A picture truly is worth a thousand words.

nero2bA picture truly is worth a thousand words.

It’s called, “The Demise of America”
Available at http://www.jonmcnaughton.com/

Many Americans today feel a sense of dismay and horror as we see our country in a downward spiral; both economically, morally, and politically. President Obama’s indifferent attitude and the continuous list of scandals and bad policy are leading the country to ruin.

As an artist I am reminded of the old saying “Nero fiddled while Rome burned.” History believes that Nero himself may have set the great fire that burned a part of Rome during his leadership. Afterwards, he blamed it on the Christians who suffered great persecution under his rule. I see great similarities to what we are experiencing today. Obama fiddled, while the people witnessed the demise of America.

42 thoughts on “A picture truly is worth a thousand words.

  1. It was interesting to read the artist’s interpretation, because I was immediately reminded of the brave musicians on the Titanic who kept playing to try and calm the panic that the passengers were experiencing. They were extremely brave. In this day and age, I envision him playing golf not a violin.

  2. Fat Head…….You got THAT right Augger !!

    He is indeed a …..” Nattering Nabob Narcissistic Nero of Negativity ….. if we ever saw one.

  3. Nero did not fiddle while Rome burned, as the fiddle was yet to be invented. Nero did, however, start a fund to collect donations for the fire’s victims, then kept the donations for himself.

    • “PHRASES
      fiddle while Rome burns be concerned with relatively trivial matters while ignoring the serious or disastrous events going on around one.”

      But no chance the phrase could be a metaphor for ineptness. No chance at all! Unless we are Bush-bashing, of course. 🙂

  4. You people do realize that you are encouraging a false impression of the country’s condition, right? Where is the optimism in this country? Oh, the Democrats are optimistic, they know that our debt is no greater percentage-wise, than it was at the end of WW2. They know that the world still looks to us for leadership, they know that Obama has offered budgets that reduce spending dramatically, but that the Republicans WANT a recession, no matter hoiw much it hurts America, because an America in terrible shape is the repubs only chance to get the presidency back, and that is only if they convince Americans that they had no part in the economic cratering of 2008-9, and the slow recovery due to their absolutism. and anti-Obama fear-mongering.

    Keep hiding behind your memes, reject rational thought, and scream at me for calling you on your blatant hypocrisy, I will not let up on you.

  5. The demise of America? The US is perpetual. Just because the illusion of its past no longer satisfies the needs of your future, all of a sudden it’s going down in flames? There are quite a few people that benefit from the US and all it stands for. It is preposterous to state or believe that the administration of one person will disrupt the prosperity of its benefactors. History is replete with the recorded demise of those that have attempted to alter the course of this nation.
    Who knows, maybe the demise you embrace will position you at the front of the line leading to the future you so fear.

    • wetheverite,

      Those people you claim “tried” to alter this nation actually DID alter this nation. For example: Lincoln did not save the federation, HE DESTROYED IT! Since the War of Norther Aggression, the U.S. has been a single nation with States functioning as counties rather than sovereign nations, themselves. This is because Lincoln nationalized the government.

      The Progressive movement further undermined what little was left of the Constitution, severing the chain that anchored it to the Declaration of Independence, undermining the checks and balances and casting the rest adrift upon the sea of “living document” doctrine.

      We could go on, but the point here is that the U.S. can and has been altered in the past. And the mistake is not thinking that is can be irrevocably destroyed, but in the false belief that it can’t be.

      And then there’s the issue of equivocation. Germany still exists, but no one is left who still believes it is the Kaiser’s Germany.

    • “The US is perpetual.”

      This is one helluva an assertion. Are you a prophet, or something? Just how far can you see in to the future?

  6. Very keen of you donameche! It’s amazing how easily identifiable you are as this blog’s resident canine guarding against the entry and exchange of meaningful debate. Much like the small pet that hides behind its owner’s door, you have clearly demonstrated the ability to produce a bark warning others of your presence whilst ignoring the threat you expose yourself to once this space is entered. Congratulations!

    • “WetheNONverite”,
      A purview of my posts would indeed locate me as an AVID debator….and contributor of subsatntive historical references and their relevence. I do however have short patience for unmitigated Bullshit….and call it ( and the author ) out on it in no uncertain terms.

      Thus It would be in keeping with my predilection for TRUE “Verite” to point out that it is commomn parlance amongst mohameddans amd muslim apologists today to use the “Dog” metaphor when attempting to Isolate and Insult.

      Until further clarification … we stand so warned. For elucidation Please read Joe’s post…… And Augger’s question can be read as rhetorical……. but inciteful as well.

      Finally …. The Crucial Point ………. America will only be as strong as those who fight for her Constitution….and for her Return as a Representative Republic……….. and fighting doesn’t mean grasping at “Hope and Change” from either the Obama Facists nor from the GOP ones, fighting is not appealing to Myth or fantasy…..rather it is hard work , Identifying the meaning of the Republic , spreading & educatingthe Message…..and devising a Plan of Action to bring Liberty back.

  7. “The US is perpetual” – It is an artificial entity
    “There are quite a few people that benefit from the US and all it stands for” – The minority
    ”History is replete with the recorded demise of those that have attempted to alter the course of this nation” – The minority has, and continues to maintain, control
    The demise expressed in this post is a fantasy of animosity and ignorance. The attempt to attribute, forewarn or predict said demise based on the actions of one man is ludicrous. It is the minority that determines the destiny of the nation. The caricature depicted atop this “page” is not a member of said minority.
    Mr. Bakanovic, I respect and appreciate your comment. Using your own phrase, “We could go on”: To what end? To embark on some tangent in an attempt to reverse or discredit the accomplishments and misgivings of two hundred plus years of minority rule? None visiting nor residing in this virtual place belong to the minority.
    donameche, your efforts are greatly appreciated. They will be taken into consideration in the future. Forgive me though for cautiously approaching any vicinity where you and your celebrated ad hominem-bark await those seeking exchange of ideas.

    • OK, so where is the Roman Empire, and the 3rd Reich. They were artificial entities, too. Italy is still here, and Germany is still here, but the land is not the government/people. This means you either ignored or — more likely — did not understand my caution against equivocation.

      Now, what ‘minority’ are you talking about? And how is it a ‘tangent’ if we look to the past to judge the future? Unless you have the world’s first magic 8 ball where it is never wrong, then the past is all humanity has by which to judge the future. Certainly you do not think such examination of today/tomorrow in light of yesterday is a ‘tangent?’

      • The “Minority” he/she/it is refering to, and not saying explicitly of course, is the Power Structure. Specifically the inhereitors of Financial Priviledge and Progressive / Socialist power relationships biult over quite a few centuries. Pretty much what you have been writing about (excellently BTW) for a long time.

        The “Tangent” appears to be the futility of adhereing to and writing about the “Muths” of our founding when the Real Power relations don’t opperate at that level and never have…………………..Shades ofthe “We are the 99% / 1%” “Stuff”…………. My street sense smells “collectivism from the Mob( NON-minority) as the thrust.

        We shall see …………

        • Don,

          Maybe, but this reader has not done anything to deserve hasty judgment on my part, so I figured I would ask rather than assume. We’ll have to wait to see if I get an answer and then go off of what that answer tells us. 🙂

          BTW: thanks for the kind words 🙂

          • Further…..the “US is an artificial entity”….and ,

            only the “Minority have benefitted from the US ” ……. locate both the motivation and intent of the “reader”.

            Nevertheless….as I said….We shal See.

          • Finally………..On “wetheNOT-Trues”‘s first pass on Utah’s Amendmet V Levin Post below he stated…

            August 23, 2013 at 09:55 Reply
            0 14 i
            Rate This
            It’s not likely there are enough disgruntled white protestant males to entice the calling of a convention. The present document seems to be protecting the rights of the property holding minority as intended.
            There’s a tremendous difference between being a member of the leisure class, belonging to the bourgeois or working class and being poor. The bourgeois can stomp their feet and pound their chests for eternity to protect the leisure class in an effort to advance their self interests achieving the same results that history has recorded for the past half a millennium. One might get to the table as a guest: full membership is a right not afforded to the common man regardless of one’s self-imposed image of success and influence.
            There is, however, conquest as an avenue. Good luck with that…..

            Replete with “Bourgeoise”….”working Class”….”Common man”……..each and every term a Marxist/ Occupy Wall Street term ( as I know You already know)…….I let it go.

            On his/her second pass ….. I have to point it out…….We don’t have time to Suffer fools….we need to save this Republic. As Allen West has said recently ( echoing many others) we don’t have Marxist Classes in America…we have Income Levels………And we need to call the Commies out at every attempt they use to own the Dialogue and own the Language.

            See the stark difference between WetheNotTrue’s comment and BILLC’s comment on Utah’s Amendment V post……BILLC talks of morality and the lack of it………………..makes all the difference in the world between the intent of the Commentor……………. ;- ))

  8. The premise of this post using the author’s own words: “…people witnessed the demise of America”. It’s uncertain how best to convey that there are too many people that prosper from the US. “It is preposterous to state or believe that the administration of one person will disrupt the prosperity of its benefactors.” This is the reality not accurately portrayed via the rendering and commentary of this post.
    There are laws, policies and procedures to address incompetence in government. None of the tactics have been implemented to address the supposed demise that is being attributed to this one person.
    Maybe the US is a democracy and the “mob” so feared is now at the helm.
    This post’s featured “picture” has far exceeded its “worth”.

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