Study Demonstrates Confirmation Bias and Exposes Media’s Role in Indoctrinating America

Have you seen this story yet?  If you haven’t, that is actually part of what this story is about:

Study: Conservative Media Causes Viewers to Distrust Scientists and Therefore Creates Global Warming Skeptics

The study – An attack on science? Media use, trust in scientists, and perceptions of global warming — was published by Public Understanding of Science. It calls Americans’ questioning man-made global warming, in part, “the product of a coordinated denial movement.” This movement “uses conservative media” to introduce doubt on the topic among its “ideologically receptive audiences” through a strategy that includes “undermining scientists and their research.”

Two things to take away from this story, but first, you have to understand that the claim of anthropomorphic global warming (i.e. man-made warming) has come under a lot of pressure in the past decade.  What’s more, a great deal of that pressure has come from the scientific community.  The pressure has come because the data does not support the claim.  This is just a scientific fact.  It is also objective reality.  Now, for the two points we should take from this:

1 — The assertion that “science” is being undermined is — at best — an opinion without factual basis.  The “science” that was supposedly behind the global warming hoax has been discredited.  It never supported the claims that the hoaxers were making and, as this was exposed, it was discovered that much of it was actually falsified.  Furthermore, the models that were used to “prove” the predictions have failed to show any accuracy.  Observed results have shown the exact opposite of what the computer models predicted: not warming, but cooling.  But this doesn’t bother those who still want to push the hoax for political agenda.  This is confirmation bias: that conservatives are part of the problem.

NOTE: There is a bit of truth in the claim that science is being undermined in the eyes of the public, but it is not for the reason this study asserts.  It is because people like those who conducted this study keep insisting that these hoaxes are based in science when, in truth, they are nothing more than covers for political agendas.  People see through the false claims, and that is the cause for the erosion in the public’s confidence in science.  Once you politicize it, the public loses confidence in it — period.

2 — The second point we need to take away from this story is the tacit admission that the Liberal medias’ primary purpose is to indoctrinate people.  Notice how the study concludes that Conservative media is indoctrinating its watchers, thus eroding their faith in science.  The assumption is that the Liberal media has not been biased when, in fact, the Liberal media bias is the reason for the success of conservative media.  Were the Liberal media actually doing their job the way journalism is supposed to be done, there would be little need for Conservative media.  But people have a hunger for truth and facts, not opinion and agenda portrayed as “fact and science.”  So those who are looking for reason have gravitated toward the Conservative media where, though there is still an agenda, it is openly admitted.  This allows Conservative media to then deal with news stories in a more honest manner.  And when issues like man-made warming are dealt with honestly, they reveal themselves to be what they are — political agendas, not science.

4 thoughts on “Study Demonstrates Confirmation Bias and Exposes Media’s Role in Indoctrinating America

  1. It’s been a busy few days at work, and I am a bit out of the loop.

    Did Africa blow up yet as Obama predicted?

    • As in “Blow-up Doll”??

      I presummed that was saved for Martha’s “Vinyard” …………. so to speak.

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