Repeating History: Obama, the EPA and Congress

Learning to Recognize and Understand the Spirit behind an Agenda:

Obama, the EPA and Congress

I readily admit that I have a world view that leads me to see the repeating cycles of history as being somehow connected to the spirits that drive human action.  Whatever others may call it, or however they may describe it, there can be no doubt that these repeating cycles are real.  And, though the specifics manner in which these repetitions occur may differ with each cycle, the ultimate goal and the tactics employed tend to remain the same.  Whether people want to admit it or not, good and evil can believe they are working toward the same goal.  In such a case, the only thing that separates them is how they go about achieving those goals.  Therefore, we must learn to recognize and understand these goals and tactics and test them to determine whether they are in keeping with Natural Law.  Once we can do this, we will be better able to determine whether a given agenda works toward good, or evil.  Here is one example of what I mean by goals and tactics:

On climate change, Obama, EPA plan action without Congress

BOULDER, Colo. | EPA chief Gina McCarthy said Wednesday that the Obama administration is finished waiting for Congress to act on climate change and plans to bypass the legislative branch in developing a federal response.

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