Creeping Islam in Our Public Schools

Education: Islamic Influence on American Education

The Re-Writing of History in U.S. Text Books

WARNING!  This nation is under a deliberate and coordinated attack by the forces of Islam.  This is not ‘Islamaphobia,’ nor is it a condemnation of individual Muslims.  It is a fact, and my condemnation is of the religion, but not necessarily all of its followers.  For the most part, the average Muslim lives in a state of deception.  But the average American doesn’t know or understand enough about Islam to recognize the Truth of my words, let alone the truth of the threat we face.  This post is not meant to malign or attack Islam, but to educate you by detailing how Islamic influences have started to invade our public education system and is currently re-writing history while replacing America’s heritage with a false narrative that is decidedly pro-Islamic.  This is a long post because it has to be, and even then, it only scratches the surface of this issue.  Still, I implore you to read it through to the end – especially the last paragraph.

America is largely ignorant as to the threat Islam poses to our culture, our system of government and our lifestyle.  Our ignorance is not an accident: it is the direct result of incompetence and dereliction of duty on the part of our education system and our media.  It is also the result of a willful and deliberate propaganda campaign by the last two Administrations.   Our schools are teaching false history; history riddled with mistakes and with a decidedly slanted and political narrative as to why historic events happened and what they meant.  Our media is aware that this is a problem with our schools, but they do not report on it.  The media is also aware that the schools are allowing Islamic influences to alter our public text books and curriculum, and to teach a narrative of history that replaces our heritage with a contrived story that stresses Islamic contribution far in excess of Islam’s true role American history.  And, finally, the government is not only aware that this is happening, it is in alliance with the Islamic forces that are pushing this agenda.  The very institutions we pay and trust to protect our nation, our culture and our society are in alliance with interests who have openly declared their goal is to make America into an Islamic State under Shari’a law.  The infiltration of our schools is a deliberate attempt to turn our children into foot soldiers in the pursuit of this cause.

Watch the video and read the rest…

17 thoughts on “Creeping Islam in Our Public Schools

                • If you were there the same time I was, you would have known. JROTC was HUGE back then and I was heavily involved. Most the school knew who I was: they saw me at every game and school event where the JROTC did ANYTHING!

                  • No offense, but I referred to those boys as the “skinheads”. Naturally, you didn’t answer my question; what’s new? Al l right. Let’s see if you knew any of my teachers that I remember…..

                    Mr. Fitzpatrick: This man always YELLED at me and referred to me by my last name. He was highly melodramatic with his screaming and explosive behaviour.) He was my Driver’s Ed teacher.

                    Mr. Lee (This teacher was hawt, and I wanted to do mathematical things with him.) He taught Algebra I

                    Mr. Oltz (Good ole Mr. Oltz actually named a theorum after me because he knew I was right! Sincerely, he was amazing as this subject completely confounds me.) Yep. He taught Geometry.

                    C.O. Young (I loved this fella because you could get him to talk about anything but the subject, thank goodness.) Biology 😯

                    The Colonel: (What a flippin jerk! The only time in my life I have had to go to summer school because after raising my hand for the umpteenth time and telling him I didn’t understand, he would reply with his usual response: I’VE ALREADY EXPLAINED IT!! The only class I’ve ever made an F in. How ironic, or is it, that I made over 100 in summer school?) This was Algebra II. Is it any wonder I was weary of Trig?

                    Mrs. McGowan: (She was a mess! As much as my sisters and I imitate her, we know very well there was a method to her madness as things worked out.) Choir.

                    Mr. Hall: Mr. Hall was my favourite teacher there. He taught Humanities. Mr. Hall would take you on an adventure complete with art, music, food and dance. Well, he did throw in some significant historical facts about places, but one has trouble paying attention to revolutions when Beethoven is playing….

                    • Mr’ Oltz taught 9th grade science at Everitt. He was a good teacher. I met his son, Fred, later on, many tales to tell about that boy!

                    • Fitz — was right next door to the JROTC room.

                      Lee — didn’t he marry one of his students?

                      Colonol? Which one, because you sure didn’t describe LtCol B.

                      As for the rest — who knows. The only other teacher I remember off hand was Ms. Tesch, and for reasons you would understand if you were there while I was.

                    • Well, I knew y’all were down past the gym. You all just looked alike with your buzz cuts.

                      Yeah, Lee married Carla sumthinruther..

                      Everyone called the Colonel the Colonel. I have no clue what his name was, but you may trust my experience as I am honest.

                      I’ve never heard of Tesch. Can you describe her? What happened? Please understand that while I was in HS, I was in my own little world. I participitated, but I didn’t………….if that makes any sense….

                    • Ms. Tesch was UP by the JROTC room (we were about as far from the gym as we could be). When I was there, Fitz was the driver’s ed teacher.

                      Tesch was right across the hall from our door. Short, brunet, and C-U-T-E! And…let’s just say the boys never reported her because they didn’t consider her attention to be ‘abuse’…if you know what I mean 😉

                    • Ooooh! We must talk about Mr. Oltz! He was truly an enigma. He had one of the biggest potheads in school totally diggin Geometry! I always loved when someone was chewing gum. He would point to them, point to his mouth, then point to the trash. He said cows chewed cud, not teenagers. We didn’t know what the hello he was talking about, but we complied. If you ever gave a sob story for why you didn’t have your homework, Mr. Oltz would make a big circle with his hands and then start dealing. His big deal was classic….

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