Obama Signs Executive Order Effectively Banning Ammonium Nitrate

A site called InvestmentWach (I don’t know them, so I can’t vouch for them) reports:

Obama issued an Executive order on August 1, 2013 that will effectively ban Ammonium Nitrate in the USA. It will become too expensive and create too much possible civil and criminal liability to manufacture, store, or transport it. Clinton did the same thing to Anhydrous Ammonia dealers in 1999. It put most Anhydrous dealers out of business. Obama is imposing the same regs and adding explosives regulations on top of OSHA and EPA regulations. It’s all there if you know how to read bureacratese.

Food and Fuel prices will skyrocket because Ammonium Nitrate forms the basis for almost all nitrogen in granular fertilizers used in American farming. There are no cost and ease of manufacture/use equivalents for ammonium nitrate. Supply and demand economics are going to be the harsh lesson of the day. Crop yields will go down. Corn is the basis for the American food supply and the fuel additive ethanol. A.N. is critical in corn production.

Hope everyone is ready for $12/gallon gasoline and $20 a box corn flakes.

You know why NKoreans are starving?? Because they don’t have ammonium nitrate to fertilize their crops… so they have shi*ty yields…



10 thoughts on “Obama Signs Executive Order Effectively Banning Ammonium Nitrate

  1. The Chairman of the Chemical Safety Board had this to say….The West accident showed a particularly glaring need for comprehensive regulation of reactive chemical hazards and in particular ammonium nitrate. The destruction I personally saw there – the obliteration of homes, schools, and businesses by an ammonium nitrate explosion – was almost beyond imagination. The loss of life was horrible. It is my hope that this Executive Order will spur development of regulation and enforcement for the safe handling of ammonium nitrate and other gaps in the coverage of reactive hazards that the CSB has previously identified to help prevent future incidents.

    Here is the entire response http://www.csb.gov/statement-from-chairperson-rafael-moure-eraso-on-executive-order-improving-chemical-facility-safety-and-security/

    • This executive Order is Yet another example of ….”Don’t let a Crises go to waste…!!”

      So it is Cass Sunstein mixed with Ayers and Alinski ………….. and the Sick Liberal Obama Drones just endorse whatever he and the Statists do ! Rationalizations in the form of “regulations” and “enforcement” and “safety” blah blah blah ….. on and on it goes as America slides into the trench of Totalitarian Socialism ….. for the “Greater Good”.

  2. Just a short note. This problem is not one of the hazardous nature of the products produced it is one of the local governments not recognizing the hazards. The facility should never have been allowed to be built that close to human habitation or human habitation not be allowed to be built that close to the plant. In other words Zoning Regulations not taxing it out of existence is the answer to the problem.

    Seems the local government didn’t recognize the hazards and enforce a reasonable zoning plan around the plant. And Texas should be well aware of the problems of Ammonium Nitrate since the Texas City disaster of a hundred years ago.

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  4. The explosions are just the excuse; the real goal is what it does to the cost of energy, food and availability of ammunition.

    But, since we’re on the topic, when was the last time you remember this nation having such a ration of industrial explosions as we’ve had the past few years?

  5. Wait for it, wait for it … gasoline will be next. ‘Cause it’s ‘splosive, don’t ya know? The unmitigated idiocy of this Administration is a wonder to behold. Our government has apparently gotten tired of being a first tier world power, and is working hard and fast to turn us back into a third world balkanized shithole awash with unemployed hungry people.

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