I Wonder, Wonder, Wonder…Who Wrote the Book of PROP-A-GAN-DA?

[NOTE: read that title to the tune of “Who Wrote the Book of Love”…until you get to the last word.  Then switch to “Barracuda.“]

OK, so this one will make CDE proud (yes, it is lengthy), but BOY!  Will you ever come away with a different understanding of what is going on in our media today.  Seriously, grab a drink and give this a read (full version on The OYL).

Social Engineering: The Origin, Justification And Control Of Propaganda

For those who really want to understand what is going on in our world, this is another important history lesson.  And, like all my other posts dealing with complicated issues, it will require you to spend a little time to get through and absorb the information I will present.  However, this post is a little different.  If you read much of my writing, you will hear me telling you that Progressives will openly admit to what they believe and why, and will even explain exactly how they intend to go about achieving their goals.  All we have to do is listen. It helps to know where to look, but – once we know what to look for – we will find we don’t have to look hard.  They are more open about their agenda than we realize.  It’s just that, once we know what to look for and where to look, we find it takes a great deal of courage to accept them at their word – because what they believe is not easy for an American to accept.  But this time, on this subject, the connections across time and different schools of the same ideology is so clear and so easy to demonstrate that we might be too quick to dismiss them.  So, if you will give me a few minutes, I will show you one of the biggest ‘open’ secrets in our society today: the wide-spread and coordinated use of government-directed propaganda for the intentional purpose of shaping and directing public opinion!

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2 thoughts on “I Wonder, Wonder, Wonder…Who Wrote the Book of PROP-A-GAN-DA?

  1. Thanks, Charles. Thanks a lot.

    B., I will read your book, er, post later. On your site, it would be nice if you did a compilation of your posts that follow up on one another, and group them together.

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