This Should Make You Cry

So I was sitting at a local buffet today, watching the people eating and working there, when I noticed how many of them had a blank look on their faces and even slack jaws.  It was almost as if they were all in some sort of trance.  They were moving in slow motion and didn’t really look like they were even there.  The lights were on — sort of — but no one appeared to be home.  And then I realized something else.  I have made fun of the following clips in the past, but there’s nothing to make fun of anymore.  This is the reality of the world in which we live.  Seriously, take the time to watch these clips and look to see if you don’t see what I see:

Plants crave Brawndo

I have a 6-point plan


But it doesn’t stop here.  Watch these two clips:

Ow!  My Balls!


Jackass the Movie


Do you see it?  If not, you might want to watch this series on YouTube.  But one word of warning: this series contains STRONG LANGUAGE and Adult Content:

Stupidity – Dumbing down of Society part 1 of 6

8 thoughts on “This Should Make You Cry

  1. The output of the current government education system understands slapstick . Subtle humor seems to escape all but the few, and they ain’t buyin movie tickets or watching T V

  2. The greatest atrocity to this whole thing is that there are people are consciously ok with the dumbing down of society. If you take a look at younger generations, being stupid actually buys one social status. At some point along the way, our dumbing down became cool and acceptable. My uneducated guess is probably around the time reality TV began to thrive.

    • Libercrite,

      THANK YOU! I didn’t want to go there for fear that my “friends” would think I had already gone too far. But now that you’ve said what I was thinking, let me add that — in their circles — these people actually think they are smart. What’s more, when people like you and I enter their world, they think WE are the idiots — just like in the movie Idiocracy.

      Scary. This isn’t “evolution,” it’s “devolution.”

      • That’s spot on Joe. In conjunction with “devolution”, these are the same exact people who spew ambiguous philosophy about humanity “progressing” towards some new conscious or understanding. If you go back and read various comments by Dave, you’ll see that jumping out of the writing. I’ve been reading about Woodrow Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt and their implementation of progressivism in America lately. Posts like this are making it more and more painfully obvious, every single day. It’s too bad that the arrogance of progressivism has only resulted in a dumbed down society. Devolution is the only other sufficient word I could choose to describe this.

        • If you have been reading Woody W and Teddy R, you are going to LOVE the post I am working on now. Give me another day or so.

          Also, bee sure to search the work I have done on them, and make darn sure you read about Wislon’s buddies, Bernays, Lippmann and — most of all — JOHN DEWEY (I hate that man)

          • I have read a lot of reference to Lippmann and Dewey lately. I’ll have to check their work out so I can see for myself. I’ll have to check out those previous posts as well. I’m looking forward to this next one, Joe!

  3. I’ve had deckhands that watched nothing but those stupid ‘prank’ shows, which are a complete waste of time, and have probably encouraged injury-causing behavior. Between that and video games, we will have a majority-illiterate society within a generation.

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