Since I Feel Like Doing My Best Imitation of a “Lightning Rod”

I know this is not PC of me, and that it will draw fire from certain quarters, but, when I saw this, I had to wonder: how many of us would ever “go gay?”  I mean, if you are born that way, and you cannot change, then how does this sort of thing happen?

Ex-Gay Gospel Singer Says D.C. Mayor — Under Pressure from Gay-Rights Activists — Asked Him to Cancel Performance at MLK Concert

A gospel singer who says God delivered him from homosexuality reports that the mayor of Washington, D.C. asked him to cancel his scheduled appearance at a concert for the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.

Singer Donnie McClurkin was to hit the stage Saturday night to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, the Washington Post reports, but Mayor Vincent C. Gray (D)—after several gay-rights activists complained to him—allegedly asked the Grammy-winning singer to not perform. McClurkin did not attend.

I’m sorry, but I just don’t understand the hostility toward anyone who says they were but are no longer Gay.  If you are born that way, and there is no “cure,” then why the fear of anyone who says there is, or that you can change?  If you are the way you are, then nothing can change it.  So why look to use government force to prevent anyone in the public arena from even mentioning the idea?

California governor OKs ban on gay conversion therapy, calling it ‘quackery’

Now, I am aware that most people believe “gay conversion” therapy doesn’t work, including the AMA.  Some even claim it does harm.  But I am also aware that, until the “gay rights” movement took hold in the 1970’s, the AMA held the opposite opinion, and reported up to a 95% success rate.  Which leads me to wonder: how much of our “science” is nothing more than political agenda cloaked in real ‘quackery?’

9 thoughts on “Since I Feel Like Doing My Best Imitation of a “Lightning Rod”

  1. Joe the Bakanovic says…..
    “ much of our “science” is nothing more than political agenda cloaked in real ‘quackery?’”…………You’re Joking right ??

      • Well, I was thinking that MOST of it is Political Agenda. History and experience teaches us this. Even in the Experimental realm this is true.

        For a Time I worked with Walter Meyerhoff at the Stanford Linear Accelerator…..Throwing Protons at Gold Nuclei, sometimes other “Objects” too.
        I can tell you decisions at the Lab were very “Political”, both at the Departmental level, the Funding level and even the State Political machine showed its head.

        Real science happens when breakthroughs are achieved that are undeniable. Usually it is Groups and individuals opperating relatively independently and in Free Enviroments that can generate the True investigation needed. And those type of situations are as rare as an Honest Liberal Politician.

  2. Watch, Dave is going to come swooping down out of the shadows with some earth shattering revelation about how were all missing the bigger picture. Something about gay uncles giving better gifts or something like that.

  3. If you are a fan of conversion therapy, then you tacitly approve the tactics of Ted Patrick, the (in)famous deprogammer of kids who were adherents of Christian cultists. In both cases, people are made to suffer until they have adopted a more ‘normal’ lifestyle.
    As little a fan I am of religion, I respect a person’s right to believe what he wants to believe. As for homosexuality, whatever makes a person substitute whatever for a vagina, as long as they do it in private and don’t scare the horses, it is none of my concern.
    Lib, gays are better dancers, and good dancers attract the finest ladies. If you hang with a gay guy at a (straight)club, half the work has been done for you, especially if, like me, you are all thumbs on the dance floor. So there’s that…

    • you are all thumbs on the dance floor.”

      Let me fix this for you.

      “you have two left feet on the dance floor.”

      Just saying. 🙂

        • Hahahaha, I feel like a monkey on the dance floor myself… well at least until I drink enough Cabo Wabo, then I feel like a stripper … falsely so, I might add.

          Point ceded.

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