Saint Trayvon The First: The Sorry State Of The Contemporary “Civil Rights” Movement

Steven Hayward at Powerline writes:

I can’t bear to take in the speeches being offered today in commemoration of Martin Luther King’s famous March on Washington speech that took place 50 years ago this week.  A note from Ken Masugi this morning observes that most of the speeches are partisan drivel and Obama cheerleading, a sign of the appalling decay of the so-called civil rights movement today.  Ken notes separately how the Martin Luther King monument on the Mall perfectly exemplifies this decay, preferring the older Freedman’s Memorial from 1876 instead:

The fuss over the lame misquotation on the statue (“I was a drum major for justice…”) is nothing compared with the greater disgrace of the mediocrity of the statue. The civil rights revolution transformed America; the stubborn King just stands there, arms folded, glowering across the Tidal Basin, with Jefferson off to his left. Its size (at 30 feet, half again the height of Jefferson) undermines the real King’s message of equality. This monstrosity from China is art in the fascistic mode (cf. Mt. Rushmore).

Hayward also indicates how far these grievance mongers have drifted from King’s ideal of a colorblind society:

While King’s significant statement on how the object of a color-blind society where people are judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin is getting some play, I wonder whether anyone will also look back on another significant moment of King’s teaching also from 50 years ago—his Letter from the Birmingham Jail.  There, in the middle, is King’s embrace of something utterly anathema to today’s left: natural law as understood by Aquinas, etc.

Today’s “civil rights” advocates are far more likely to quote Marx than Thomas Aquinas.

Last year, I noted:

I stand in amazement at the sorry state of the civil rights movement in 2012.

A short 50 years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King and his supporters were standing up to people like Bull Connor and enduring beatings, having dogs set upon them, church bombings and in case of the family of Dr. King, his assassination. Peaceful marches brought all Hell down on the protesters and most feared for their lives.

These people were facing true danger of jail time, bodily harm and even death to secure equal rights to vote and equality as promised under the Constitution. They placed their lives, their livelihood and their families at risk to secure the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

In 1962, the battle cry was “We shall overcome!”

In 2012, it has become, “Getting a picture ID is inconvenient or racist or something!”

How pathetic.

And noting much has changed since 2012. I watched some of the speeches yesterday and it was a litany of “we aren’t there yet” and “society has to do more”. The most disgusting aspect was the canonization of Saint Trayvon the First and the attempt to embed into the “civil rights” lexicon the lie that Martin was a civil rights martyr on par with King and Rosa Parks and was killed only because he was black.

It is a disgrace to Dr. King’s memory and legacy that Trayvon Martin was even mentioned at the same time as King.

40 thoughts on “Saint Trayvon The First: The Sorry State Of The Contemporary “Civil Rights” Movement

  1. It’s more than picture id’s, and you know it! The republicans are using their unchecked power to close polling places, limit absentee ballots, and shorter hours at polling places, all designed to infringe on the poorest of Americans’ right to vote.

    • “The republicans are using their unchecked power”

      Wait a moment Greg. You mean to claim that the party that holds 1/2 of 1/3 of the Federal Government has “unchecked power?” You mean to claim that the hapless, and impotent Republicans have managed to bridle the all mighty, powerful, and omnipotent Democrats, and break them in to submission?


        • Melfmay,

          Again: WHAT ‘veto-proof’ voting power? If a Republican State tries to do ANYTHING the Democrat Dictatorship doesn’t like, they use the full might of the Federal govt — which the Democrats control – to sue that State. And, if the State appeals to the Supreme Court, the Court dutifully ignores the Constitution and sides with the Democrat agenda.

          With just enough exception to give the dull and dimwitted among us reason to believe otherwise, this has been the consistent pattern of operation in this nation for the past decade or so. But it goes further than just Democrat/Republican. It is PROGRESSIVES vs THE PEOPLE, and to this end, we find Progressives in BOTH Parties — which further camouflages the pattern as, when the Progressive agenda is pushed by the Republicans, all you see is the “R” and not the central agenda.

    • Tell us where polls are being closed and absentee ballots are being “cut” and shorter hours are being mandated at polling places. What they are doing is going after same day registration, shortening time absentee voting and tightening up the ID requirements.

      I assume that you are referring to the liberal cause de jour – the North Carolina law that you can read in full here and it has none of your irrational lies in it.

      It boggles the mind how you are fine with Obamacare collecting everything about you to give you something but don’t want to know who votes. You have to report your healthcare ID to the IRS and there is talk of a biometric ID card to get health services. How is voter ID intrusive and unconstitutional and Obamacare ID is not.

      • Utah, are you deliberately attempting mislead here? The version you linked us to is from APRIL 13! There have been a few changes to the bill since then, here is a link to the bill that was voted upon and ratified.

        Both are intrusive, Utah. I have spoken out against Obamacare plenty of times, so go find yourself another straw man, because I do nit fit the mold. You, on the other hand, have just shown yourself to be a typical right-wing blowhard who, provides untrue information, either deliberately or through sheer stupidity.
        So which is it Utah, are you a deliberate liar, or just another Sawdust?

        • Yeah, I made a mistake – the actual bill appears to have been modified to have LESS restrictive language in it than the version that was filed for the vote in April. I guess I got the wrong bill off the North Carolina website.

          Thanks for showing it to us.

          When a person has a minimum of two years between national elections to get a free ID, I don’t really see how that is “intrusive” – but lets assume that it is. There are a lot of other “intrusive” things that have to be done but that doesn’t equal voter disenfranchisement. Driving to the polls and standing in line is “intrusive” to my day but I’m not crying that it discriminates against people who work. The assertion that it is is just as ludicrous as what you are claiming as “intrusive”.

          Obamacare was only one example that requires ID. And while you have spoken out “many times”, I must have missed the time you “spoke out” about being required to have an ID card.

          • You are being incredibly dense. The bill, as passed does all the things you denied that it would; it narrows the time for absentee balloting, it ends same-day registration, and whether it is in the bill or not, the state has moved to close polling places on college campuses. Sounds more restrictive to me.
            If you have to prove your identity when you register to vote, why should you need to prove it again? Your vote can only be counted once, no matter who casts it.
            I have said that the ID portion of the bill, while it is designed to discourage the poorer voters, it is a bill designed to take advantage of our lazy culture. Participation in the electoral process peaked in 1876! Fewer and fewer people per capita have voted since then.
            The people inconvenienced by these republican efforts need to make the sacrifices necessary to get out the vote, and elect these slimy un-American anal vents out of office.

    • Melfamy,

      WHAT ‘unchecked power?’ In case you have forgotten, it is Obama and the Democrats who control the WH, Senate and Judiciary, and OBAMA who is making law by decree. It was DEMOCRATS who disenfranchised the military absentee ballots. It is DEMOCRATS who have the consistently one-sided problems with 100%+ voter turnout ALL voting D. It is Democrats who are mandating that polls stay open past the time the LAW allows. It is DEMOCRATS pushing voter registration for people who have no ID — so illegals can vote. This means it is DEMOCRATS breaking the law and trying to destroy our system and nation.

      Look, we are willing to discuss the ‘sins’ of all sides, but not until AFTER you learn to recognize the sins of your side first. Get the log out of your own eye, then come worry about the speck in ours, OK?

      • Hey numb-nuts,
        Let me add to Joe’s remark……
        It was DEMOCRATIC New Black Panthers that stood at polling places with sticks and scared non-democratic voters away from voting. And then it was DEMOCRATIC POTUS OWEbozo and his side kick Holder that decided not to prosecute anyone for this CRIME.

      • You are making wild claims again with no proof. And I was talking about the state legislatures that are controlled by republicans, either by a veto-proof majority or having a republican governor.
        You have to prove your identity when you register, and you get a card. what is the point of having to show a picture ID? You can only vote once, and only in your district. Don’t you thin that two people showing up at the polling place, claiming to be you would set off some alarms?

        • Here’s what you get at college voting polls;

          FORT COLLINS — Large blue banners proclaiming “Obama for America” were displayed on a Colorado State University campus near a polling booth as early voting was under way, a violation of state elections law.

          Large white poster boards also stated “Free T-Shirts and Pizza” in exchange for casting ballots at a nearby voting site Monday, which is also illegal because it offers something of value to induce someone to vote according to state law.

          The advertisements were paid for by the Democratic National Committee and directed people to go to, which is paid for by Obama for America, said Justin Miller, spokesman for the Colorado Republican Party.

    • Pure foolishness. Just keep walking down the yellow brick road to the dreamed Progressive Utopia where everyone lives happily ever after. All we need is another 30 million useful idiots in place voting for the dream. No I.D. required.

      • you are not thinking before typing. One has to show proof of identity when one registers to vote, at least, I did..For faking the voter registration cards to be a valid worry, the committer of fraud would have to have registered at the courthouse under many names, then go to different precincts to vote, it doesn’t make sense. It isn’t happening.

        • “you are not thinking before typing. One has to show proof of identity when one registers to vote, at least, I did”

          In the last general election, I voted in Lynn Haven. I was required to show my Driver’s license, and my voter registration card.

          Not that doing so saddens me, it just saddens me that you had to prove a lesser standard.

          • Augger,

            Greg is the one who isn’t thinking. If you have to prove who you are before you vote, then how does Greg explain the fact that so many dead people vote in this country?

            And how does he explain the many stories that have been done by the few remaining ‘real’ journalists in this country that have shown how easy it is to register to vote without ID? I mean, wasn’t there a white guy who almost got to vote in place of some black Congressman a while back? Not sure of the details, but I remember the story because the media wanted to put the guy in jail over it.

            So, honestly, the only thing Greg has proven here is that he is in utter denial of objective reality — especially when that reality undermines what he WANTS the world to be.

            • “So, honestly, the only thing Greg has proven here is that he is in utter denial of objective reality — especially when that reality undermines what he WANTS the world to be.”

              I have a problem with your statement, Joe……………………………. You used one word that should never have been in that sentence……………….”ONLY”.

              • Dusty,

                If he proved something else, I’m more than happy to admit my mistake. Could you tell me what else he has proven in this exchange that wasn’t already common knowledge?

                • He has proven that he will continue to regurgitate the progressive crap no matter how many times it is shown to be BS. He has proven that drinking the liberal kool-aid only makes you more ignorant. I could go on and on and on……………..

          • I definitely remember showing my driver’s license in order to vote in ’12 and ’10……………. I can’t remember what I had to do to vote prior to that. This may surprise the idiot, melflabby, but I didn’t feel that I was being racially profiled one bit.

            • I’ve had to show my drivers license, not my voter ID card, every time I’ve voted in the past several years. That’s in spite of the fact that my poll worker knows me personally and addresses me by first name when I walk up to sign the ballot request (or whatever that form is).

              • FC,

                So, what if you are able to mail in your registration without having to provide a ID — as the motor voter law seems to allow? Then you could present a DL when you vote even though you are not legally allowed to vote. After all, they have been mandating that illegals be given DL’s.

                And this is how the racket works — whether anyone wants to believe it or not. And we know this because people have actually done it to prove that it can be done. This is all I was trying to explain. 🙂

          • Augger, why the multi-state drive to tighten election laws, when there is no evidence of fraud, nor any proof that these new laws will prevent fraud?

  2. Mel, if you do away with the stated requirement to show proof of ID to vote, then obviously you also want to do away with the requirement to show ID to buy alcohol, cigarettes and to get on an airplane or go into state and federal buildings.

    • Mr.G

      And no ID to buy Guns, Ammo, Explosives, to Travel, to buy property, sign contracts, apply for credit…

      Melfmay is pushing the progressive ‘if they vote for my side, it’s OK’ agenda and trying to use the race card to shield himself from attack. If he were intellectually honest, he would realize that — BY HIS OWN STANDARDS — this makes HIM a racist.

      And this is why I continue to assert that a person has to totally divorce himself/herself from objective reality before they can embrace the ideology we call Liberalism/progressivism.

      • Joe, you are talking out your ass as usual, and not even coming close to addressing anything that I have said. I am wasting my time in here. Augger, you kept up your end of the bargain, you stayed polite and civil. Stay in touch

        • Greg,

          So you can buy a home without an ID? Or a car? Or take out a loan?

          So you can buy a gun or ammunition without an ID?

          I guess this means kids can buy alcohol and cigarettes without an ID, too.

          Heck, let’s do away with ID’s for airline travel, international travel — let’s just do away with ALL ID’s. After all, once we have a SSN, we don;t need no stinkin’ ID anymore, right? I mean, this IS what YOU just said.

          And you call me names because you think I am the one who has lost touch with reality. LOL, That’s rich.

          Please, Greg, don’t come back until AFTER you have found objective reality AND mastered basic logic.

          • Joe, when you master basic facts, you can call yourself a debater, not before.

            You NEED identification when you register to vote, do you not? We have not needed ID beyond that for the last 230 years, why the big rush now?
            North Carolina is also ending same-day registration, closing polling places on college campuses and low-income neighborhoods, and shortening the hours of operation at the remaining polling places.
            Maybe I am being too hard on you, you are, after all, being consistent in your adherence to our constitutional foundations. The wise old Founders, with all their interest in citizen participation in government, set up a system where only white, land-owning men could vote. That subset of the Americans allowed to vote came to 18%. I could be generous, and assume that your goal is to return this addled land to those glorious days before activist judges started giving more and more Americans a say in how their government is run.

            • Greg,

              Trying to reason with you is like trying to give medicine to the dead.

              As I said: come back when you have learned to recognize and acknowledge objective reality and have mastered basic logic. DO that and we’ll talk again — but not until.

    • Unfortunately, I think the REAL movement pretty much died with him ……. those with other agendas were hangers on, even in his time.

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  4. You people really are right-wing zombies, there is more to the suppression than the ID requirement, and it is being done at the state level. But I will wait until someone intelligent come along, or until Utah admits what a fuck-up he made. No, I am not holding my breath.

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