The Problem With Politics

Know what the problem with politics is?

It is political.

I know that sounds tautological (self-reinforcing pretense of significant truth) but that is the issue.

And I speak, not of political parties, rather of the textbook definition of the political “process” – the practice and theory of influencing other people on a civic or individual level.

People, especially statists, statolatrists and collectivists (call them “progressives” if you wish), make every effort to “enforce” their perception of “equality” through a political process. In more exacting terms, they invest themselves in this process to the degree that the individual is indistinguishable from the political collective to which they belong.

But the object of politics isn’t equality, it is the acquiescence of the majority to a specific goal or objective – and that goal or objective is inherently a political ideal belonging to the members of that collective.

A common idiom is that a good goal is SMART – specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.

How many government goals today fit the definition of a good goal?

None – at least no major initiatives are ever defined this way.

  • Politicians shy away from anything specific because they want wiggle room to talk out of both sides of their mouths come election time
  • Politicians don’t want measurable goals because that would allow to public to understand the depth (and true cost) of their failures
  • Politicians don’t want attainable goals because government programs are designed to be immortal so that their reliance on government funding can become another lever of control over the behavior of the public
  • Politicians view relevancy as an option, more often than not, they set about creating a solution that is waiting for a problem
  • Time-bound? Only if perpetuity is considered a boundary

Political bodies use the art and science of politics to attain political goals.

I know you find this shocking. Duh.

When this happens, we get things like the situation with San Diego mayor, Democrat Bob “Filthy” Filner:

…party leaders looked at Filner’s 30-year record of advocating for progressive causes when evaluating him as a candidate for mayor. Discussions involving Filner’s poor treatment of women never rose above rumor, she said.

Political goals are not designed to create anything other than opportunities for power of the government over the governed.

22 thoughts on “The Problem With Politics

  1. A “good goal” is also based in honesty and truth.

    A “good goal” is also “good” for all individual Americans.

    • The problem with “modern” Marxist/progressive politics is “some people” accept liars and thieves and despots, as long as they are on “their” team.

      There is no honor among thieves and criminals.

      Liars & thieves take advantage of everyone, including their own family when the opportunity arises, or requires, such actions.

  2. Politics may in fact may be treated as a science because there are well defined principles that are its subject of study.

    For example, the principle of the separation of government powers illuminates the design of a regime free from tyranny.

    Niccolo Machiavelli’s principle that the successful quest for political power demands amorality and that any ethical politician will be ruined, illuminates the critical importance of the separation of government powers.

    The principles that arise out of the understanding of “the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God,”* provide a secular, objective standard of justice that applies to all of humanity.

    The principle that all men are created equal by nature leads to the understanding that justice must be based on the objective standards of justice illuminated by “the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.”

    It is through the systematic study of the sciences that man attenuates his overwhelming tendency to be ruled by bias instead of reason.

    • What you say is True Silence-of,

      It is intersesting that as you say.. ” Justice must be based on the objective standards of Justice…” and that an “Objective standard of justice applies to all humanity”………these are facts that apply to ALL people in an unBiased and Fair way.

      And yet the Progressives have “educated” their followers to believe…”Fair” is to be found in the *Special* application of laws to individual Separated Specialinterest Groups………Thus to many in America today…the UNEQUAL application of the Law is how they define ..*Justice and Fairness*.

      • The Progressive “education” turns the population into a very easily controlled mob. Publius wrote about the principles of faction and the tyranny of the majority in the Federalist Papers.

        And Plato wrote about the necessity of the Noble Lie that was used to mentally condition the children of the Republic so that they would conform in lock step fashion to the rules of the Regime.

        We are witnessing the transformation of a Lockean regime into a Platonist regime, in real time, right before our very eyes. And the really miraculous aspect of the transformation is that the people have chosen it willingly and repeatedly for the last 100 years.

        • SOME of the People !!

          We are witnessing the effects of The Near Monopoly in Education and the effective Monopoly in the Press until about 1989.

          • I used to also think “some” of the people. But if you take courage in hand and look around, you will see that most of the people are part of the mob.

            That is the affect of nearly 60 years of postmodern education in the public school system and heavy indoctrination in college and through the television and movies.

            Most people in their 50’s got their economic theory as children and young adults from Mickey Mouse’s Oil Can Harry and Gilligan’s Island’s Thurston Howell III.

            When they grew up they were taught that “Greed is good,” from Wall Street’s Gordon Gecko.

            The average citizen literally has a Mickey Mouse education in politics and economics. Even my father who is 85 years old and a Conservative goes bug eyed when exposed to the principles of political science. He just wants to hear people whose opinions are just like his.

            In the postmodern world everything is opinion and people have no idea how to derive the truth through systematic thinking.

            • Well……..there’s a lot embedded within your reply.
              Some of which I actually agree with you on….some I think needs perspective. Not to be too Poly-anna-ish.

              There’s no doubt about the “popular” education recieved by us ALL through the Propaganda Machinery of the Movies and TV. Lenin called it the most effective propganda tool …..and not for any IDLE reason !……. The picture is perhaps a bit worse than even you portray in that the Progressive Propaganda “Project” goes back further.

              As a way of high-lighting this let’s look at the Generation Born Between 1886-1905. One would think that this would have been the Golden age of American Freedom and Free market philosophy. In many ways on Main Street it was…..EXCEPT in the Colleges and Universities. Especially the Est Coast Establishment Schools. Two polar opposites BOTH born in 1886…..Rose Wilder Lane and Juliet Stuart Poyntz. Rose initially attracted to the Communist Movement was Quickly disallusioned by intimate exposure during and after WWI…in Russia and Albania…..She spent her life articulating the Freedom expressed in the American Revolution………….Juliet ( a Daughter of the American Revolution ) became a Founding Member of the Communist Party USA and worked to undermine the US via the Soviet Secret Police ( who “dispeared her at age 51 after she TOO became disallusioned with the Soviets). Thus the Communist / Progressive agenda was strong on Ciollege campi at least since about 1901….!!!!! Before the Am Progressive Party push in the Popular vien ala 1912 election cycle.

              Three others…. Max Eastman ( Born 1883) …A student of John Dewey BTW ( Joe…;- )) .)….John Chamberlain (B 1903)…..Whittacker Chambers ( B 1901). All 3 were STRONG American Leftists. Chambers of course is a FAMOUS American Communist who latter Changed Heart and turned State’s evidence against Alger Hiss and the Dew Deal Communists. ( Columbia Educated). Max Eastman ( Columbia educated)…..worked for the American Left until he Too had a change of heart and spent the rest of his life advocating Freedom and Free MKt Capitalism…….John Chambers ( Yale) similar to Eastman and ALSO spent the latter part of his like Pro-Freedom and Pro-libertarian.

              The fact that these influential people in the Print Press were changed to Leftist causes in college so EARLY in our history should give pause. The Octopus of Socialist Control had Establishment Elite Endorsement very early on…..The reason why is the topic of another Post…..but make no mistake, by the time of Mickey mouse and Gordon Gecko….the War for our “Hearts and Minds” was well on it’s way.

              NOW… the same token. While I agree with you about the Pervasiveness of the Phenomenon….( even Rush is shell-shocked by its’ extent of its effect)……nevertheless, The popularity of All the alternative Press….Internet, Blogs, Radio, Magazines, all of it……tells us that there is STILL a well of the American Spirit here…………….And even the election has some sense of this…….Libertarian …about 2 million……Romney about 62 million and Obama about 66 million…Mas or Menos.

              With respect to the tendency for the Ave American to seek self-affirming opinion and fact I agree. BUT……..I’m not sure this is any different from other countries. I have experienced the exact same thing there. If anything America has become MORE like these other places in that regard.

        • Silence of mind;
          Welcome to the fray!

          “Amen” or “ditto”

          I believe Wilson and his followers secretly and systematically infiltrated and mislead the “pillars” of our society starting with education and then “media”.

          It took another 100 years for we honest patriots to realize and awaken to the war the “American Communists, ie. Progressives” have been waging against Americanism, liberty, and justice.

          It is up to we “few” to share, illuminate, and educate our brethren to the principles of liberty.

  3. “a good goal is SMART – specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.”
    That is what five year plans are for. comrade Utah.

    The U.S is in shambles there are no SMART goals originating from the masses. On both sides of the american political spectrum, there is no vision. It is either a choice between unleash the free-market(conservatives) or unleash the free-market and tax corporations some, so people don’t die on the streets(liberals).

    • No Karl, if you don’t do these things, then the objective isn’t a goal – it is a want or desire. There is no magic to a five year plan, especially in a collectivist context, capitalist businesses routinely do 1, 3 and 5 year plans – the difference being a collectivist plan never changes because it isn’t about the goal, it is about adherence to the plan. Collectivists keep the plan and change the goal, capitalists keep the same goal and alter the plan.

      • Good administration is inherent to democracy. While bad administration is inherent to hierarchical systems. If the base or masses, whether it is peasants or the managers of a fortune 500, have more say and power in planning. The plan will be able to be changed to conditions on the ground. But if the system is rigged for top-down methods with no democracy than a leader may adhere to the plan despite issues it may have.

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