Wicked: This One Is For Kells


This one is for my friend, Kells.

This is absolutely incredible. Kristen Chenoweth originated the role of Glinda in the Broadway hit, Wicked. She selects a random person to share a duet with her at the end of her concerts – except this time, unknown to her, the selection is a voice teacher.

Life provides the most unlikely chances for us to shine – we just have to be ready…

We went to see Wicked here in Houston a few weeks ago after missing it in London while we were living in Scotland. I don’t care if you like musical theater or not, do not miss the chance to see it if the show comes near you. It is that good…and I’m a raging heterosexual saying that…

If the clip doesn’t run, see it here.

Go to The Blaze for the backstory.

2 thoughts on “Wicked: This One Is For Kells

  1. I agree Utah……..We saw it with Chenowith years ago …….and my Hetero girls were floored.

    The sets were outstanding also.

  2. That was FANTASTIC!! Thank you!! (Big stage kiss!) A very great thing to watch after a wicked rehearsal. 😉 Unfortunately, I’ve yet to see the show. 😦 Fortunately, I have had the chance to perform this duet twice as Elphaba. I also got to perform an Elphaba number (Defying Subtlety) in the Forbidden Broadway production. If you know a lot of musicals, you would also love Forbidden Broadway shows, as they change up the lyrics.

    You’re so lucky you got to see this show in Houston. Can I just say that I’m pea-green with envy?

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