The Federal Grip On Education Is Tightening

Pieces Of The Puzzle: Indications Of Federal Involvement In And Takeover Of National Education

One of the problems we have in understanding what is going on so we can see more of the ‘big picture’ is that the picture is larger than we realize and, thus, has more pieces than we may have suspected.  So the best we can do is look for as many pieces of the puzzle as we can find.  If you have been following my series on education and how it was co-opted by the American Progressive movement to allow them an avenue through which they can engineer their ‘ideal society,’ then this post will help you see additional pieces to that section of the puzzle.  Once again, you need to remember that we are not trying to spin conspiracy theories, but to understand what has been said by the people who have driven our society and run our social institutions and then apply what they said to the news of the day to see if they align.  If they do, then it is not ‘proof’ that they are connected, or even that the plans these people expressed are in place and succeeding – but they do indirectly suggest this is exactly what is happening.  And the more of these indirect indicators we can find, the more confident we can be that they are part of the agenda advanced by those who seek to control us. Now, with that said, here are two more possible pieces to the education section of our puzzle:

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