution and the protections afforded under the Bill of Rights.

7 – Progressives are responsible for the IRS and income tax.  He is praising this, too.

8 – Progressives are responsible for establishing the Federal Reserve and, thus, destroying the value of your money and creating a debtor economy/society.  Remember, this is directly connected to the same thinking that produced the national debt, which now enslaves countless generations yet to be born.  Melfamy is praising this, too.

9 – Progressives invented propaganda, and openly advocated taking over our media – News and Entertainment – to control public opinion.  Melfamy is praising this.

10 — The minimum wage is a Progressive idea.  It is connected to the idea that society owes you something simply because you were born.  This has been directly responsible for eliminating many of the service jobs that young kids used to take which helped them learn to be worth more money while making everyone else’s life easier.  These were jobs like the service station attendant, movie theater usher, elevator operator and grocery delivery boy.  Melfamy is praising the loss of these job as well as the social institutionalization of an entitlement mentality.

There is more – much more – and Melfamy has every right to believe these are the sort of things that make a nation “great.”  It’s just that history has shown these are the things that destroy a society and make nations vulnerable to takeover by tyrants.  This should be enough to explain why I have a problem with anyone who claims the Progressives should be allowed to run this country.  I only hope you see and understand it as well.

19 thoughts on “RNL Reader: Just Let Progressives Run the Country?!

  1. If the progressives had never existed the good ole USA would have an economy triple what we have today and raised the rest of the worlds living standards higher as well..

    It’s not the progressives that made us the strongest nation the world has ever seen it was the foresight of our Founding Fathers and their faith in a Creator who granted us our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness without the government stealing everything.

    That leaves progressives out. They are never happy. A most miserable lot.

    • Chhelo,

      As much as I’d like to believe that, I’m not sure it is wise to make such a sweeping blanket statement. Given, they chose the wrong solutions, but the Progressives were a reaction to the very real problem of an over-concentration of wealth in our nation. Vanderbilt, Carnegie, Rockefeller, and the like held what amounted to monopolies. As much as they like to claim otherwise, the “conservatives” need to acknowledge that this concentration of wealth does trample both the free market as well as the government — in so far as the peoples’ ability to actually control it.

      In many ways, we are still suffering from this same problem. Unless and until we find a way to deal with it that preserves private property and Natural Law, we’re just handing the Progressives the fuel they need to burn the free market to the ground.

      • I kind of agree with Chhelo and Joe at the same time.

        Chhelo….because I think he is refering to all the average people who DIDN’T have the Goals of the Vanderbilts…..but instead that other “American Spirit” that built the greatest “middle class” so to speak that the world has ever known. And who were happy to provide fwell or their families without damaging others….this is the OTHER American Spirit which IMO shouldn’t be co-mingled with the Vanderbilt kind.

        I agree With Joe that this other goal morphed into Monopolies that were destructive. HOWEVER….. we must look at what was going on in the world when these Carnegies and Vanderbilts and Rockefellers were buiding their businesses……they did provide long-term good jobs and Civic money when the rest of the world was providing nothing but the same old system that had been there for Hundreds and thousands of years.

        And as such people then as now wanted to emigrate here … and did, and they subsequently prospered far beyond their old country relatives. And a lot had to do with these businesses as well as others.

        • Don,

          I didn’t mean to give the impression that the nation became great because of Progressives, or that industrial giants somehow prevented us from being what we could have been. All I meant to say was that we cannot — well — should not make the boastful claim that we’d have been so much better off without the Progressive movement.

          The industrial giants may well have created many jobs, and great wealth, but that wealth did stay mostly with them, and they did work people ungodly hours in horrid conditions. On these points, the Progressives/labor organizers did have a point. It’s just that their solutions were as wrong as the people they opposed (i.e. industrialists).

          In the end, the monopoly owners could have doubled what they paid and cut the hours to 50-60/week and they would have still been incredibly rich. They may well have also kept their monopolies as things would have been much better for the workers and the Progressives may well have never gained the foothold the industrialists gave them through their greed — and it was greedy.

          Look, this is simple: follow Biblical principles of fair trade and things have this strange habit of working out well for all parties involved 😉

          • Joe…………………..Seriously………………..

            There is NO WAY I would ever think you would say the nation became great because of Progressives……..Really now… :- ))

            Yes they could have doubled wages and etcetera……and yes things would have then been MUCH better for their employees…….all I was saying is that the Context of the world system has to enter at some point to balance the picture. Because some saw their work as opportunity and indeed for many …it was….and continued to be, as shown by the increased immigration that came with increased industrialization.

            There is a poetic beginning to the Novel “Look Homeward Angel” by American Writer Thomas Wolfe….” The seed of our destruction will blossom in the desert, the alexin of our cure grows by a mountain rock, and our lives are haunted by a Georgia slattern, because a London cutpurse went unhung. Each moment is the fruit of forty thousand years”……So,

            Yes indeed the excesses of these industrialists bred their own response in the start-up ofTrade Unions and in the Intellectual creep of Progressivism in America from the Fabians in Europe.

              • In 2000 the entire Book was published sana the Perkins editing……Called “O Lost”.

                I haven’t read it………..some say it is a Book best read before you are 30…LOL

            • Don,

              Sorry, just trying to avoid any pretense of having a strong opinion, of discounting others or not accepting everyone else’s opinions as equally valid to my own (does that contain the proper amount of snark? And is it clear enough that I am being sarcastic without trying to be arrogant or mean spirited?) 😉 LOL

              • Good…. I see you have been listening to your “Barney and Friends” tape from NPR like a good Toadie.

                If someone turned it into “house-music”……maybe a re-do would be in order huh ??

  2. Joe,

    I know. I let my belief in the American spirit cloud my judgement. That being said how big a drag has the FED and the income tax system and been our economic system since 1913 and our welfare system and energy policy for the last 40 years. Just look at the damage Obama has done in 4 years.

    Secondly, it will be fun to read responses about how the progressives did it all on their own despite resistance from the evil conservative right.

    • Chhelo,

      Oh, don’t get me wrong, I agree: without the drag of the Progressive collectivists, our nation would be in a much better position. Were I forced to chose between the “robber Barrons” (There is a Progressive code word for you) and the Progressives “solutions,” I would go with the monopolists. At least they could be taken out if you were smart enough — and ruthless enough. You can’t take out the govt. They put you in front of the firing squad for even trying.

      As for the Fed and IRS: big business uses them to their advantage all the time. Hence the corporate vs. “small business” tax rates — among other things 😉

  3. Oh here it comes Joe. Melfamy will be along sooner than later to call you vile names. Maybe even he’ll say something ridiculous as you like to have sexual relations with donkeys or something of the sort.

    Wait for it … wait for it …

  4. Getting called names by Melfamy is a badge of honor.

    Back to my original point. We have placed a huge burden on wealth creation in this country for the last 100 years. Out tax system, over regulation, welfare at the national level, loss of moral political leadership, breakdown of the family (no fault divorce), senseless wars since the end of WWII, abortion, rabid environmentalism (not referring to doing what was required to clean up the water, air and other common sense problems), coherent energy policy and lack of a sensible well managed immigration system.

    We are all in someway responsible. As a people we became complacent and comfortable. We placed too much trust in our elected politicians because they were fellow Americans and we could not or would not believe they really wanted to change America into a socialist backwater. Even I voted for Nixon and Bush I & 2 who in hind sight left a lot to be desired but in my defense voting for their opponents would have yielded worse results. The simple answer is we lost our moral compass as a people.

    I have looked for studies on the effects of the above on GDP or national wealth but have not found any research on the subject. Common sense however, answers the question. The weight of all of the above will destroy any country where the people allow it to happen.

    • Chhelo,

      Agreed. I even think the few points I cautioned us all not to overlook — that big business uses the govt. and tax policy to restrict competition — should be added tot he list of factors contributing to the restriction of wealth generation. When Gates openly admits he could not start Microsoft over today, it should show us that we have regulated ourselves into serfdom.

      I think we should look closer at the policies they used to get us out of the great depression of 1920-21 — you know, the one you never hear about because it didn’t last that long because the proper policies were implemented. 😉

      • GREAT point Joe…..the Depression of 1920-21 should be given much more exposure…….Perhaps even a thread of its own !!

      • Joe,

        Will give it a read. Have read books and article on past recessions and depressions that occurred during periods when there was no Central Bank and the Treasury had the ability to borrow without paying interest to a private banking cartel. Of course this takes us into the fractional banking system the Bankster’s wanted and was the sole reason for creation of the FED.

        If you want to see some explanations on where we are today and the staggering amount of debt the FED and Government have created and when the debt really accelerated here’s a good place to start.


        • Chhelo,

          Thanks. That site is already bookmarked. Has been for years 🙂

          And yes, the true debt is beyond our ability to pay off — unless you accept the “conspiracy theory” that Beck has shared with us. In that case, then you may know they are planning to devalue our currency and use federal land holdings to pay off the debt. Not that this has ever been done before (*cough*cough* Adolf Hitler*cough* 😉 )

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