What Lies Beneath: Chapters In The New Book

Thank you to all who have purchased the book – it has already surpassed my expectations for it and I have seen enough that there will be a second one.

The first four chapters of my second novel can be read here or here for free.

One thought on “What Lies Beneath: Chapters In The New Book

  1. Your initial description of the Macondo well blow-out is excellent. Everything that follows, not so much. The problem I have is with being told what the characters think, instead of letting their actions speak for them. You seem torn between getting a political message across and writing a page-turning thriller. You are in good company; I put down a Dan Brown novel that I had started reading for pretty much the same reason.
    It isn’t the politics that turn me off; I enjoy a Tom Clancy novel, I worship the pixels that form Dave Burge’s right-of-center satire.
    The rest of the novel, once it gets past the set-up, might be better, but I have been given no desire to read further. Maybe you could throw in an assassination right after the fire, a good, rousing WTF! death scene, and followed it with a tighter set-up. say, Markey reading an ‘eyes-only’ account, adding his thoughts as he reads about his son’s exploit.
    But now I’m writing the book for you. I just know you can do better. Peace.

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