Marco’s Summer Recess

Rubio at BCRRTMarco Rubio has spent the week traveling about Florida meeting with Floridians and “discussing” the issues that will be taken up by Congress when they reconvene in September this year.  Now the “main-stream” press has been out looking far and wide for any kind of controversy while Congressional Representatives and Senators conduct meetings during the August recess.  I know there are probably many chances that some sort of replay of the town-hall meetings held prior to the Mid-Term 2010 election.  Now we all know how contentious those meeting became.  It was quite obvious that none of the people in Congress want to go through those kind of events.  But to be honest, that is what representative government is all about. Getting out there and hearing what the people who vote you into office have to say.

Now I know that some here at the RNL want to hear that Rubio was tar and feathered and then sent out into the Gulf of Mexico on a leaky rubber raft and a bucket of rotting fish heads.  Well that didn’t happen… sorry to burst that bubble for you.  But what did happen can be found in it’s entirety at the Dryer Report.

9 thoughts on “Marco’s Summer Recess

  1. I agree Page NOT found…….

    That still doesn’t stop the Fact that Rubio is a MAJOR stab-you-in the-Back Douch-Bag !!!!…..

    Fine Marco…You Fraud….you can fool the Foridians….and rely on them entirely….your outside supoort, Money and Advertising and Pghone Banks are DONE DONE DONE………And from My end here we are taking major moolah.

    Marco Rubio…. you discusr me Sir….the absolute WORST political Mistake I ever Made was actively supporting and Campaigning for you. You are a Bold-Faced Liar …. and IMO NO FRIEND of America, its constitution and especially are an enemy to Native Born Americans.

  2. I couldn’t hear the link. What is disturbing to me about this is that it focuses on a misinformed “heckler”?? The Republican party actually had a few drafts drawn up for healthcare reform, which were pooh-poohed by the Democratic majority. I’m sure the Cuban slime is quite happy that attention was diverted away from the elephant in the room. (Immigration)

    My advice? Stick with Costa Ricans for the long run ~ smoke Cubans for short-lived gratification. (Kells’ Hispanic racism…….or proof in the puddin’……………puddin’)

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