Rasmussen: 56% Do Not Consider Racism As Reason For Neighborhood Segregation

Via an email update:

Americans are closely divided on the importance of neighborhoods in this country being racially or ethnically diverse, but most believe racism is not the chief reason for a lack of diversity.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 49% of American Adults believe it is at least somewhat important for most neighborhoods in America to be racially or ethnically diverse. Forty-six percent (46%) say it’s not important. This includes 16% for whom neighborhood diversity is Very Important and 16% who say it’s Not At All Important. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

10 thoughts on “Rasmussen: 56% Do Not Consider Racism As Reason For Neighborhood Segregation

  1. 5* Should the federal government do more to make sure most, if not all, neighborhoods in the United States are more racially or ethnically diverse?
    6* Should the federal government play a role in deciding where people can live?

    The government should get the hell out of my business.

  2. In my view it does not matter what race you are as long as you maintain your residence to the standards set by the HOA or those set by the other owners prior to your arrival, do not destroy property values and agree to participate in the overall management and upkeep of the common area’s. If property values are destroyed look no further than Democrat governance.

    Forcing others to accept Section 8 Housing into a community based on social justice is now a major goal of the Obama administration. It is no secret what happens when this occurs. What community in their right mind would allow it to be built without a legal battle. The added burden on law enforcement alone would cost local tax payers millions in additional tax revenues.

    Just add up the wealth that was once created in the USA that has now been destroyed. It’s like the ravages of warfare with out the bombs. I wonder how many billions of dollars of wealth was destroyed by progressive politicians in the City of Detroit alone.

    We are in deep trouble if we are already down to 56% on the racism issue.

  3. “A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 49% of American Adults believe it is at least somewhat important for most neighborhoods in America to be racially or ethnically diverse.”

    I’ve lived in racially and ethnically diverse neighborhoods. The cul de sac I lived on in Atlanta had approx. 20 houses. There was a German family, two Hispanic families, three Jewish families, and two black families amongst the remaining southern and yankee white families. We had the same problems any other group has; some (including me) were meticulous lawn keepers, some not so much. Some had hellion trouble-making kids, other kids were just kids. We never always agreed, but we all got along, our kids playing together, going to block parties and parties in each other’s homes. It was a good experience, but I don’t feel it was “important” to my well-being.

    The street I live on now is predominately white, with 3 black families living on it. My neighbor across the street is a black family. They are nice folks, work hard and have a nice place. Again, it’s not important to my well-being, nor my black neighbor’s well-being for us to have to live by each other. I’m sure we would all be fine living somewhere else.

    We live here because we want to, not because the federal government forced us to. People are people. There are good ones and bad ones of all colors and ethnic groups. If I don’t like my neighbors, I’m free to move out. I don’t want to be forced to move somewhere because the government thinks it’s their role to decide what’s best for me.

  4. After owning a home in a neighborhood with people from 52 different countries I would never do it again or recommend it to anyone else. Our area was so diverse the city actually changed one of the street names to International Blvd. To the young and naive this may sound like the ideal living arrangement, but they would be wrong.

    Trying to gain any consensus in an area where few share a language much less a culture is almost impossible and having an interpreter with you every time you wish to chat with your neighbor is not cost effective. I was always dismayed to see how much of my tax money went to translators from 30-some countries. Crime, litter, stray animals, parking were all major problems that were only exacerbated by our inability to communicate with each other.

    Most of my neighbors weren’t bad people, but they were like most immigrants in that they hadn’t learned how to be Americans yet & God forbid anyone should try to teach them in a state that worshiped diversity and multi-culturalism. My ancestors had it easier, when my German Grandpa mouthed off downtown about the US going to war with his homeland in 1916 three Americans showed up at his door and told him to shut up or head back to the old country. Good advice, which even he came to view positively after his sons marched off to war.

    The last thing we need is those morons in government telling us where to live, they already tell us how to live and God knows that’s not working out very well.

    • Truely excellent Post Trapped.

      Glad to hear you are in Exit Mode. One of my Grandmothers Spoke fluent German. As kids my Brothers and I thought it was Cool…..she would give us phrases and such. Once I asked her how to say something or other ( a liitle off-color) in German. She said “I don’t know”. Being the typical little kid I said..” Yes you do ! You’re German”….

      She looked at me and said…”I am NOT German….I am AMERICAN ! “…….And she never spoke German to us again…ever. True Story.

      • Hi Don,

        Victorian is sold, harder than we thought to pass that grand old lady on, but it had to be done. We are getting our rural cabin ready to sell in spring, but we should be out of here in Nov. Oh Happy Day!

        Your Grandma sounds a lot like my Maternal Grandmother who told a Relief Worker who came to her house during the depression to “get out or be thrown out” when she tried to sign her & her 12 kids up for Welfare. We come from formidable women!

        Free Association is a basic right & not one I’m ready to give up, bet Ted Cruz agrees with me. Your TX Senator looks pretty formidable too, love to see him make a go for the WHite House in 2016

        • There are a couple of Interseting people in SC trying to unseat Grahmnesty ( he really is a Nasty POS).

          Mace is one of them…another is a Current State Senator ( don’t remember his name )…..try and give support Now if you can… could make it an even nicer place to live in the Long Run.

          It was my mother’s mother too BTW … :- )). Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul…..but definitely NOT Rubio or Paul Ryan the Big Gov’t RINO Quislings.

  5. WE have the right to associate with whom we choose whereever and Whenever we choose !

    It is as simple as that ……………. noone and certainly not any Goverment , Local, State or Federal or Foriegn has any authority to tell you, pressure you or Force you to associte with anyone or any Group or any Race.

    This is a Line-in-the-Sand issue.

  6. I would be curious to see the demographics of those sampled. I’ve noticed that the majority of the violence following the Zimmerman trial has not come from the South.

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