A Compliment to Texas’ Posts

I thought this would be a compliment to Texas’ latest posts.

Lawlessness: Promoting Chaos and Subverting the Rule of Law through Euphemism

Progressives love to use language manipulation as a weapon.  They understand that they can influence (read that deceive) people who are not paying close attention simply by using different words to describe things that would otherwise elicit a negative reaction in the average person.  Now, I say Progressives because their affinity for word manipulation is among the most easily documented and demonstrated.  But in reality, this tendency to abuse language is not peculiar to the Progressive movement.  It is common to everyone who has ever sought to deceive others for personal gain.  In truth, we even use it against ourselves.  However, where the public trust is concerned, the manipulation of language for the intentional purpose of deception crosses a line because it promotes chaos and subverts the rule of law.

Here’s an easy example to see and understand:

Drone industry gives journalists not-so-subtle hint — don’t use the word ‘drones’

The sector long has opposed use of the term, seen by some as having an inherently negative connotation that doesn’t accurately describe the awesome technology and potential positive uses of today’s unmanned aerial vehicles.

“The key word is the word ‘systems.’ That’s the word we hope the public will understand,” he said. “There is a human being in the system. The human being is what makes the system. When you say the word ‘drone,’ you don’t think of a human being in control. That’s the real reason why” not to use the word “drone,” he said.

There’s just one small problem with the drone industry wanting people to stop calling their drones, drones.  The dictionary says that’s what they are:

Definition of DRONE

3: an unmanned aircraft or ship guided by remote control

 You see, by definition, it doesn’t matter if there is a person in ‘the system,’ the ‘system’ is still a vehicle piloted by remote control: a drone.

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