Insane In the Membrane

In another thread, Meflamy offered a point worthy of discussion in a new thread.  It reads as follows:
No sane politician will even propose raising taxes right now, that isn’t a worry, yet!”He’s 100% right.  No sane politician would ever propose raising taxes right now.  The problem is, we are not dealing with sane politicians.


Obama wants to offer a small reduction in corporate taxes in exchange for flattening taxes, but at INCREASED overall rate, with all kinds of ideas for more spending. What kind of a moron would honestly offer such a deal? Certainly not an attribute of a politician wishing to express sentience towards the middle class.

Obviously it isn’t going to fly, so it’s clearly a political ploy to make it look like he is negotiating, and trying to be reasonable, with no fear of actually being taken up on it.  Yet another example of what a sleazy politician Obama is.

1. Everyone realizes corporate taxes need to come down, so the US can remain competitive, and bring companies and jobs (and revenue) to the US. The only reason democrats haven’t done it already is they spent so much time demonizing corporations and how little taxes they pay.  So that has become politically difficult  for them now.

2. EVERYONE, all sides of the political spectrum, knows the tax code is unfair and needs to be flattened and simplified. The reason it needs to be revenue neutral, is that both sides can sign on without a big political price to pay.  Democrats won’t do it if rates go down, while Republicans won’t if the rates go up.

3. Debt and spending are a separate issue,  and shouldn’t be tied to doing what both sides agree needs to happen. Obama is a shitty president, because he could get this done, if he were a proper leader, instead of just another partisan hack, only interested in screwing Republicans.  He’s like a bad tooth that just needs to be pulled, so we can get on with improving the economy.

Yet more bad ideas from Obama. What a nauseating period we are having to suffer through.

Obama’s Bargain: Lower Rates for Higher Spending

8 thoughts on “Insane In the Membrane

  1. Don’t forget that many of these politicians have actually convinced themselves that they can tax and spend us into prosperity. For that group, new taxes represent nothing more than a necessary first step toward that prosperity.

    This is what happens when you embrace relativism and post modern thought: everything is “normal” — from a certain point of view. 😦

  2. Ma Bell and Std Oilwere FORCED divestitures….

    The Oil split came at a very different time im History than Telephone’s Split…..not every Bell made out any better than if it had been allowed to stay in the Parent Company. Some did but not all………..Nachio and Quest ( Formerly U S West ) comes easily to mind…….the trade was to be in it 94 to 95 and sell LATE 1999 at most Mid Jan 2000…….beyond that it was a disaster. Plus the Trade was for new ownership NOT divested ownership….( Yes) I made that trade.

    I was also a ( T ) holder since before graduating High school thus before the split….so I know both sides …. the Trade and the Buy and Hold. There are other examples but a simple ( BUT THOROUGH) research will show the Truth….. thorough equals normalizing for Pre-split prices.

    • “Augger, how long have you been a Cypress Hill fan?”

      I’m sorry, I do not think I understand. Who/what is Cypress Hill?

      Never mind, I Googled it. Cypress Hill wrote a rap song by the same name. Purely a coincidence. I have to say though, some of the artwork for that band is pretty cool.

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