My Suicide, Completed! :-)

As promised, this is the last post in my series on Progressive/Conservative, Left/Right and the end of my public act of suicide on the RNL  🙂

Political Labels: The History of “Conservative/Conservatism”

Do you know what the word “Conservative” means?  The term actually has a definition, but that definition has changed over the years because different political ideologies have attempted to claim the term to describe themselves.  This has resulted in no small amount of confusion as to what someone means when they say “Conservative.”  Originally, the term “Conservative” was used to describe a political ideology most commonly credited to Sir Edmund Burke.  And the “Conservative” ideology for which he is credited for developing was associated with the conservation of whatever political system happened to be in place at the time.  However, before we go any further, let’s look at the dictionary definition of “conservative:”

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Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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