Tyranny in the Headlines

Violations of Natural Law in the Headlines:

Trampling Free will, Freedom to Contract and Freedom of Conscience (Freedom of Religion)

Under the NATURAL LAW tab at the head of this page, in Free Will: the First Principle of Natural Law, I explained that we all have a right to our free will.  No one else can lay claim to it without violating our ownership of our will.  It is through this undeniable individual ownership of our will that all other Natural Rights follow, and Universal Morality is established.  Essentially, morality is a function of whether or not we violate another person’s free will.  When we do so, we violate Natural Law.  And when we force our will on another, it is tyranny.  That is what this next story represents: government tyranny.

Court Says Christian Couple’s Refusal to Photograph Same-Sex Ceremony Was Illegal — Why ‘You Will Be Made to Care’

It is a state court decision that could have national reach. In the words of Red State’s Erik Erickson, “You will be made to care.”

The New Mexico Supreme Court ruled Thursday that a Christian wedding photographer violated the state’s human rights law by refusing to photograph a same-sex commitment ceremony.

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9 thoughts on “Tyranny in the Headlines

  1. Um. First this is unconstitutional. Second, it’s his /her business. He/she can refuse services to whoever he/she feels.Anyhow, why would any couple want a person who did not want to photograph them turn around and sue the person? Dumb. If I were forced to take pics, I can assure you the bride or groom would be kissing my big thumb that slipped onto the lens.

  2. Joe’s right ….It USED to be a business owner’s “right to refuse service to whomever”…..

    Now EVERY business is an extension of the New Post-Constitutional ( and thus illegal) Government which is enacting the United Nations Agenda 21……Violating the state’s “human rights law” ….

    Elevating the artificial “human rights law” over Natural Rights is UN Agenda 21 pure and simple !!
    Globalist Socialist Take-over attempts, via the Progressive Socialists in Both of our two Parties .

  3. If there is natural law, how come it did not stop this “unnatural” court ruling? Anyways morality and “natural law” are two things Joe has mixed up. Joe thinks his morality is divine and universal.

    I have a question
    Is it “legal” under “Natural law” to sell 16 year olds marijuana? What about 21 year olds?

    Why or why not?

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